Reviews for Partially Kissed Hero
Dzerx chapter 2 . 5/20
Hah, awesome. Hopefully Harry will actually expand his knowledge of magic to make him something.. more. He was pathetically weak and cowed in the books and movies, how he won Voldemort was 'sheer dumb luck' as he's noted of having numerous times.

Looking forward to seeing what pairing you use, hopefully not Hermione. I'm not much a fan of her 'I know better than you' attitude, nor her absolute faith in authority.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/15
Wow, way to borrow the whole maid, dandelion, fairy queen thing
Flo chapter 4 . 5/9
I'm sitting here mirin Harry's tight af game dude. That was legit, would have 100% worked too and got those exact reaction s. Didn't expect anything so real from hp fanfic but here you go. Nice
StormMagi chapter 43 . 5/7
I think your story is great but there is such thing as an authors universe in which inter character relations might be slightly different. Enough so that yes Harry's life would get better in Slytherin. When I read these angry authors notes that you write I see a stuck up snob who pertains to the ideal that other writers are worse than him and should therefore never write again. Very similar to the other people are worse than them so they should just die ideals you describe in the authors note. You just can't seem to accept, despite doing this yourself, that a fan fiction is SUPPOSED TO DIFFER FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL. I love your writing but I hate that you don't have a modicum of respect for other writers. If you don't like the cliches that other people love to work off of and change and build upon in an effort to make the community just a little bit better by adding a bit of their own spice to the story then you shouldn't be writing on a publicly edited site. Your writing is good but you need to tone down your judgement of people who write these stories because they love to write.
veteranlurker chapter 103 . 5/5
I've enjoyed the f#*k out of this awesome fic. Thanks for the ride man, it's been a trip. Now I'm off to reread chuunin exam day. Peace, out.
veteranlurker chapter 98 . 5/5
Still best bellatrix.
veteranlurker chapter 91 . 5/5
Aw thats sweet. You're welcome
veteranlurker chapter 77 . 5/5
Best. Dumbledore. Ever!
veteranlurker chapter 69 . 5/4
Surprise motherf#*ker!
veteranlurker chapter 65 . 5/4
Toot! Toooot!
veteranlurker chapter 63 . 5/4
Total paranoia for the win
veteranlurker chapter 55 . 5/4
Best. Bellatrix. Ever!
veteranlurker chapter 52 . 5/4
Arrr, me hearties, a bootyfull chappie ahoy!
veteranlurker chapter 50 . 5/4
veteranlurker chapter 46 . 5/4
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