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daithi4377 chapter 21 . 2/16/2014
He expects the words " I never meant" to make everything alright. How many times has he said that to harry. He was warned to lower his voice that the animals were dangerous and very protective, good grief he is the one that takes the class so he has no excuse. I don't know why Harry worried about Voldie or death eaters just be friends with Ron Weasleys his fits of jealousy will kill him off easily.
daithi4377 chapter 3 . 2/15/2014
So how much does the ministry make in the slave bids love,. I love the way they thank Harry for saving their world...just remind me why he did...oh that's right he wasn't given a choice and look at this still no choice in his life.
Arwenien chapter 7 . 1/8/2014
I can't stand bullshit in this story. For what Lucius had done, he should go to jail. You can force husband / wife to have sex because you are in marriage! This sort of "duty" certainly has value in Dark Ages but not in XXI century for god sake! It make me sick. Horrible story.
YetAnotherJanewayFan chapter 52 . 10/30/2013
Wow, I can't believe I actually finished that. You may not like what your about to read so ingive you fair warning. This story made me cringe. It was entirely OOC. The beginning had my interest, but lust and hate turned into love and redemption too quickly. It went from rape to love for Hermione, and forced equality to understanding for Harry. It annoyed me that in one chapter Harry name was 'Harold' *Shudder* and Severus got rediculus add ons like Salazar! I nearly stopped reading when I saw that. But I was so curious I just had to keep reading. There were so many grammer mistakes, and broken compound sentences I wanted to pull teeth. (My own to be precise. Every thing inhis went too smoothly, even Brenden's kidnapping. I'm not a fan of LM/HG but they were sweet together as your characters. The begining of their marriage made me sick to my stomach though, but Lucius' attitude changed like the drop of a dime. Harry fainted after giving birth in his first pregnancy from exhaustion, but Harry had twins the second time. I would have thought that labor would gave been harder considering, but he seemed lively to me. Their poor daughter has Remy as a middle name. Enough said! All in all I didn't really like it, but I finished it so something must have been done right.
hotxhotguy chapter 12 . 5/7/2013
Not to be rude, but I felt sev and luscious was forgiven too easily. They needed to suffer more.
winter4869 chapter 2 . 5/3/2013
Sorry... XD I wasn't suppose to..but I laugh so bad after I read that 'snape and malfoy' in this chappie...and has nothing to laugh for..I bet I'm laughing for rereading that sentence twice n the reaction of harry mayb...juz silly..but we'll, everyone need some silly moments once in a while...mine was too often mayb...haha
CrAzY'pOtTeR'fAn chapter 5 . 12/28/2012
This is disgusting...

sick really
Eagle-Eyes chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
interesting take on the marriage law challenges
Guest chapter 1 . 7/21/2012
some people are sickening who would write this it awful! i didnt even read it who wants to hear about and old freak and a young man married you creeping weirdo
Sweet chapter 22 . 6/19/2012
Aw the rubber duck! How could Harry ever let Mr. Weasley die without knowing the reason for a rubber duck? That's just so sweet!
TRIC4R chapter 51 . 5/10/2012
Savage Amazon chapter 3 . 4/19/2012
I thought Dumbledore said that after the marriage (harry's and Snape)was consumated it was going to be platonic. But they didn't. As far as I understand consumated means they have sex and that a marriage isn't valid without it. So they should have had sex once before it becoming platonic, no?
Savage Amazon chapter 1 . 4/19/2012
As far as I know, Snape owed James the life debt for saving his life, not Lily.
MoonlightCleona chapter 52 . 3/11/2012
Wonderful story I'm so happy it ends well. Thank you
ironhair chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
Wtf? The ministry won't be that stupid to do that post the war... ESP if they were concerned about bloodlines and making sure there are more kids around from the marriages.

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