Reviews for Digimon 02: PARALLELS
Taeniaea chapter 3 . 5/23/2008
great story
Frozen Twins chapter 2 . 5/9/2008
It's just to odd, for me, sorry, but it seemed like a good idea, but this last part wasn't really written well enough to keep my attention. Sorry.

Frozen Triplets

Betamon X


Lord Pata chapter 3 . 5/8/2008
Yet another interesting chapter, the journey is about to start, poor Kari I hope she pulls through this and recovers her heart

That digimon with the silver V on its chest and who standing besides brave I easily can tell is one digimon of the Veedramon like... I guess XD

I liked how you put the part of Patamon and his baby blue eyes, love that little cute guy

About the bashing between Veemon and Patamon, believe me, I've been on this site since around 2002 and as a member since 2003 (old account banned, hence new one say registered in 2004 ) and Patamon has passed through pretty harsh bashings that I haven't seen on Veemon, I have seen some hard bashing on Veemon too but not as deep as the one Patamon has gotten but anyways guess some fans like to be on each other's throats just because they have different tastes *shrughs*

But still I have to say that before I wasn't really too deep on digimon pairings, I could read anything without any problem but after seeing how Patamon got treated I slowly became a die hard PataGato fan and started to get deep checking more on them like about their personalities, backstories on 01/02 mostly 01 since they started there and I got to love them together, I think they have such chemistry that can make them work as a couple perfectly

But well that's another story, your fic is getting pretty good, I like the way you're devoloping the things, you're going at a nice peace not rushing any events on the fic, taking us in a nice peace to not ruin the fun so soon and also you aren't leaving any plotholes, so far all has been well explained

So congratulations, you're doing a really good work :)
Lord Pata chapter 2 . 5/4/2008
Talking about fast updates XD

Glad to know you also like Takari, is really rare to find fans that like both Daikari and Takari the same :)

And is good to know both Davis and TK will get the same treatment on the romance department, to be honest I'm really tired of all this bashing thing on both fandoms that even has extended to the love triangle between Patamon, Gatomon and Veemon though in this case most times Patamon is the one getting the real hard bashing, I could give you some examples of how harsh Patamon has been bashed but that only would make this review really long, but I'm just gonna say that between the bashing includes Patamon beating Gatomon almost killing her because she was pregnant and Veemon was the father, on that one TK and Kari were married so my only explanation for Patamon's actions was that he was together with Gatomon and she was cheating on him but still it was too much o.O

Believe me, I couldn't see VeeGato the same after seeing that fic and some others where Patamon reaped the bitter ends of the love triangle aka the rejection, physical pain, etc.

I Know Veemon has been bashed too but I really don't remember it was at that same level, maybe one or two times he got a hard bashing but most times it was just jealously nothing really really serious.

But well that's another story, still that's why I'm so diehard PataGato fan because the lil' ol' Pata deserves his break from all that bashing lol

Anyhow returning to your fic about the rival digimon, I was reading your summary and something there caught my attention and is you mentioning that the resulting dna evolution wasn't meant to exist and that reminded me of another digimon that was a unestable dna evolution and who appeared on the Digimon World Dusk and Dawn videogames for DS, I only gonna say that this one also includes a Lion like digimon and the codename Banchou XD

But that's all we don't wanna spoil anything after all XD
Lord Pata chapter 1 . 5/3/2008
Gotta admit it looks interesting, wonder who are those two rival digimon? that sounded me to Leomon and Ogremon, if there has been a big rivality between two digimon that is the one between them XD

I would ask for what pairings will be here but I guess it will be Daikari seeing your other fics lol

If so think you at least can give TK a girlfriend too? I mean to be fair with him, the guy also has risked his neck for both worlds so he deserves something, not to mention that if it wasn't for him Davis wouldn't have gotten Kari since she would be busy with the Scubbamon in the dark ocean lol

Ah well, looks really interesting your fic, you sure are very talented at describing the scenes