sandybeliever chapter 1 . 9/18/2015
Great story!
Captain Hank chapter 1 . 9/21/2008
Wow! This episode happens to be my all-time favorite episode because it was the first one I ever watched. I am so GLAD you decided to bring it out "from under the rock" you put it under because if you hadn't, many would not have had the chance to see what a true masterpiece of writing this is. Just absolutely fantastic; I hope someday that I can write just a tad that good! A fine, fine piece of writing and the friendship and deep brotherly love that flows between them was portrayed beautifully. Thanks again for deciding to bring it out "from under the rock." What a loss it would have been if you didn't! Thanks again. Awesome!
wuemsel chapter 1 . 5/29/2008
You know, if he was a ghost - he'd be welcomed to haunt me any day. :) Thank you for this warm, heartfelt read. I usually don't like 1st person POVs, but yours are always different. It's like really hearing HIS voice, those WOULD be his choice of words. You're doing it perfectly. Thanks!
atrish1 chapter 1 . 5/12/2008

Wow. You know I'm forever disappointed that "The Fix" wasn't a 2 parter. So many folks are left to wonder what happened with Hutch's 'situation' the days following. This treatment from you- I think goes a long way to answering that question. I love how you show Hutchs cravings and vulnerablity- to the point where he buys the stuff and then the angst over if he should use it.

I love the way you have him seeing himself in Pat -

"Just hold still a minute, Pat," I told the guy, taking no joy in what I was about to do - arrest him.

Bernie could have so easily done the same to me, back in that alley where he first found me.


Love the way you have his disturbing thoughts and than Starskys normal voice and conversation in the background-

My partner, and I just kept sipping on our beer. It should have been relaxing and comforting. I should have felt at ease, but instead, I felt like a baby bird that had fallen out of his nest. A weakling. I looked across the room at the bar mirror, not seeing my reflection. Instead, I saw an image of myself slumped between two urinals with a needle sticking out of my arm. The picture in my head made me shudder.

"Hutch, you think I'm right or what?" Starsky nudged my hand with his glass.


this sentence I just love-

I don't have all the answers, and I'm sick of trying. What's the point? I can't compete with this drug. It beats me down with a stick. A very big stick. It hurts, and I just want the pain to stop. Even if it's only for one night. These cravings, this need, it spreads all over me, and I can't dig it out from underneath my nails. The cravings are there day and night. My world has changed from beautiful color to plain, dull, black and white. Feels like I am standing on the double yellow line and a fleet of eighteen-wheelers is heading my way. I know I need to move or be flattened, splattered in all directions - but I can't budge.

(thats just terrific imaging to express the depth of his pain)

Loved when Starsky ask him why did he run like that.

and ALL of this is just sweetly expresses the love between them-Starsky eased me upright. The action tilted the beach to the left. I stumbled one step forward and two steps backward, feeling the whisky sloshing behind my eyes. Starsky charged forward, clamping a hand down on my shoulder - and the world suddenly stood still.

"Hey, easy. You need some help with that, buddy?"

"Dunno." I coughed and cleared my throat. "Off the record?"

"Off the record." Starsky pinned me with a look of concern.

I closed my eyes, only briefly analyzing the question.

"Feel dizzy," I admitted.

"Too much fresh air," Starsky concluded, as he glanced downward taking the empty whisky bottle into consideration. "Or too much sunshine." I watched the worry in his eyes evaporate.

"Maybe a little of both," I muttered, not about to argue.

"It will be all right, buddy." Starsky patted my shoulder gently.

"I believe you," I said in a shaky voice.

JUST terrific job of capturing their dialogue- and Minnesota Ghost- clever title, girl!

Loved it.

Please, please keep writing!

Love ya
Kirsty Welsh chapter 1 . 5/11/2008
OMG Karen,

What a fantastic piece! I loved the whole idea of that. You're so right, he would never be ableto just get up and walk away from those hits.

Another wonderful essay from another great writer. And well worth the waiting for.

Don't leave us waiting too long for the next one huh?

Love a hugs,

Hutch-is-gorgeous chapter 1 . 5/6/2008
Dear Tigger,

I'm so thrilled that you posted MG! It would be IMPOSSIBLE to tell you everything that I like about the story, but a few places that really stick with me:

The wild sound of heroin addicted wolves howling at midnight and haunting Hutch's blood!

What an eeiry feeling it gives me!

Love the reference (angst! Yippee!) too about Hutch being so desperate for a fix he's thought about taking a pencil and jamming it into a vein.

Then at the beach: "No buts about it, Hutch. This city needs you. I need you. You won't let either of us down."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked in confusion. (I can feel his confusion and picture what his facial expression is! Poor baby!)

Then at the end when you write: Starsky draped an arm across my shoulders and pulled me to his side, as we started to walk up the beach. "No more disappearing acts. Okay, Houdini?" He grinned.

"No more sucker punches. Okay, Muhammad?" I grinned back.

"I got great timing." Starsky adjusted my body closer as we slowly walked.

"Yeah, you do, buddy," I said. Thank you."

Starsky knew the meaning behind the words, and nodded. "Anytime, partner."

(It's cute that you have Starsky calling Hutch 'Houdini' and Hutch calling S 'Muhammad' and then how you put some seriousness into it on the line where S says "I got great timing" and Hutch says he does and S knew the meaning behind the words.)

Starsky makes my crooked world straight. With little words he somehow brings me to the borders of my own understanding. I can do this. I will do this. I won't let him down again. More importantly - I won't let myself down. I am no ghost.

(Great ending!) Applause!
aussie angie chapter 1 . 5/6/2008
What a great story it really show the bond that the boys have between them
brook5 chapter 1 . 5/5/2008
hey girl...that was great..more more more
Bobbie Barkley chapter 1 . 5/5/2008
Once again you string the right words together and a wonderful story evolves. You put us right in Hutch's mind, rolling around with his thoughts and feelings.

I loved your description: "... I felt like a baby bird that had fallen out of his nest..."
rsb57 chapter 1 . 5/5/2008
You constantly amaze me. You see angles that the rest of us just don't have the right prescription for. How do you constantly come up with new, refreshing and such creative stories? This was so heart breaking and so... them!

Wonderful words strung together to form another descriptive, loving story. Gritty!

Thanks so much for sharing your talent.