Reviews for Azumanga Poems 2
SilverTurtle chapter 1 . 4/26/2010
Aww, so cute that Sakaki uses a charm to dream of Chiyo. I've never heard of anything that would require turning the nightdress inside out...can you explain that to me?

Oh, those Bonkuras. Lol. Only they could be proud to be there.

How funny! Chiyo the weather doll was another great bit in the series. And yeah, at least Tomo was kind enough to give Chiyo that added bit of warmth and modesty. Lol.

I love the surprise element in number 11 that Tomo would be so supportive of Chiyo winning that Special Prize. For all that Tomo caused Chiyo much physical distress and often put her in danger she was genuinely fond of her, and you displayed that wonderfully in the haiku.

Twelve is a bit odd...I'm not sure who's perspective it is from (given the content of Thirteen, my guess is Kamineko) but it does invoke an interesting image.

Lol, poor Sakaki. I knew Kamineko was one giant trap for her, evil little thing.

Absolutely loved Osaka fretting over Chiyo's pigtails. I really liked those parts in the series and you brought back all those fond memories with that tanka. Very good.

Great observation about Osaka! Funny, too. Awake or asleep with eyes wide open she looks just the same...that's talent.

'That way lies madness.' I love that phrase. And I could just see Yukari exploding about 'Hokkaido' and the snow crab. Lol.

You got Tomo's boastful nature just right in the last tanka, and her ultimate failure to back it up. Of course Sakaki would leave her in the dust.

Very nice poems. You capture the humor and characters very well in these.