Reviews for I Know You Are, But What Am I?
Active Engaged chapter 1 . 2/24/2010
Okay, so I know I should have read the trilogy before reading this chapter, but it has intrigued me. So, here I go.

Wow. You’re writing is seriously mind blowing, I could always tell you were a great writer by the way you posted over at C-net, but this is just amazing! Really. I don’t think I’ve ever read a fan fiction similar to this. Pamela seems like a really deep character and it’s kind of stupid of me to only read the epilogue but I think I’m beginning to understand what’s happened.

An angel! At first I assumed you meant guardian angel, as in white lighter. I don’t know why, too much Supernatural I suppose. But it’s really interesting, and I’m curious to see what type of Angel he is.

Again everything is written in such detail! And not in a boring way, which tends to happen when amateurs try to get all descriptive. I am an amateur so I would know. But your writing is truly inspirational and doesn’t compare to [b]anything[/b] here on ShadowTales. No offence to ST of course.

Again, really interesting. He’s not an angel, or at least not a proper angel I’m guessing he’s a guardian of the world? Or something like that.

Interesting, she seems to have Molecular combustion and knows how to use it with style! Love how you wrote the fight scene between Pamela and the evil witch.

Leon getting flesh? What a twist! And the way he reacted after was rather amusing as was the clothing scene. I’m actually sensing some sparks between the two and with Leon human he’s bound to feel emotions, so I’m guessing that’s what’ll happen.

Something I’ve noticed about your writing is that everything seems to [i]flow[/i] flawlessly. As in, it keeps a certain rhythm that is delightful to read.

I the ice scene funny and the fact that Pamela possesses the power of Cyro interesting. I keep finding out new things about this character. I prefer to start reading stories in Media-res, it makes it a tad bit more interesting.

[i]I died, and then I was brought back to life, but the thing is, I was brought back into a life that's not my own. My body was destroyed when I… and a new one was conjured. I think it's meant to feel exactly the same it used to, but it just doesn't. I don't feel comfortable in my own life anymore; it's like some part of me knows I'm not supposed to be here. This isn't the same body that's been thrown into furniture more times than I can count, these eyes aren't the ones that witnessed what magic is truly capable of, and these lips… they didn't get a chance to kiss him before he screwed everything up. I feel so numb all the time, I can't feel anything, something's missing and I know it was lost in that explosion and I can't find it or fix it and… I just don't know what to do."[/i]

Wow. That is incredible writing and an awesome show of emotions, and the following scene definitely gave me a bigger picture of her past, and it’s all so interesting. You’re ideas are brilliant, your writing is brilliant also, and well, the combination makes for a brilliant story. Please excuse my excessive use of the word brilliant.

I wonder why nobody ever speaks of their encounter with an Angel, Pamela seemed happy to write about it in her diary. Odd.

Your detailed explanation of Rio was phenomenal! And the old-lady-photo scene was rather funny. And like I suspected before, there is some chemistry between them two.

His thoughts about Cameras making people happy was a smart observation, and him doing the same for Pam was rather sweet and I like that he is finally grateful for his human form.

The restaurant scene, as always was written outstandingly, and I found the swapping food sort of sweet. And what a twist! A thief stealing her purse, showing the angel the negative side to living a human life. I also liked that Leon told her to use her powers, and the pun at the end of the scene; very witty.

The diary entries. I should have commented on them before, but I forgot. They are really interesting and give the reader (me) a better view of what Pamela is really like, they are written amazingly and I love this part [i]…I think I was trying to use him to fill the hole Keith left in my heart. Him stomping on my feelings, combined with the fact that I didn't feel like I belonged anymore, was just too much for me to bare at that point. But even after all that, a part of me knew that it was actually Keith I wanted to ask to go with me, just like when he had asked me to go to London with him. [/i]

Leon’s departing scene was very emotional, and the song “Sober - Kelly Clarkson” kept on running through my head.

The explanation about why no one would talk about their time with an angel was very touching, and I really felt something whilst reading. Yes, you made me [b]feel[/b]. I never get emotional whilst reading.

I’m feeling really nostalgic after reading that. I want to read it again and again and again! It’s so beautiful. Where the f* have you been all this time? If it wasn’t for Brandon’s advertising I would have never even discovered that you write fan fiction.

All I can say is, Thank you for such an amazing read.
unique-deflection chapter 1 . 6/15/2009
ok how did i not know this story existed! i come online to re-read some of the trilogy and i find a brand new one shot :O like christmas and my birthday have come early lol. and the best thing this ones about pam and as u may or may not remember she is my all time fave character in the charmed universe even tho she's not in the actual tv series lol. so this will be my first review of 2 tonight cause im determined to read the paige one shot aswell but im not quite sure what this reviews gonna be like havnt reviewed any stories in about 2 years lol

Been phoebe'd haha classic pam's been an avoider as usual reading this its like u never stpopped writing and its just another chapter in the triliogy ah good times lol o set in rio de janeiro this is on my list of places to travel i can live vicariously through a fictional character now lol im liking how your writing it so pam's on a journey of self discovery and how you include loosing heer body as a way of showing this very metaphory yet literal lol i had a total bnuffy flashback to when pam said its "it's late..." etc and good god an angelbout time someone to include an actual 1 in a story about charmed and not just whitelighters which are sort of like angels but arent.

lmnao get in the way of my air haha i love that its just so pam lol ah i missed pam and her snippy sarcastic manner i like this idea of not an angel but a helper on the grand scale of things sort of like a nudge in the right direction.

ha leon so much like leo.

nice description of the part of the city she was and the partment building probs blike how you incliude the sense instead of just dplainly describing you include things like smell which adds to the writing. oh wow i knew that there would have to be a twist some where along the road cause there was no way this was gonna be as short as just going up to the battle with the evil witch!

it's so weird reading about someone just finding out what they look like and stuff you've managed to write it so that i can understand what they would be feeling. wow pam's little out burst to leon about magic and her body not feeling her own was majorly like wow lol how do u come up with this stuff? simply amazing how you can write such emotion in to characters! haha bless leon thinking he was asleep cause he was doing what u do to try and get to sleep

haha leon been scared of an old woman with a camera haha i love that can help pam take on an evil witch but when it comes to a camera he's terrified! i aslso like how you've written that people dont tell other people about their exerpeiiences with "angels" i think thats a gd choice sort of makes it that bit more personal as seen as they guide people and make their lives better in a way. wow teaching him to eat of course if its jsut like he's been born then of course he doesnt know how to eat you know this tories making me realise how people take alot of things for granted its like this stories an "angel" giving guidance hahaha. typical pam rushing in to action sort of like a cathartic release for her using her powers and chasing after a bad guy.

haha i love how he had to ask if he was hugging properly bless him he really is like a new born but in a grown mans body .wow an angel has fallen in love with pam i really didnt see that happening i thought he would eventualyl dissapear when she'd her carthartic release after chasing the pick pocketer but im glad that she's got someone to help her oh i guess iwas right about how he would dissapear after pam had her charartic release just took a little while and im guessing that the amulet that leon found in the plants is the one that is in the final chapter of the trilogy the 1 that faith is holding on to when she has all the visions of the future?

wow you really know how to pour thought and feeling in to what you write i mean when leon was telling pam what his prupose was i was transfixed it was just amazing and the description im just in awe lol i also like how you gave a brief history of the necklace altough its made me rethink about it been the amulet that faith get s a hold off hm... i also like how you include how it carrys the memory of 2 people cause its like the only tangiable thing of leon that pams got and to remind her of what he taught her.

and the two days later she finally calls home it really is amazing what you've managed to write her e a journey of self discovery and feeling lost and as tough your not yourself

This has got to be one of my faveourite things you've wirrten it jsut has so many levels and parts to it and it speaks to me on a perosnal level i jsut love it lol and i know that i said id review apoges one shot but im rather tired and i figured id drag out whats left of the new material cause i dont know when your next gonan write a one shot lol but all i know is that icant wait for paiges and the others if your still writing them lol
Princess Pinky chapter 1 . 5/12/2008

I believe that's how I felt after reading this story this morning. See, for some reason, I never got my e-mail that told me you had put up a new story, which kind of ticks me off a lot. But luckily I know someone on another message board which happened to recommend this for two reason: one, because it flipping rocks (or in simple terms it's "gr8") and two, because they knew I'm a hugely, hugely, hugely, HUGE fan of your work! :D

Did I mention that I love that you made a Pamela-centric story? It's like a Made-For-FFN-Fanfiction after the series is over. LOL

But before I actually get into the review, let me say that I'd like to seriously kick your ass for shutting down the ABOAC site! What the fruitcake, Ross? I pretty much threw a fit when Laur told me. WHY? There was absolutely no reason. It makes me mad. I didn't know about it, but more even worse, I feel like I lost something important and didn't even know about it until afterwards. Seriously: Why?

But anyway, back to the story at hand, I guess:

When I first read the title, I think my mind was spinning as I was trying to figure out what significance it had. It seemed so odd. But of course by the end of the story I looked at it again and it was like, "Aw, yes, that does make sense. So much sense!" :)

Rio de Janeiro. What a great place for a Made-For-FFN-Fanfiction. :P It was so extremely different from San Francisco. And although I have never been there, I felt like I was there. I bet you have either been there or have done extensive research on the places and places mentioned, right? Or it's your just intensely amazing authorial powers. (By the way, I want to remind you that I still want you to write a book. Honestly, all this talent canNOT go to waste!)

“Pamela had harboured a longing to come to Rio de Janeiro ever since she had seen a picture of the city in a book in her adolescence. She couldn’t remember what the book was about or where she had even seen it, she just remembered thinking there was such an air of safety to a city whose main landmark was a hundred-and-thirty foot man with his arms outstretched, welcoming you and ready to make your problems disappear.” - I actually looked this picture up on Google after I was done reading the story. It makes so much more sense in context of the beginning of the story now, especially with Pam comparing herself to Christ. (Which I found hilariously amusing, by the way.)

“It’s late, I’m sweating in uncomfortable places,” - OMGoddess! It's the old Pamela Walker wit that I have missed oh so flipping much! I seriously cracked up the first time I read that and went back to read it two more times. It just brought back a whole flood of good Pam memories from the ABOAC trilogy. She is most definitely the best AU Charmed offspring EVER created!

“Thank God she had cut her hair.” - I love that she cut her hair. I actually prefer long hair to short hair, and I loved Pam's long hair, but the fact that she chops it off reminds me of Prue, particularly in the beginning of season one. It's like a faint echo of her mother, in my opinion. I like the almost reverse parallel: as Prue grew and progressed, her hair got long, but as Pamela grew and progressed, her long hair became short. lol

“And I’ve already told you to go away. I think we’re having a breakdown in communications here.” - Again, another fantastically and totally Pam line. Ross, I'd like to reiterate the question I've posed many times to you, how do you come up with this stuff? Pam has a very unique character and you always manage to keep her in that character and she always has these fantastic one-liners. I wish I could come up with lines that easily!

I really love the idea of someone selling innocent hearts in the black market as the initial driving plot for this "Made-For-FFN-Fanfiction." Going back and rereading it, it amazes me the heaps of symbolism and foreshadowing that's there. Ross, I'm in awe that you just continue to make me astounded with your work. It's fabulous!

Leon. I couldn't decide if I liked that or not at first, seeing as how it was so close to Leo. I'm betting you did that on purpose, right? ;) I almost wondered if it would be Leo for a while.

“The alleyway reeked of things Pamela would rather not identify; the buildings she was between were very close together, furthering the claustrophobic feeling. She wanted to turn back.” - Egh. I could totally visualize that scene. And even bad smells reminicent of the dump filtered back into my mind. Gross! But, good detail, obviously.

“Speedy Portuguese babbling made the witch whirl round on the spot.” - I love that! Generally we get spells in Latin or English or some foreign demonic language that nobody understands, so I love that that this particular witch's spells are in Portuguese. Afterall, who ever said that all spells had to be in English, Latin, or Demon? I think it gives a certain flavor to this story.

“The blood pulsed through Pamela’s body as she dodged various assaults and unleashed her powers. The last she had felt this alive was the moment before her death.” - I totally got flashbacks from the finale of "Their Cross To Bear." Those were great lines; they definitely made me pause and think about everything that happened back then. Crazy. ;)

When I first read that Leon got his body back, all sorts of things were running through my head. I was so suspicious. I wondered, like Pam, if maybe it was one of the Portuguese spell caster's victims that had sought out Pam's help, then I thought, maybe it was some sort of trap, like with Terra in "Coyote Piper," and then I wondered if it was unrelated to Leon at all, and by that point I had realized that I had stopped reading and was just wondering and was like, "Well what the hell? I need to find out! Get back to reading!" (And this is in spite of the mounds of college homework I SHOULD be doing, but reading this story was just too good to pass up, if I may say so.)

“Calm down? I have flesh!”

“Yeah, and believe it or not, you’re actually not the only one. Now, for the love of God, stay behind that wall until I find you something to wear.” - I so laughed out loud here. Like I said, nostaglia, man, nostalgia. It was like being back in time.

And dude, I just about died when Leon asked how to put on clothes! I wondered if she was actually going to show him, but this line worked even better: “What followed was a long conversation a mother and a small child would normally have through the curtain of a store dressing room.” You didn't really "explain" what they talked about, but the analogy was so good that I knew exactly what you meant. And in fact, I think I liked it much better than if you had had them discuss how to put on clothing. It was such a creative way to explain that. Kudos, Ross.

“What I didn’t realize back then was the experience was similar to being a mother. You’re put in charge of this completely innocent being, and it’s your job to show them the world, guide them through the pitfalls, and ultimately show them everything there is to offer. But you’re also the one learning at the same time, as you’re seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and learning to cherish everything that you’ve taken for granted all these years.” - I also really loved this October 2023 journal passage, because it reminded me of Pam's future where she has her two daughters. It gave me a warm, fuzzy happy feeling. Though at this point, I did get a little worried, because for a minute I thought we'd moved past the angel story and onto something else (like I thought it would be different clips from her life, since the journal passages previously had been like in 2013 or so) and I started thinking, "But I want to know what happens with Leon!" Luckily, when I read on, I was glad to discovered I had thought wrong.

“It was time to admit it: she was out of her depth.” - This struck me funny the first time I heard it, because I'd never heard it prior to reading this story. But after I read about it again, and had time to think about it, it makes so much sense. I once had this experience where I got into the deep end of the pool by mistake and just freaked out because I felt like I was going under because the bottom of the pool just dropped out from under me. I guess that's what Pam must have been feeling.

Okay, onto the bucket of ice! You took your inspiration from the Succubus episode, right? Ironically, I just watched that episode on DVD the other day and it cracked me up when Phoebe reached across the bar to grab the ice and rub it all over herself while Piper caught some guys staring at her and had to shoo them away. So, I'm guessing it was Phoebe who must've taught this to her nieces and nephews. lol

“But you’re not a human. You’re a witch. Magic is the air you breathe and the art you refine. A witch without magic is-,” - This was definitely another of my favorite lines that really jumped out at me. It made so much sense and it was so unique and real. I love it!

“Leon remained still on the floor, his eyes closed and completely awake; he only thought he was sleeping.” - LMAO! Excuse me while I snort with laughter! I LOVED this line! It really identified just how clueless Leon is! Poor guy, only thinking he was asleep. I kept rereading this so I could laugh. It was hilarious!

“A breeze coming from the sea kept the temperature perfect, especially for Leon who had decided he couldn’t handle intense heat.” - I loved that description, because I can completely identify with how the sea breeze can effect the temperature like that. I think I had a similar experience the time I went to Florida.

The old couple tourists asking Leon to take a picture of them made me crack up. Poor Leon. And then she thought he didn't speak English. Though I've got to say, I didn't expect Pam to come over and claim he was her boyfriend. Though, that was cute. And, even I was starting to like the idea of a couple after she said that. Though I felt bad that she seemed to be using him in place of Keith. :( And it really struck me funny when the woman said that they reminded her of them when they were young. Were they an awkward young couple? I guess this makes the ending so much more bittersweet.

“Even I know sadness isn’t a good thing.” - Again, another line that just popped out at me. In such a short time, you've made Leon such an amazing and memorable character and the story isn't even over yet!

I loved the scene where she was trying to teach him how to eat out of a spoon. This must be what parents go through. Poor Leon. And I just loved when he saw her french fries and wanted some. LOL How human is it for someone to want what their partner is eating? (And for some odd reason, I kept thinking she had McDonald's fries. Oy. How Micky D's has engrained itself into my existence.)

It's funny, I wrote about Prue stopping a purse snatcher just a few weeks ago. How ironic. Anyway, I loved the scene where she just flew after that guy. I kept thinking, "Why aren't you using your powers? Powers, Pam, powers!" And thankfully, Leon blurted it out for me, and she heard him. That was such a great moment! (Even though for a second I wasn't sure if she was going to listen to him or not.) And then, HA! The pun at the end! Oh my Goddess, classic freaking Pam!

“Oh my God! That was incredible! I haven’t felt a rush like that in so long! It was just like when you had to chase a demon down a street now and again, but you always got it in the end… And the punning! I punned for the first time in years! I mean, I didn’t think I still had it in me, but I guess it’s just like riding a bike!”

“I… don’t know what that means.” - Ah! I loved that exchange! The Old Pam is finally back! Yes! I reread it like three times. Hehe!

“That was what this garden was: a mass of almost-electric green, with splashes of other bright colours thrown in.” - I have never thought of a garden that way before, but now that I do, it makes total sense. And, it's a great visual. Ross, how much do I love your writing, and how much have I missed it? ;)

“She stood up and turned to face him, looking at him through the torrent of descending water and, with the sunlight shining through it; it gave Leon a halo that seemed to encompass his head perfectly.” - This reminded me if "Awakened," with the angel symbolism with Leo. Did you take inspiration from that episode? Either way, I really thought that was an amazingly wonderful moment. I think it would've looked fabulous on film.

“Pamela hugged her knees, enjoying the cooling mist coming from the walling water behind her.” - I just had a flashback to yesterday when I was doing something similar, though instead of a grand fountain in Rio, I was just at my grandma's while she was trying to set up a new sprinkler. But still, it's been getting much hotter lately, and it just felt so good. I could completely relate.

“The angel had fallen in love in her, and her heart was racing, and before she knew it, three little words had tumbled out of her mouth.” - I wanted to cling to Kamela, so I tried to reject my like for Leonela, but alas, you made me cave. I felt so bad for both of them in this instant. And darn you, Ross, I was not expecting her to ask him to travel with him! LOL

“Pamela and Leon sat on the edge of the motel pool, their legs submerged as far as their positions would allow. Dead leaves littered the water’s surface,” - This scene was another one that completely related to my own life. It reminded me of the time I was in Vegas doing something similar, even right down to the leaves in the water.

The wooden amulet, at first, I thought was the same one that Faith pulled off Pam's neck in the finale of TCTB, but I couldn't remember for sure, because I couldn't remember where she got that amulet. Then when he started to disappear, I continued to think that it was the same one, giving the power to make him disappear. But, oh Ross, you had something even more genius up your sleeve. ;)

I was so not expecting Pam to kiss Leon at the end though. But, Ross, I think you just broke my heart with that kiss. I actually felt this empty pitless feeling in my stomach that was almost sickly. I know that probably sounds cliche, but it's the only way I know how to describe it. (And even a little closing up deep in the back of my throat.) This scene sort of reminds me of "Dead Man Dating," where Piper fell in love with the ghost and had to say goodbye to him, only I loved Leon and Pamela so much more. It actually made me wonder if I was going to cry. And then of course you perpetuated that feeling with: “The amulet would only leave her neck five times in her entire life. The first time, a demon’s claw would tear it from her. The second time would be when the chord needed replacing due to being worn out. She would take it off the night she conceived her first child, silently showing her fidelity to Keith in her own way. When it came to the fourth time, it would be because her second child, in a fit of teething, would chew through the chord while in her mother’s arms.

The final time would only be a couple of days after the previous time, when she died thirteen years from now. Some cold medical examiner would pass it to Keith in a plastic bag full of her personal belongs, and her eldest child would wear it proudly for the rest of her long life, unaware that she was carrying the memory of two people around her neck.” Especially the part about the cold medical examiner. I had this "CSI" type image stuck in my head of Pam's body on some cold medal slab, gray and cold and alone, as the ME put her necklaces and jewelry into some brown bag, sealed with red medical tape. And then that idea that Peyton would be wearing that necklace, without ever truly knowing how important it is, was amazing! (And while I'm thinking about it, the idea that she took it off to show her fidelity to Keith was so touching. I didn't get it at first, though, to be honest. I read it probably four times and then realized, it's because she loved Leon so much. Yeah, I know, I can be so dense sometimes.)

And speaking of dense, I didn't quite get the last sentence at first. I kept thinking, "That's odd, it feels like I'm missing something..." So I scrolled back up to the top, reread the first passage, and bam! The first and last sentences. Duh! It made so much sense! Ross, that was freaking brilliant!

I'm sending you so many cyber hugs for making this Made-For-FFN-Fanfiction, you don't even know! I've missed Pam so much! And I've missed your amazing work. And, just typing up this crazy review brings back memories. Wow. It's been a while, hasn't it? I do hope that maybe you'll do another Made-For-FFN-Fanfiction soon with Pam, maybe? Perhaps? Please?

Okay then, I'll wait patiently for one...

With Lots of Charmed love,

Phoenixed chapter 1 . 5/10/2008
“I Know You Are, But What Am I?”- Review

Alright, I've already read through half of this and if I read the other half now, I'm honestly going to be too lazy to write up the real review this story deserves later. Or if I do, it would be much later and frankly, that's not fair to you considering that I was hounding you to finish this for me to not even review it. And I'm going to put a halt on my rambling before this is what my entire review consists of. So yeah, reviewing now.

First off, I love how I can enter a new story and actually understand everything that's going on clearly. When I started TCTB, it was more of guess work or “Read Now, Ask Later” and this is refreshing to actually remember that scorching battle between the tag team of Pam and Annabelle against the Dark Elemental of Fire. I still remember the imagery of the house melting down and eventually exploding with Annabelle on the front lawn with a thousand (exaggerated) people alone, since Pam had used that kamikaze potion that Brennan didn't take with her since he thought he had them all. Btw, I swear to you and the glory of that story that I didn't go back to read that chapter to include it in this review. I actually remembered that along with a hundred (probably not exaggerated) other memories.

And okay, back to the story. I love the concept about how Pam feels as if she's living in the skin of someone else now. I really do love that line where Pam expresses how her soul was thrown into a new body.

Alright, so I admittedly needed the recap on who says what, but the Paige line was about Daniel, right? If so, I'm assuming that Pam gets some word on it later on because she obviously does return in the finale for the Wiccaning.

I love the reference to how the scar on her face never tasted the blade, which makes me wonder, if Aidan can give her a new body, couldn't he shed her of that nasty ass scar if she asked him too? No point keeping that memory plastered on her face if it isn't the actual scar, although she would still have some emotional scarring from within.

“A few months ago, she would've been a part of it all” these lines made me think back to your little uni one-shot thing with the soul that became a part of everything around him and so on.

This has bothered me a bit, ever since the first time I read this as a file. The gap in between the scene where the voice says, “I'm an Angel” and then it's the next scene. It's like Pam says in the latter scene that she can't really get rid of him, so I would think that he would've just said what he was aiming her to do the entire time with getting rid of the witch. - Wow, forget all of that, lol. He's only been alive for half an hour. But wait? Now Im just up the ass confused. Pam said before that it was late and now it's morning when she enters? So she spoke with the 'Angel' outside, and entered the house and that was half an hour? I'm confused because I'm assuming that he was “born” at that second. I feel like I'm reading wrong and this is going to slap me in the face.

And I was going to complain about his false advertising with how, “I'm an Angel” and he isn't technically an angel, but the way he defines his presence recovered that for me, since he states that they are there for grand purposes and apparently this purpose is so grand that he doesn't even know what it is off the bat, as far as I read.

Okay, this is really small, but I just love this casual moment of Pam hopping off the bus before it stopped. These are the little moments that stick with me when Im done reading. Like little things from TCTB, like when Paige tossed her (green, I believe) purse into her living room and she cringed when it shattered and told Aidan about her biggot boss, Piper showing off her attire to her kids before leaving to go to Thyme's premiere and I can go on and on. But this little Pam-hop will stick with me, now.

I'm so glad that this witch is shooting “green blobs” as opposed to energy balls and more TK. It reminds me of the energy balls in Mutant X? How do I know what those look like? Probably because I got into an Emma mood one morning and youtubed Mutant X and saw some bad ass dude's powers and that's what they were. I remember him being mentioned in your story once or twice, but I never really got an answer as to who he was.

“more near missies” I got a slight chuckle at the error.

Leon freaking out about living in some new skin, is what I believe has kept me reading and reading without stopping to review. He's just so innocent, fresh to life, faultless, and extremely curious. Like a newborn child, lol. But I love how he can now relate to Pam with being born into a skin that he considered lugging before.

Ha, Leon shivering after Pam touched him. Queer. Just kidding, but that was realistic. For something that isn't really really action-y magical, Im loving this all the same. And Oh! I'm glad I'm reading this over because I apparently missed the part last time where the witch actually hit Leon with a spell and Pam's right, it would've been a neat way to get rid of an opponent. That was a nice touch.

You really hit a lot of points in this story with Leon; confusion with clothes and the mirror mix-up with him in relation to an animal.

“blind leading the blind” I just loved that line.

I can tell that Pam is venting about Keith, but I have to be honest, he was never a favorite character of mine in TCTB. In fact, my favorite scenes with him were when he appeared on that rooftop in the early chapters and when he met Pam at that magical diner place where Arc was chomping on rocks, lol. Was he possibly written to be kinda hated for not being the perfect match for Pam?

Every time I read that part with Pam leaning in and blowing a chilling frost on Leon, I always think of her doing it in a seductive manner; kinda closing in on him, raising her hand to her mouth and gently blowing as she produces that icy cold refreshment he's looking for.

“This isn’t the same body that’s been thrown into furniture more times than I can count, these eyes aren’t the ones that witnessed what magic is truly capable of, and these lips… they didn’t get a chance to kiss him before he screwed everything up.”

-I would put this in favorite quotes, but this is beyond favorite right now. It's one of the more powerful things that Pam has said this chapter and that's what makes me love this theme of “living in the skin of another” and/or “living a new life” because you're doing a fantastic job with it. You really touch upon the effect with living in a freshly built shell for Pam and how she just kinda wants to claw at the skin that isn't hers, maybe pull some of the hair she's already begun cutting off, and just stab the eyes that she's forced to depend on as she walks through the world on feet custom made for her.

I love the unintentional deception of Leon sleeping. Definitely one of my favorite parts about this story. According to her journal entry though, it's apparent that she's grateful that he heard her though as he was able to make the connection that their problems were one in the same. And from this point, I've never read, so whoo hoo.

“Because people never share their experience with an angel.” -That would definitely explain why Pam never spoke about that happening in her journey. Heh, I'm a bit surprised she's sharing it in her journal, although that must be a safe place since I doubt that anyone would dare touch Pamela Walker's journal after knowing her. I'm really glad that she asked about why they aren't really cited in history, because I always figured that Whitelighters alone were just considered the angels of the universe. Apparently not though.

LOL at Leon getting terrified when the old, innocent, sweet, gentle couple approached him with a camera as if they were a gang of hoodlums with a gun aimed at him, he wouldn't know the difference. I love it, lol. I'm really seeing Pam as a mothering type to him.

Yay, Pam's been hit with a revelation. I don't know why I didn't see it sooner that she just feels a part of her soul was burnt away with the rest of her body as well.

I think a scene with Leon having to urinate would've been hilarious, lol, as sick as that sounds. But the idea does have potential.

God, I'm just loving this theme and whenever Leon discusses something that can be related with how he prefers his original form, which I hope he gets. Although I may understand heat a little clearer, I hate it just as much as the next person.

Ooh, I just loved that chase, except for the whole Leon shouting “Use your powers” as he was lost in a crowd of people. Also, I was dying to see what that Pam line was going to be after she finally (and very cooly) TK'd him into the air, but the line didn't do much for me. It seemed off, not like the one where Pam and Paige were in NY with the Terrible Two and Pam barked at the waiters for their comments.

Haha, it seems as if Pam was really proud of that pun, and I'm assuming you must've been too if you had Pam say it. Wow, and I just pretty much shot it down... awkward.

I definitely googled Jardim Botanico, so I could remember what it looked like and Wow.

Ha, “piece and quiet.” I've only seen a total of three mistakes so far, two of which I pointed out only because I found them funny.

I feel like Leon kinda jumped the gun with questioning Pam, “Why are you avoiding them?” This guy didn't understand the concept of sleep, but he knew how to identify Pam's avoidance? That bothered me a bit.

“Because that’s how I feel every time you leave.” Leon cut her off, stunning her with his confession. “When you left this morning to go shopping, and when you ran after that guy and I lost you in the crowd. Even when I couldn’t see you sitting there because I had moved further away. I kept thinking where you were, if you were ever going to come back, and if you were okay. I’ve known you for a day, and I feel that way. Imagine what the people who’ve known you for years feel like.”

-Omg, I feel like getting a t-shirt that has this quote on the back. I love Leon (in a non-homosexual way) because his innocence is just too enjoying to read about. I really see how this can all help Pam discover a little more about who she is after realizing what she's been missing.

“Travel with me.” Now that would be a good t-shirt quote accompanied with “three little words tumbled out of her mouth.” -That was a close call. I'm glad she wasn't professing love for him, I would've had a bit of a problem with that.

“I understand now...” wait, wait, hold up. I don't! Poor Pam. I know she was growing attached to Leon, but why the hell did he have to go? Did he just have to help her discover herself or something? Was that the grand purpose? Considering I'm actually just writing down these questions with a few more scenes to go, I should just read on and see if my questions get answered, as I'm sure they will.

Wow, is all I can say about the Pam scene. The “No... No.” alone was kinda heartbreaking, knowing what a strong character she is.

Pam kissed him? Wow, perfect timing to avoid that awkward scene.

And omg at the necklace story. I'm so glad you provided us the path of that necklace. My favorite would have to be Pam taking it off to be faithful to Keith, despite my not liking him, but it's more of the symbolization of how much she really cared for Leon because he obviously meant a great deal to her if she felt that wearing it around her neck was a little sign of betrayal.

Damn, will you ever go through a story without giving some nod to 'His Dark Materials', lol.

Definitely glad Pam found it within her to call Piper, and I of course got a chuckle at Piper screaming at her.

All in all, it was a great story. I don't expect less from you, but I feel I should comment more on the innocence theme within it, or even the living in another skin, but I think that would just be beating you over the head with it. Well, I think I'm going to attempt to hit this block with commenting on Leon, because he's definitely going down as a memorable character. Right off the bat, I like him more than Brennan and Keith, and he puts up some competition for Arc, but in the end, the gargoyle would triumph over the angel. But really, Leon was a character I never felt had a dry line, and would always spark more and more interest in me with his purity. He kinda helped address things that I would never question, like “Why do I sweat?” “What's the deal between hot and cold?” and my all time favorite would be his view on what sleep really is. See, it's weird, because, (btw, this is mindless rambling so feel free to skip it all) but I know when I'm awake and I can figure out upon awakening that I was asleep. I think an interesting thing that could've been done was Leon dreaming when he finally fell asleep and trying to work out the images that played in his head as he slept. There are so many possibilities with him, but he just kinda reminds me of Pam's first child that helped her redefine who she is, and that was his purpose apparently. Alright, I'm going to just end this here.

Oh! Write more TCTB one-shots, lol. Please do the one with the CO's chattin' about the deal they made with the Source. I'm sure you could do wonders with it.

Favorite Quotes:

“Well, I’ve had two…” Pamela said quietly, thinking for a second before letting out a resigned sigh, “Alright. You’ll just have to keep speaking. That certainly shouldn’t be a problem for you. Let’s go.”

(Well, I welcome all these references to her new body and the verbal slap to Leon, of course.)

“Yeah, and believe it or not, you’re actually not the only one. Now, for the love of God, stay behind that wall until I find you something to wear.”

(Glad to see that Pam was never the horny type that took advantage of nude dudes as opposed to Phoebe.)

“I don't understand.”

(I looked forward to every time Leon said this because we generally got insight on something people generally overlook.)

“What can I say?” She shrugged, “You’re not the only one constantly uncomfortable in your own skin.”

(adds more to the theme.)

*Favorite Stories*
Monkeywand chapter 1 . 5/5/2008
Sad yet happy. I'm glad Leon (a play on Leo! lol) helped Pam though her life. I also like how she never really lost the thrill of being a witch. Good job.