Reviews for Partially Kissed Hero
Finwitch1 chapter 103 . 4/3
Amazing. Superpowered Harry and yet you get in some suspense too, and Luna's relatives...
Really can take Dursleys being related to Cruella de Vil - Marge breeds dogs. Wonder if they are some sort of special dogs too? Like ANTI-Weackspurts - such as attacking the pure ones.
And all the DeathEaters either dead or turned into females (well, except Bella who already was - then again, she got turned into Dryad.)

Harry's Harem seems to really get huge - he already has over hundred... Yet he's only thirteen and not quite there yet. Also, since the pureblood families sorta went extinct and they're interbred, I guess Harry IS heir to them all...
Love the idea about Potter tradition about stealing knickers...
Residenthobo chapter 46 . 4/2

I find this situation with fast-food restaurants and/or their owners being portrayed by Dumb-old-bore as dark wizards with nearly ridiculous power-bases as incredibly hilarious and refreshing.

I dare say it's never been done before, which since so many are somewhat unimaginative(myself included) is rather difficult to stumble upon.

I must insist on thanking you for writing this, as it is quite amusing indeed.
So, thank you for writing this.
lonewolf420 chapter 46 . 3/30
You forgot his ancestry to the dreed pirate the notorious captain long john silver. But other then that I loved it. Just so long as he don't bring in the cousin's Dave and Wendy that gingers mean
dug chapter 96 . 3/30
what happened to lockheart
lonewolf420 chapter 43 . 3/30
You could be right but Slytherin house was supposed to be about the cunning and the ambitious, not the bullies and thief's. So I refuse to believe that they were all evil. Yes most if not all are evil during cannon but you have to remember most if not all of them are death eater offspring or as bad. Now even in cannon there are some neutral families, but let's leave that for now. The way I see Slytherin house is like the blue dorm in the yugioh gx series. Its all the rich pampered super stars of their world. Snobs and ass holes. But not all out right evil. There are even some good ones, then along comes evil brain washes the entire house and low and behold we now have the evil brain washed white dorm and the blue dorm is no more. Until later when the evil is gone. Tom and his followers corrupted it during his time their because the truly clever and ambitious could have been him or better than him so why be his minion just replace him. He couldn't have that he needed followers not competition.
lonewolf420 chapter 42 . 3/30
Still love the story but don't like that the puppy got eaten. Just not right. Now seeing as it was a projector that ate it maybe he gets it back later, plus he still has loads more but that one was his. And as for the gun fan morons simply explain to them that its a common belief that the more magic in an area the less science and the more science the less magic. They don't mix well. That's why electricity don't work it's created by or at leased was harnest by science. Same with gun powder. So it won't work around magic. Plain simple rules
lonewolf420 chapter 39 . 3/29
Though I agree with your theory about him having been the caster, I wanted to point out one flaw in your reasoning. First Lilly was a prodigy in charms and could have Done the charm herself. But the problem comes when you said he had to be told the secret by the secret keeper, that's false. After all Dumbledore never told harry the location of 12 Grimald place. He read it off a paper handed to him by Kingsley or moody not sure which point being Serious could have Handed him a note from Petigrue. Still love the story so far and still think your right but always a possibility. Plus if I remember right he says he put his own charm's as in plural. Plus wards are connected to a word stone but their are still notice me not charms and things that our favorite muggle born witch cast on their camp site in book seven that could have been placed there overall the property but not anchored to award stone. So sorry but that argument is out. Still say your right you just used the wrong facts to get the right answer.
Wayne Clark chapter 46 . 3/29
Go, Go, Go. GO Thundercats! -
Wayne Clark chapter 45 . 3/29
I like your story's so you will get no Flame from me. Keep up the good work. -
ClownWhosFeelnDown chapter 87 . 3/29
Wouldn't the records be enchanted to keep them from getting wet?
rnarayananlovesharrypotter chapter 4 . 3/28
You are very entertaining and gifted author, and I admire your humorous capabilities. But... You are portraying Harry as if he's a time traveler. I personally think that Harry is growing up faster than he should be, and hurrying your growth leads to nasty circumstances. So if you don't want Harry to be an arrogant, squashed, cabbage-leaf [quote from 'My Fair Lady'], please don't have him and Hermione have a relationship now.
Licras chapter 16 . 3/27
I like how the approach you took truly defines the changes to Harry and Luna's characters, establishing them as personalities that you have welded. It would've been simple for them to simply take the boat that the Naiads provided, if I am assuming correctly that the Fairy Queen was the one who offered the boat. But instead, your characters showed caution and the bewildered nature of those caught in a situation beyond natural understanding. While it was the correct choice, taking the boat would have also been foolish, considering all of the knowledge Luna, Hermione, and Harry had compiled together. However, through their actions, they have, in a way, gained more power than they would have otherwise, if I'm assuming that the fact that they overdosed on Fairy Magic three times was not a simple statement on how dangerous their situation was. I am very much looking forward to the rest of this tale. Personally, I hope to see Bellatrix and Narcissa redeemed in some way, as I find myself fond of them due to other fics I have read.
Guest chapter 48 . 3/27 know, I had a dream about this story. :D. Bellatrix turned into a pig and Harry stuck pink fluffy flower stickers on her sides. :D
Promise10 chapter 89 . 3/26
Really, how do you come up with such ideas?
Promise10 chapter 88 . 3/26
Awesome to the awesomest degree!
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