Reviews for 5 Things Luffy Won't Eat
Wordlet chapter 1 . 7/6/2015
I love this story! There are very few fics about what Luffy doesn't eat, which is a shame because it's a rather interesting topic. My personal favorite is 2 and I really really hope there is some chance that you may write another segment for it. I'm intrigued, greatly. My only complaint is that fic is about things he won't eat, but he did eat a few of the things you brought up! It's still a really really great fic, but certainly not what I was expecting:)
GreenCAT the second chapter 1 . 9/21/2012
Faux Reves chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
LUFFY ATE ZORO'S LEG! THAT'S DISGUSTING! I LOVE YOU! XD XD XD Awesome story(s)! It was truly as epic as it gets!
NinjaFoodLover chapter 1 . 3/12/2010
So these things really happened or you just made them up. But still a great long story. I have to say that the oranges and devil fruit was my favorite.
gure chapter 1 . 9/1/2009
Wow. I loved this. It was darker than I was anticipating, which actually made it all the better. Especially with your nicely-placed touches of humor that kept it from going into total angst-land. A good balance, there.

Well-written, and I really liked your characterization. Particularly Luffy. And yes, he was your focus, but you wrote him with such a wonderful combination of love for his nakama and his simple-ness without making him a complete moron and that uncanny wisdom he shows from time to time. Nice, nice!

It's interesting that in most of these stories, Luffy ends up eating whatever it is in front of him. But it's the reasons why he eats in some of these scenes that really got me. You created such rich, dense scenes, with that tantalizing sense of so much *more* to these short stories. And with very few words. This was fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing!
rebecca85 chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
Hmm... My first One Piece fic that I read. Interesting. And a lot more darker than I thought. The first one was humorous, but the rest... Especially the 4th, you were right: Not for the weakest of minds. After that I actually... Kinda lost my appetite for fanfiction for a while. ;;

Not that this fic is bad, 'course not! Very well written, I was enthralled, but very gloomy. (Not my type, I mean.) Although, even in those bad situations you had captured Luffy's character magnificently. Points for that one!

Thanks for the fic! Keep up the good work!

Luv, reb
xheartkreuzx chapter 1 . 5/16/2008
awesome stories!
Heart in a Headlock chapter 1 . 5/6/2008
Words simply cannot discribe how much I enjoyed this story. Even the grotesque, morbid effects of it were so in character and desperate that everything clicked as it went along. I adore the premise for prompt number two, as well. Not just some mary sue author writing about uber strong luffy, not Luffy being an idiot and thoughtlessly eating another fruit, but a look into some circumstances so heart wrenching that, in Luffy's mind, there was simply no other option.

"The whole rotten lot of you just bet your lives against it."

Its compellng, strong and purposeful, not just a flashy line used for show, but a promise, so perfectly executed that the driving force behind it is pulling us (being the general audience) out of our seats and into the story. This could be a story I would stay up all night reading, if you so choose to elaborate on it. Either way, the open ended curiosity of the entire thing leaves me astounded and appaled that it hasn't gotten more reviews. It certainly deserves them.

Cheering you on mentally, *brain waves*
ChiakiAngel chapter 1 . 5/6/2008
Those were very interesting, and I loved them all. _ I especially think you should continue number 2 and number 4 and make them stories.