Reviews for Life After Seven
SassyReaderGirl chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
Love it!
JoPoGirlsKickAss chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
i can't wait

this is super good :)
ymmy123e chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
so cute! cant wait for more. but i really wanted to kno what went on at the dragonfly inn...ahh haha
Jeremy Shane chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
good chapter & more please
squashedstarkid chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
Heh. Thanks for the shout-out. Actually your writing isn't bad. It's actually really good. This was a cute chapter. :) Update soon. Betaneer? No. That is ridiculous. I don't know. "the one who was betaed." Haha. :P
iwannabegilmore chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
really good update soon
Du89 chapter 32 . 10/12/2008
aw, this was just so cute

can't wait to see what happens next!
JoPoGirlsKickAss chapter 31 . 10/11/2008
this great keep going

u have the characters down, like really down

this is amazing

:) 10/10
Curley-Q chapter 31 . 10/8/2008
30-31 great
justdreaming88 chapter 31 . 10/6/2008
Interesting chapter, poor Michel. Sookie is acting a bit weird.
retaco chapter 31 . 10/4/2008
haha It made me laugh... I did find a couple of mistakes, nothing mayor, i believe in one place you put "though" instead of "thought". Anyway... if you are looking for a beta i'll be happy to do it... I'm not too good about ideas, but my grammar is quite good as is my vocabulary..even though I'm spanish. I live in England and have done so for 13 years... Let me know what you decide. Reyes
Jeremy Shane chapter 31 . 10/4/2008
good chapter & more please
RoryAceHayden147 chapter 31 . 10/4/2008
What went on in this chapter?

Update asap!

Au Revoir!
ymmy123e chapter 31 . 10/4/2008
Oh gosh how suspenseful haha. I really want to know what happened at the Inn ahh and what's going on with Sookie. Can't wait for more!
SassyReaderGirl chapter 31 . 10/4/2008
Interesting. Your spelling 'cos' could use some work. You definitely got Sookie pretty close. Please update soon!
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