Reviews for Movie Trailer Tragedy
ThousandMastery chapter 1 . 4/18/2016
You definitely need more fans. This stuff is gold!
azerjaban chapter 1 . 6/11/2012
LOL I didnt expect that
Caeli Quaedem chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
that's just weird...

Maybe they should just read the original books?

Thirst4light chapter 1 . 12/6/2011
I just cracked up after reading -Duper-Awesome!What a simple but brilliant idea!I am just lost for in fluffy fics and dramatic trailer!hahahaha...
Luan Mao chapter 1 . 10/27/2010
Heh. Cute. Not much more to say other than to agree with you that there is an awful lot of pointless fics out there.


SparksMightFly chapter 1 . 5/22/2010
God damnint i was enjoying that trailer! but still, I laughed at the end :D

But it kinda seems a shame to me, i have serious fluff overdose and desperately need a fanfic with a real plot. Someone oculd do a lot with that trailer. You might want to consider :)

Still, hilarious!
You Know Who chapter 1 . 12/9/2009
told you they weren't so bad after all
Kruste chapter 1 . 8/26/2009
hehe, very Funny. Still laughing, can't type more xD
Incomparable-Insanity chapter 1 . 2/14/2009
OMG. I laughed so hard at the ending. XD;;

Funny, this is.
Unlegally Insane chapter 1 . 11/30/2008
Will you write "Harry Potter and the Receding Hair Line"? Please? It would make me smile... even more than the story did...

The story was complete awesomeness.
Marauder Madness chapter 1 . 9/15/2008
OMG! That cracked me up so bad! Wonderfull story!
Clell65619 chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
- That was horrible, you should be ashamed of yourself...

- Now all I can see in my imagination is a bald Harry Potter...

- Thanks for the laughs
Hoikas chapter 1 . 7/17/2008
This had me ROTFL :D
RIPFRED chapter 1 . 5/23/2008
That was hilarious! Good story!
snow winter chapter 1 . 5/20/2008
LOL. That was funny.
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