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Dean Heat chapter 43 . 12/2
By the way how the fuck do they have fire if magic basically stops chemistry and a párt of physics from working?
Dean Heat chapter 42 . 12/2
You do realize that your system only allows life because you said it. If magic and fey magic had those characteristics you described it would make life and all chemical process és impossible in a magica Field. Also I would like to inorm you that bows are made of multiplex pieces connected with natural glue. Also a slight change in the balance of your weapon could have fucked you up back then. Also if Fáy magic causes a beating making machine to produce wild fckin shapes that is not some slight changes. That amount of change can and would fuck up any bow.
CharlotteDyer01 chapter 1 . 12/1
When I first started reading, I thought it was a little informational and stuff and not much action but I liked the way Harry was going about being smart and intelligent. I even enjoyed him absorbing the Horcruxes memories to himself. I especially enjoyed the way you thought everything out that no one else thought of when it came to Dumbledore and his plans. But, everything started going bad whenever you introduced the Fairy Queen and the faeries. I understood the logic and stuff, but I'm not comfortable with the multiple relationship thing that Harry has going. If it was just him and Hermione, yes. That's fine. But, then Luna too? I skipped to see if the issue changed, and it definitely has not. I understand that in the Fairy World, or whatever world you have written, monogamy is okay. But, I'm just not into it. I can't help it. If that was changed, and you didn't add the fairy stuff into the mix, it would've been a good read. I have to stop reading.
ArtasticSarcastic01 chapter 103 . 11/25
Dear God I cannot even begin to tell you how much I freaking love this story. I've been going with as few hours of sleep possible to keep reading this masterpiece! It's so high quality, so in-depth, so detailed; it makes sense while also being terribly convoluted, quite like Wonderland!
And holy crap, WONDERLAND! The fact that you've included Alice and Wonderland in the shenanigans is just genius! Her interactions with muggle London have just completely wrecked my brain.
I am so so so excited to read more! I adore and appreciate your writing very very much.
darienqmk chapter 1 . 11/12
Jesus Christ. Forget 'Harry with a backbone', this garbage is 'self-insert powerwank'. I can practically hear the smugness dripping off of your half-as-good-as-you-think writing. Of course no generic power fantasy isn't complete without the consciousness of a presumably 25 year old neckbeard author forcing a threesome with two extremely young girls and bringing death to Muslims. I trust you'll be burning a long time in hell, you sick fuck.

I realize this is fanfiction and nobody's being paid to write it or read it, but fuck, the number of adoring comments on this dumpster fire frankly scares me.
MSgt SilverDollar and Snake chapter 4 . 11/2
In my opinion if Dumbles was breathing he was lieing to himself or others. He was not Napoleon, Geronimo, Julius Ceasar, or George Armstrong Custer as those soldiers had leadership skills and knew how to fight a war whil Dumbles didn’t. Good story that I'm fairly sure has been abandoned to rot on the vine of unfinished stories. I'm not going to gripe about it since Dad left so many we decided to post so that someone might finish what he couldn't. ~~ Snake ~~
JoshT7 chapter 103 . 10/29
I really love this story, it has quite a bit I haven't seen before which is awesome for a fanfic, especially one in this fandom. The humor is probably my favorite part of this, it's very well done and doesn't come off as too much or just stupid.
I really appreciate your Dumbledore being a true threat and terror, so many authors do "Dark Lord Dumbledore" but they always seem to fall short of what someone with over 100 years of time to stack the deck in his favor would be like.
My main gripe for this fanfic are the massive chapters of just exposition, it gets tough to slog through a chapter that's only describing something. I love extensive world building but this gets a bit ridiculous at times, the worst offender was the description of the town, that thing was tough to get through.
All in all I really like this fic and can forgive some of the issues since you do so much of it so well.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/26
As for the ANs: That's your interpretation of the prophecy, but I prefer another. Neither can "live" - Harry didn't live, not truly, for all of his childhood, until he killed Voldemort near reaching adulthood. Combining his time at the Dursley's (something I'm surprised didn't turn him into a Dark Lord in the canon, and something that makes Dark Harry fics more realistic than canon), and his time at Hogwarts (which is another can of worms), Harry didn't live. He barely even existed. Voldemort also didn't live in that time, either the time he was a wraith, or later, when he had a subhuman body, and only got by thanks to his magic and rituals.
Though that doesn't change the fact Dumbledore is probably a much worse Dark Lord than Voldemort, and his greatest con was to convince everyone he was a good man. The next is something I suspected when I learned about the Resurrection Stone scene in DH. Not only Dumbledore set everthing up so that Harry could use the Stone before he knowingly went to his death, but also, for some reason, the shades of his parents, Sirius, and Remus encouraged him to go die! The people who were supposed to love him, and three of which gave their lives so tthat he can live! That's why I suspected they weren't real, just another of Dumble's manipulations
Ahmad Hazwan chapter 103 . 10/25
can u update more?
Guest chapter 24 . 10/19
Everything but one thing is pretty good. The relationship aspect of this story is complete and utter garbage. What’s happening between Luna hermione and harry has this story being less than half as enjoyable as it could be. But I’ve come to expect the characters to act completely retarded.
Guest chapter 7 . 10/19
And you lost me as a reader with this stupid marriage idea to Luna. You have just ruined the ship between hermione and harry. So disapointed. Won’t be reading any more of your stuff if this is the type of garbage you come up with. This author is a fucking idiot. Why? Because all his supposed smart characters are fucking idiots. Stupid authors can’t write intelligent people. It’s not within their capabilities. For “supposedly” being really smart your Harry is really retarded.
JFalcon-TM chapter 3 . 10/15
A sex slave? Man, that's way over the top. I quite like the general direction the story takes, but somethings are unnecessary and others plain stupid. For one, if Harry has *all* the knowledge Voldemort once had, then why does he want extra classes? Or even to stay in school at all, for that matter? Sure, some of that knowledge is dark, but most of it probably isn't. Voldemort graduated from Hogwarts and was quite the prodigy. The whole safari equipment debacle is also very strange. It seems as if you're rushing parts that should be taken slowly for no reason whatsoever and making some weird decisions character-wise for impact.
Well, guess I'll just keep reading and hope you know what you're doing. Cheers.
Guest chapter 76 . 10/13
You really need to stop talking about things you don’t understand. The fantasy is fine, you can make it up as you go, so long as it is internally consistent. However, if you are going to include anything which supposedly has a scientific basis, at least do some research so it appears you actually know what you are talking about. You need to read a bit more about radioactivity.
Kamyu chapter 93 . 10/13
Hey there,

I have started reading your fiction and I appreciate the amount of work you've put into it.
I really did enjoy reading it until the last ten chapters.

Some points you've casually described were extreme to me :

- What Draca went through : basically stripped off her consent and used as a baby machine: perpetually raped.

- Your description of islam is offensive to saddens me that you did a description of them that matches the ideas you are trying to mock: Voldemort and Dumbledore are fighting certain humans based on their blood status (non pureblood and muggles) and are vilifying and demonizing them, setting aside the fact that not all of them are the same. You are basically doing the same with muslims. More that 25% of the world population is muslim and truly if all of them were as evil as you seem to think, we would live a nightmare.

There is a dichotomy between terrorists and islam. Not all muslims are terrorists. (it saddens me that i have to type this down)

Do not hesitate to reply to this review should you like to discuss the matter further.

I cannot allow myself to continue reading as it really hurt me, and i have browsed your reviews, and read terryfied that one of your reader was happy because all muslims were going to die. As an author you should be aware that your words are far-reaching.
Rairi Valelira chapter 99 . 10/5
So basically you know what media tells you. Have you evrr had a muslim kid in your school. They dont go around threatening to bomb and murder everyone.
No,they get bullied and treated like trash for mere association with a group. Not everyone is a radical who wrote a bible to give an excuse for their insanity and sick desire to murder.
Knowing that, do you ever question what it is they could possibly be forced to learn and be condition such that a child would be a living bomb? Maybe the child knows they will die, maybe they dont. But they arent born evil. The extremists who leave them a choice but lrarn and be conditioned to believe they have to kill for a book writtem by a insane group of men. Thosearethe real enemies, not the sheep who dont know better.
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