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Emi-Ly Sway chapter 19 . 3/23/2014
I just read it from beginning to the end. And it is really awesome. I especially like the ending.
Angustias chapter 19 . 8/26/2013
I guess I should start this out by telling you that I don't normally review stories unless I find them either particularly moving or in need of some serious constructive criticism and I am pleased to inform you that yours was the former. At first I honestly did not intend to read the entire story, it's a bit long for my usual taste, but something about your writing style made me change my mind. It wasn't necessarily that you kept me in suspense, although that was part of it, it was that you kept me interested; there was never a point, even when the action dropped off, that I felt bored and ready to move on. In short, the plot was very original and it grabbed me at the beginning, refusing to release me until I'd finished the entire thing. Oh, and another thing, that little bit at the end where Robin gets stabbed? Pure genius, I honestly wasn't expecting it and you certainly succeeded in tugging on my heartstrings. Well done!
Kiratt chapter 19 . 12/30/2012
That was a lovely read. I really enjoyed the resolution and the way each character was written. If anything, I would have to say that I would've liked to see some expansion on the rest of the gang and their actions, thoughts, etc. but the story is wonderful as it is! Thank you for sharing this great read! It's been brilliant and I hope to read more of your work in the future.
SilasBrandybuck chapter 12 . 12/5/2012
Gah. I had to stop reading here again, because that last line ("He wanted to bring people soup.") just about broke my heart.

And poor Much... "Forget the world - I need Robin Hood!" He wants so badly to fix Robin, to find some way to bring back his best friend, and even Robin doesn't know how to make that happen right now. It's a very Much-like observation that this isn't Robin remembering and coming back to himself, that this is essentially a terrified child named Robin relearning all these basic truths. That Marian and Much and the gang means safety. That words won't earn him more pain. You write Robin's point of view very well, the simplified mind-set he's trapped in and the assumptions he makes, like the fact that he doesn't question the sight of the dead little village girl following along. She's just there. The people around him just do things, and he doesn't try to understand why, really, just tries to do what they want and avoid more suffering. :(

This hurts to read, but you've done such a lovely job. Especially the chapter or two revolving around Robin's rescue... my word, that was intense. The Sheriff's "fun"... I can hardly hold it against Robin for wanting to just stay hidden in the world of his mind. That whole scene was nightmarish - there are images stuck in my brain now from this fic that probably aren't ever going to go away, lol, but they're so darn well-written I don't care. :P The things we do to our favorite characters, lol...

I've been trying to think of anything else to comment on in regards to constructive criticism, and the only thing I can really think of is that I would love to see more Much and Robin interaction, since Much is my favorite of the gang, particularly when it comes to his and Robin's friendship. But I can never really get enough of that, so... :P There were also a few places, just one or two, where a phrase seemed to jump out at me as strangely modern: Marian trying not to freak out, and later wanting to dropkick Gisborne. While I wholeheartedly agree with the latter, the phrases seemed a little out of place for the time period.

I might be a little bit in love with this fic.
I'm going to go compose myself now and stop rambling. :P
SilasBrandybuck chapter 4 . 12/5/2012
I read the original version of this fic a while back, and I can already see the improvement here at chapter 4. I was amazed by this story the first time through, because I don't think anybody else has ever done a story like this, where Robin's captured, but not by the Sheriff, being tortured, but not for information or revenge, and the villain of the story is far worse than Gisborne's snarling or the Sheriff's cruelty. The character of Malys has stuck with me for months since I read this the first time, and he's even scarier this time around. His name is perfect, especially paired with his methodical, unhurried breaking of Robin's will.

The end of this chapter, where Robin decides to accept his new name, gives me chills. I was going to list some of the moments that were the most powerful, but I basically want to copy/paste the whole scene into this box. The pacing of the whole exchange between Robin and Malys is perfect, like I'm seeing it and living it at the same time. And it's deeply unnerving to hear Robin reasoning through his acceptance of the name, telling himself it's his own choice, that he still has control of the situation, and then to read those last few lines... I had to stop reading last night and give myself a shake or two, remind myself that this is only fiction and try to stop my stomach from tying itself in knots.

I'll try to resist the urge to review every single chapter, but my resolve is wavering already. :P
Guest chapter 19 . 11/4/2012
Love the story plus the fact you used characters from the old tales but one little thing we do not and have never had turkeys wild in England. The feathers would have been from goose three from the same wing so they curved the some way and fly true.
gatewatcher chapter 18 . 6/18/2011
Very nicely done! I found your story this evening. I read it to the end. You used some very good imagery in your descriptions that evoked much symapthy for Robin and made the reader feel as if he were there with Robin. While he was captured, I found myself feeling as depressed as he was. You also did a great job in supporting him from the gang. I still want to slap Allan for giving Gisborne information. Thanks for sharing. :)
hawkflyer667 chapter 18 . 4/5/2011
...I love this story. So much. SOOOO much. It is epic and amazing and exactly what I have been looking for in a Robin Hood story. The grammar, for the most part, was very good. I don't notice little things when I'm reading a story with an engaging plot line like this.

Robin needs to be tortured more. It leads to a fantastic story. :)

Jordan-Daniel chapter 18 . 1/9/2011
This was a very intense story. Thank you for sharing it!

I truly suffered with Robin, the poor man!
Of Quirky Excellence chapter 18 . 9/26/2010
That was beautiful my friend just beautiful! I loved the ending!
Of Quirky Excellence chapter 7 . 9/14/2010
its really good. i'm crying already! I cant finish reading now, but i will trust me.
Venea Taur chapter 18 . 5/21/2010
I don't know how I missed this story. I've been looking for some good Robin whumping stories and thought I'd run out of them. Fortunately, I didn't. This story is wonderful with the perfect amount of hurt and comfort. I loved the first half with the whumping and was so hopeful that Robin wouldn't break and then when he did it was so hard to read. And then came the comfort, it was just the right amount. You didn't dwell on things too much, but gave us enough of a taste to see how his recovery went and I liked that it wasn't a perfect fix the first time. Overall the story was very realistic and everyone was in character; I could imagine it playing out as an episode very well.
AwwYouGuysMadeMeInk chapter 18 . 1/4/2010
wow. that was brilliant! loved the sheep chase at the end lol!
Kegel chapter 18 . 11/17/2009
This is a really good story. (But poor Robin! lol)

I liked it how you had the latter half of the fic about him healing from what had happened. It was really well done and heart-wrencing at times.
B chapter 18 . 6/28/2009
loved it :D. Has to be one of the best, if not the best, story i have read on here. Absolutly amazing xD
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