Reviews for Partially Kissed Hero
Mr potter chapter 4 . 19h
That's not how neither Tom nor Harry would tease/flirt/joke with a girl, it's cringeworthy.
Bukama Stealth chapter 36 . 11/26
I'm reading this story once again and realized there's a small continuity error in this chapter.
Near the end off this chapter Harry mentions Minister Fudge but he and the wizards and witches working directly under him #cough# Umbridge #cough# lost their jobs when Harry nearly got kissed early in the story.
So... should that simply be ex-minister Fudge or his successor (I can't remember his name at the moment)?
oh well a minor thing either way.
Siruislady chapter 103 . 11/25
Let me start by saying I love this story and I only review at the end of the story. The history aspect of this just riveting. My only draw back is some of your expressions of detail get wordy. Like explaining the various ways dumbledore had become angry at the river styx and so on makes me skip paragraphs.

For me, I’m interested in the meat. I go back a skim what I might have missed but other then that. Love it
tessa chapter 7 . 11/24
aw... yeah you lost me here with this chapter. arent these kids like 13/14 years old? dis too much. also harry totally stringing along hermione knowing full well she likes him is super messed up. harry pretending to be possessed by voldemort was freakin hilarious but then giving bellatrix lestrange the insane murderer permission to, first of all, be in a school filled with literal children and then tell her she can Kill Someone? bro WHAT? harry is a judge jury and executioner now I guess... and then luna faking being loony and wanting to kill someone and then marry harry? whA? this fic started off great but it's just gotten too crazy for me personally ;O;
Guest chapter 46 . 11/22
Author wrote: Face it, you liked it as well.
Me: Why yes. Yes I did.
fuunu chapter 99 . 11/16
ok a bit confused here I thought they had good space travel now after the time shenanigan's. Because with their level of space travel it would be easy to make orbital solar farms and send the energy back to earth via microwaves.
Jillian A.K chapter 53 . 11/11
Eh. I'd want Draco dead. Giving him to Crabbe and Goyle to produce a dozen heirs each, creates a dozen potential assets for each line. They shouldn't be helping their enemies like that. Keeping Draco around to degrade him just isn't worth the cost of paying his medical bills much less letting him enrich Crabbe and Goyle with heirs.
Guest chapter 103 . 11/11
More please, wonderful story
Hot48cricket1 chapter 1 . 11/7
I laughed so much at this chapter!
So many hilarious things Harry bought!
Sorry I won’t be continuing
GunpowderPatron chapter 78 . 10/24
I can take the Voldemart shard horcrux boosting Harry. I can take the polygamy.
I can take Dumbledore being comically evil (if only for the Colonal Sanders subplot that I love).
I can take Harry dismantling Voldemort's horcruxes in like an afternoon?
I can take the historical asides and cultural magical interludes.
I can take time travel and species swapping.
I can grudgingly take the nightmarish torture of the Dursleys and the use of Draco as a convict breeding sow.
But... I just can't take Sybil going 30 years in the past to retroactively induce conditions which have yet to happen for characters all for the nebulous end goal of defeating Dumbledore. Like, does Voldemort even matter as a character anymore? What was the reaction of Maoist China to the nuking of Moscow and the dissolution of the USSR? Did the Warsaw Pact dissolve too? Is Tito and Yugoslavia still communist? Did Castro get executed? If space travel is so trivial, why aren't there more space colonies? Why aren't there more space mining facilities? If Lupin not being infected with Werewolfism is such a huge deal, why did Sybil prance around in the past changing so much in the muggle world? If Rasputin was a Dark Lord, did Lenin actually, seriously murder a magical Royal family?
If this story had finished with the actual Colonel Sanders being the lynchpin in defeating Dumbledore, I would had a good laugh and favorited this, but I just can't keep going.
Made it to chapter 78.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 96 . 10/21
And now a second achillies has been made, and probably in forming his pack, albus intends to make many achilles.
4fundaore chapter 69 . 10/15
Yeah that was an awesome chapter
FallingThroughStardust chapter 13 . 10/15
Ah! I recognize a Fablehaven reference!
erozoth chapter 10 . 10/11
Considering this novel is not completed I was taking a risk reading it, I hate those.
This chapter started as: oh Dumby PoV? Cool.
Then it went into "what the actual fck?"
Now the explanation, very well done, showing how so many things could have been done in malice by Dumby.
Then the rebirth, "what the actual fck" just escalated, escalated beyond what "suspense of belief" can deal with.
The story is... not well done. It somehow maintains a darker image than canon (Dumby and all that), Darth Sidious type of evil manipulation (which I liked actually, well done) changing to almost a comedy\wish fulfillment. A very weird combo.
Anyway, with the novel never completing this chapter is it for me. It was okay.
erozoth chapter 1 . 10/11
But he was different before the kiss...
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