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Guest chapter 1 . 6/11/2014
That's messed up, she can't see her kid again, rip off, and then it's also for a dumb reason. Honestly, I thought it was gonna get better or that she will at least get to see him. :/
Autumn Black 74 chapter 13 . 4/1/2013
Simply amazing!
hashtagfangirllife chapter 13 . 11/10/2012
please continue
Preciousfeet chapter 1 . 2/21/2012
This story is great! It's one of the few ones I've read with an actually likeable Oc who's not a mary-sue! I especially like how she's anti abortion, agree with Mia on that: It's not the kid's fault.

Please write more

mimi chapter 13 . 7/20/2011
u left us?(
shanniin chapter 13 . 12/18/2010
lovee it!

please upload soon :D
nolongerinuseee chapter 13 . 5/26/2010
i really like this story,i cried when you killed her and she couldn't see her make themgo back in time and save her from dying! update soon.
nolongerinuseee chapter 2 . 5/24/2010
luv this story!
Blessedly Twilighted chapter 2 . 3/28/2010
Edited this chapter for you too.

The plane was crowded, and it didn't help sitting in a tight seat with my bulging belly. I was hot, and sweaty,The guy next to me was picking his nose and making me gag I almost threw up twice. I mean the guy looks about forty, what is he doing looking for gold.

The stares and whispers that I had gotten when I got off the plane where something that I had gotten used to over time. It still left a pain in my heart, but nobody knew my story, and nobody new what I had endured. They probably thought I was a slut, and couldn't keep my legs closed.

I was this close to decking the too old women sitting across from me. They have both been giving me the stink eye ever since I had gotten on the plane. I clenched my seat so tightly that you could see the blue veins through my fair skin.

I hadn't moved my hand from the arm rest until the plane landed.

I wobbled my way through the terminal with my old green holy messenger bag that rested on my shoulder. I hated not being able to move around so much. I used to be very athletic I was into ballet, jazz, and tap. Now I could barely get out of a chair, without difficulty.

I made my way through the crowd of people, holding onto my belly tightly making sure to protect the life growing inside me. I surveyed the crowd looking for my Aunt. I surveyed for a few minutes until I heard my name being screamed through the Airport.

"MIA!" My aunt Nellie yelled.

I pushed through a few people almost knocking them to the ground. There stood my Aunt Nellie jumping on the balls of her feet in excitement.

My Aunt was very eccentric women in more ways than one. Her personality was something you couldn't even describe. She would always break into a song, or say a random poem as she walked around the house. Ha and sometimes I'd be in the kitchen making dinner during my yearly visits over at her house when I was younger she would grab me around the waist, and twirl me around. We sing and dance. Every visit with her was a new experience, and I guess you could say I never got bored.

Not only is my Aunt eccentric in personality, personal appearance would stop a blind man on the sidewalk. She was a petite woman with pale skin almost glowing like Helena Boham carter. Her eyes were Gray with a tint of green, and her lips were full and pouty. Her hair was a dark brown barley touching black. She always had her hair in a different way weather it was pigtails, braids, or French braids. She had random trinkets floating in her hair, stuff we collected in our travels around the world.

"Aunt Nellie!" I screeched as I wobbled over to her throwing my arms tightly around her.

"I Missed you so much" I sobbed into her neck, letting the tears pour down my pale skin.

"Me too Luv" She said as she brushed back my Silver curly hair from my neck.

I hadn't seen my Aunt since I was about nine, because my mother never approved of they way she lived. When my Aunt and Mother grew up together they had never gotten along. My mother was more of the sophisticated quiet type, while my Aunt had an eccentric wild side.

My yearly visits stopped when I was nine, because my Mom thought she was a bad influence on me. Aunt Nellie was more like a mother to me than my own. I mean my mother and I were so different, whereas Nellie and I were so much alike. We had the same style in clothes, and we liked the same movies and books.

Sometimes I wished that she was my mother.

"Let me get a good look at you" My Aunt sniffed as she held me at arms length.

She gave me a warm smile "Beautiful" She said taking her smooth hands and rubbing my cheeks.

I gave a blush and looked down. I never thought I was beautiful; actually I thought I was quit strange looking. I had silver shoulder length curly hair, sapphire eyes, my lips were plump, and cherry red. My skin was pale and smooth.

I looked like a porcelain doll; I was weird.

"How is my Godchild?" She asked as she rubbed my swollen belly.

I gave her a warm smile.

"The Baby is doing good it's quite a kicker" I began with a laugh

"I think I might be a soccer Mom" I told her.

"You don't know the sex yet?" She asked with a furrowed brow.

I never really wanted to know the sex of the baby. I wanted it to be a surprise.

"I want it to be a surprise" I said rubbing my stomach.

She rubbed my cheek gently "Come on lets get you home!"

I slept most of the way there. I was tired from the plane ride. I loved this town of forks, it was so green and warm. It rained there more than any other place in America. I know its weird to like the rain, but to me its comforting. It's like the rain washes away all the bad things you are going through in your life. Well maybe not the events, but the feelings.

"We're here Luv." came my Aunt's soothing voice.

I gave a loud yawn, and opened my eyes. My Aunt's house was small. It was a two story home, and the house was painted different colors raging from burgundy to orange. She had hubcaps glued to the walls of the house. Lawn gnomes scattered everywhere with pink flamingos. Cactus's covered the gardens.

"Let's get you inside" She said holding the passenger side open for me.

I made my way slowly up the stone steps that led up to the house; I was greeted by chewing on the legs, and on my pants.

"Hello frado" I said to my Aunt's pet pig.

The last time I saw Frado he was a black ball of hairy fuzz, but now he was all blubber with a dripping snout.

"He got big!" I said looking up at my Aunt.

"Still feeding him Oreos?" I asked smirking at the empty package on the floor.

My aunt held her head up high and picked up the wrapper from the floor "I have no idea what you're talking about!" she huffed.

"of course." I said rolling my eyes.

Her house was a mixture of all different colors, blues, purples, violet, scarlet, burgundy, sapphire, and maroon. Knick knacks filled up half the room from the things she found in flee markets. Charms dangled from the ceilings, moons, stars, hearts, four-leaf clovers, butterflies, half-moons, full-moons, suns, stars, and etc. Bright colors of shear sparkled fabric swooped from the ceilings that connected to other parts of the ceiling.

All of the furniture was white, and splashed with dozens of colors. You could barley make out the white. The walls sparkled with silver, purple, gold, green, red, pink, orange, maroon, blue, and yellow.

The living room rug was once white, but was covered with different color paints. Easels, paintbrushes, tubes of paint, and blenders were scattered all over the floor. Her art work covered the walls of the living room.

"Your house has not changed as much" I said following her into the kitchen.

The kitchen was small, the walls were bright yellow, and covered in a bunch of stickers. The fridge was a bright orange, and the stove was a lime green. The cabinets were a sky blue, splattered with different colors. In the center of the room it was black with shimmering sparkles. It was the same with the chairs.

"Come sit." My Aunt said pulling out a chair for me "I will get you something to eat."

I gave her a smile, and dropped my bag to the floor.

"Sorry I don't have much." she said placing a strawberry Pop Tart in front of me "But it was kind of a shock when your Mother called."

I bowed my head.

"Yeah I was surprised too." I said pushing the neon yellow plate in front of me.

"Mom couldn't handle the pregnancy." I whispered.

I felt her hand touch mine gently.

"I wasn't shocked about you coming to stay with me." she began "To be honest I don't think your Mother was meant to be a parent."

I gave a laugh that was damn sure. Sometimes I wonder why my mother had me.

"Mia I didn't know you were pregnant." she said squeezing my hand.

My head shot up.

"What!" I said.

"She didn't call you?" I asked shaking my head.

My aunt shook her head.

"No Luv" She began "You know your Mom, and I were never on good terms."

I gave a nod.

"Your Mother told me everything when she called me to take you in." she said taking my hand and rubbing my cheek.

"I'm very sorry what happened to you" She whispered to me.

She new about the rape.

"I couldn't get an abortion" I said as silent tears fell down cheeks.

"It was not the Baby's fault the way it was conceived" I said brushing my tears away.

"Your Mother decision to drag you down to the clinic was absurd!" she said with malice in her voice not towards me, but to my mother.

"Sometimes I wonder if-she ever loved me" I said rubbing my eyes.

My Aunt was silent after that She didn't know what to say, because I guess a part of her knew that my Mother never loved me.

"Well." she said patting my hand.

"You start school tomorrow." She said changing the subject.

'Great!' I thought.

I had enough problems with my old school, which consisted of 5,0 students. Now in a small town with at least 360 students word is going to spread like wild fire. I will be known as the school slut again.
Blessedly Twilighted chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
I edited your first chapter for you! Great story line just needs a slight amount of fixing!

My name is Amelia Mercer, I'm seventeen years old and I'm six months pregnant.

Now I know what you may be thinking, I'm a slut that couldn't keep her legs closed. But no I'm far from being a slut! I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I shouldn't have been out so late with my friends, and I should not have walked home all by myself. I think of all the possible things now that I should not have done.

I remember the night so clearly, it still gives me nightmares. I had gone out with my two best friends Wala and Rachel. We had gone out to see this action movie. I can't even remember the name. We had gone out to a late show, and the movie didn't let out till almost one in the morning. My ride had forgotten to pick me up so I decided to walk home, because I didn't live that far from the theater. My friends protested, but I ignored them.

I should have listened.

I was halfway home when I swear I had heard someone walking behind me, but I brushed it aside. The next thing I knew I was being dragged into a car, where I was rapped. I had kept my eyes closed the entire time, afraid to look at the man that had done this to me. He threw me out of the car when he was done.

I never saw his face, and I never reported.

A month later I found out I was pregnant. Abortion came across my mind, but it was not the child' fault the way it was conceived; it was innocent. My mother dragged me down to the clinic. I screamed and clawed the whole way inside the clinic doors.

'I will not have my daughter give birth to an abomination' were her exact words.

I wanted to keep my child, even though each day it would remind me of what it's father had done to me.

My mother had strongly disagreed with my decision, and she put up with it for six months. But she had finally gotten sick at looking at me, and so she decided for me to live with my Aunt.

In a small town called Forks, Washington.
Blessedly Twilighted chapter 6 . 3/28/2010
Great story just needs some editing. If you want me to I can edit it for you.
mudpuddledemon chapter 6 . 12/9/2009
I'm questioning if someone who had experienced a violent crime within the last 6 months would really get into a car with a stranger who had previously acted hostile. Just doesn't quite jive for me.

I love her outifts though.
angel19872006 chapter 13 . 6/9/2009
please update
kawaii uchiha's chapter 13 . 4/2/2009
ty for writing this story please make anoither one!
SoundsLikeAPersonalProblem chapter 13 . 12/29/2008
i hope that you make it so mia holds her grudge just for a little while longer and maybe she can get a power where she will be able to see her son but i really like your story and i hope that you update it soon
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