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egret chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Full support for leaving Ginny out - I can't stand the little cypher. Besides, I don't think she'd mesh well with Hermione and Luna as you've drawn them.
Eriyaneko chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Great chapter/s... I haven't been reviewing the last ones.

Ginny? Don't know... gives the same to me. As for Mundungus, in canon at least, it is said that he is included exactly because of his shady contacts, that hear things that an auror or any other honest person wouldn't. I still despice him. And would have cheered for seeing some torture in the hands of Kretcher.
Ellyanah chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Hey there,

Great chapter.

I can't believe how fast you come up with that amazing stuff that goes so perfectly well with canon. (Like I could just ignore the last books and read this insteed... :) )

On the Ginny subject... yek. She like a copy of his mother. Am I the only one to find that a bit weird. Plus in your story it would make sense if Dumbledore had trained her to want to be his bride so he could later make him misrable through her.

In my fic, my take on Dumbledore is that he is a well intentionned quite senile old man, who everybody worship ignoring the fact that he is well past his first century of life and that you shouldn't realy that much on one single person. So my take on why he keeps Mundungous is that he think that the guy is nice in the bottom of his heart, and is still clever enough to know that he needs to keep contacts in the underground.

But as far as an non-senile Dumbledore go, your take is perfect and makes perfect sense.
dougal74 chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
I reckon the only way you could have Ginny in the group is as a friend who realises, that is all she can be and then is paired up with someone like Neville to help bring him out of his shell and help her mature and see past childish fantasies.

I agree with you on Mung...the only reson JKR as I can see, has him in the story is as a convenient plot device. Saves a lot of time building up a feasible way for Harry to get into trouble.

I'm not sure how JKR's mind actually you say, no one seems to get punished for their actions, child abuse is condoned by authority figures, pairings are lame and worst of all Harry is quite weak and stupid. He prove's a contradiction to the Sorting Hat's description of his abilities...'a keen mind, talent and a willing to prove himself.' yet he turns out to be lazy and quite an average wizard. I love her books, don't get me wrong...but they could have been so much more.

Okay my rant is now complete...keep up the good work.
Prie chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
i really loved the chapter and can't wait for the next.
mumimeanjudy chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Personally, I never liked Ginny. Her character was never really developed and she never seemed more to me than a two-dimensional plot device. I mean really - Harry ends up marrying his childhood sweetheart, younger sister of his best friend and a girl who bears an uncanny resemblance to his mother (is her middle name Jocasta?). Major ick! Not to mention that Harry, Luna and Hermione aren't human anymore, which would keep Ginny on a whole other level from them. I've always been slightly leery of Ginny, since she wanted Harry even before she met him - which would indicate she was really after TBWL, not Harry at all.
Vellouette chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
The only way I want to see Ginny in this story is if she has a tragic accident. I hate the Harry/Ginny pairing! Why on earth would he marry, or even just be interested in someone who looks so much like his Mum? Besides, both Hermione and Luna are extremely smart, a trait that Ginny does not share.

I've come across other stories that try to claim that the Potter males are 'cursed' to only fall in love with redheads. That makes no sense at all seeing as Harry's Grandmother or Great-Grandmother was a Black. So her hair would have most likely been black seeing that James and Harry have that hair color. I suppose she could have been a blonde like Narcissa, but it's not very likely. No, if there is a common theme in the Potter wives I would have to say it was, or in Harry's case is, brains, independence, and knowing who they are and being happy with who they are. I hope that made sense.

I really don't want anyone else added to the pairing of Harry/Luna/Hermione.
Bobboky chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
very good
James chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
There's no need to add Ginny, or anyone else, to the current trio; especially if it's adding someone just for the sake of adding someone to appease the masses.
mathiasgranger chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
I think you want to leave any Weasley family connection to the twins because Ginny could not possibly catch up to Hermione and Luna in terms of status.

That is not to say that Ginny couldn't be an excellent ally, but a harem member...well I don't think you need to fully go in rorshach blot's direction with the pairings in the fic.

Good chapter by the way, seeing Dumbledore's duplicity at every turn certainly brings home how evil and sick the man truly is.

imgonnadie chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Excellent chapter.
thsunami chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
about fletcher, i will think on to reasons

1) he is despenable, with no true value other then canon foder or smoke screen

2)information of illegal trade and movements that could give a all around picture of the ememy movements as all armys need supply lines

about the parings i say again rowling is a women that lives in abusive marriamge and thinks that crap is normal and good or she just didn't give a shit about the story anymore and just wanted it to end.

they make no sense and in real life no one is free from suffering there actions no matter if it is seen by the public or not.

Hell in albus seem fine in the after life while riddle suffered for his sins. That bastard was a monster, personnally if harry was not such a pussy he could have used his powers gained by the hollows to gain power from the dead souls of his enemies namely albus. Imagene eating his soul along with snapes.

About ginny the girl is practcilly his slave or servant that girl would do anything for him. Hell she is his lestrang before being trained or geared for war.

I always like a fanfiction version for her as a insane stalker that would do anything for him including dying.

So if you do add her it dosen't have to be love and most difintly a mistress
Joshua The Evil Guy chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Well, "pressure" is a little strong there, isn't it? I was just curious, and you never learn anything if you don't ask, right?

But, since you're asking for opinions, allow me to explain my own first. (I seem to get bashed myself when I reveal I actually support the whole Harry/Ginny relationship) Thing is, I didn't even start reading HP Fanfic until *AFTER* the Seventh Book was out and read, mostly cause I didn't want to spoil myself, but also because until the seventh book did come out, I viewed the then-fanfiction to be mediocre and a poor comparison at best.

Furthermore, I have been a staunch supporter of Harry/Ginny since I saw the second *FILM* and saw how *HOT* Bonnie Wright (actress that plays Ginny in the movies) is and how good she looked next to Daniel/Harry. So, I was kind of ecstatic when I read the sixth book and she wound up using the relationship I was already a supporter of.

Ergo, my *opinion*, (not Vote, Order, compulsion, suggestion or otherwise, merely my asked-for Opinion) is to have Ginny be like the Twins and on Harry's side. Making her another of Harry's girlfriends, however, would likewise require Harry to have another "Line" for him to need another wife for... But it would complete the set for him (Blond, Brunette, Redhead...)

But again, you asked for people's opinions, I'm offering it.

(Just taking precautions, as you've reacted negatively to people "telling" you "how to write your own story" before, so...)

Anyway, I liked what you did here in Chapter 27, getting them back to the regular schedule and "allowing tomorrow to happen" and so forth. How many times did they repeat the third/fourth day of class there anyway?

It also seems like the Ron of this story is... well, let me put it like this, in the Books, Ron was always just as insecure as Harry was about things, and the things that he wasn't insecure about (chess... uh, chess, and uh... well I guess chess, OH and eating!) JK did not spend much time mentioning or talking about, even if Ron spent more time doing those things than anything else, she wrote about what Ron was insecure about to better match him with Harry, who was insecure about everything. Your Ron here... not so much of that. He seems like a Gryffindor version of Malfoy the way you're writing him so far. I LIKE IT! Keep it up, please!

On Mundungus Fletcher... you're absolutely right. Fletcher is more or less the scapegoat of most people's fanfics, the "on his 179th chance to be redeemed, but Dumbledore likes to redeem people" character in the books, and it would make sense for him to just be Dumbledore's "underworld contact" in this story, so good job on that!

Maybe Harry needs his own underworld contact?

On the next chapter, which will undoubtedly ensconce Lupin's first DADA class with Harry and Hermione, I would advise keeping to canon in that one, as it's pretty clear to the reader, the only thing those two fear at the moment is Dumbledore finding out about them and turning his full attention on them. If Lupin draws the Boggart away from both so nobody sees what they fear, then that's a little less information Dumbledore has, right?

On "Anti-Dementor lessons"... well, are they even needed? Although from a certain point of view, if they were to say... get Lupin on Harry's side and then use the lessons as a front of some entirely separate independent purpose to bring Dumbledore down another few pegs (or more), well, that's something else entirely, isn't it? I look forward to what you can come up with!

On your "second reason" for reluctance on bringing Ginny into the harem... well, what if what makes her equal to Hermione and Luna in their relationship with Harry, is what brings her /into/ the relationship in the first place?

What I mean is, say about a Month into the story, Halloween even, Dumbledore is planning something to break up Harry's "family" and bring him back under control. Because of either Bell, Sybil, the Queen, or even Fawkes (after he's freed), Harry and the Fey already know about this plan and have even already countered it. However, something, couldn't say what, happens when plan and counter meet and Ginny Weasley is an unfortunate casualty right in the middle of it. Harry, against advice from the girls, saves her in some way.

If it was a potions or spell accident, taking her to be changed by the queen might be one possibility, but I was thinking more along the lines of like a blood/magic transfusion from all three of them, that sort of... balances them. As I recall, Harry has red hair/skin, Luna golden yellow, and Hermione blue. So as with Elemental magics and elementally based magic artifacts, our trio requires another to fully balance them out, giving Ginny green hair and brown skin, or brown hair and green skin, or one of either or the other.

Just an idea...

Anyway, I'm sure you're getting spammed constantly with reviews of this story and similar ideas to what I just spouted off at you here, so I'll cut this one short and just say; I am greatly enjoying this story and I do hope you continue to write. You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite Fanfic authors and I look forward to your updates.


- Joshua chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
awesome chapter, once again!
Broken Pen chapter 27 . 9/13/2008
Another simpler chapter. Nice to see Harry and co. back at school.

Bout' Ginny... No, please don't add her. It wouldn't work out well enough as you already pointed out. And well, third year Harry barely even knows her. AND with some more common sense, he might notice that Ginny is described as a perfect copy of his mother. Plus his falling out with Ron... though that is a crappy reason.

Oh and I think Dumbledore had Mundungus in OotP for gathering info from the magical underworld.
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