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Link'sLily chapter 1 . 6/29
This was excellent so far! The writing style in general is beautiful and intriguing. Awesome characters as well! I love their relationships! You are a fantastic writer and that is certainly proven correct by this story's success. I know you must get this all the time considering your popularity, but I would love some expert advise on my own story, According to Legend, which is doing decent on the site, but I have higher hopes for it especially in the future since I plan for it to be around 3 thousand words or so (assuming I combine it into one story instead of splitting it up). I am extremely passionate about this story and the directions it will take. You definitely don't have to, just thought I might as well put it out there since your advice/attention is as good as gold to me. Thank you for reading this and this truly was an amazing first chapter. Please continue this epic.
Weea-bae chapter 40 . 6/27
I knew you'd be back.
Kida Linh chapter 40 . 6/26
Oh yay! I'm so happy to see this continued! Gonna read it all over again ;D
Aronim chapter 40 . 6/26
This is so good. I am so pleased to see this. Not only is this possibly the only way I will experience Majora's mask, I'm calling it the definite experience, taking a good game and making a great written story from it. I love Link as a traumatized, not-quite-his-own-age, but still good person.

Some of your parenthesis' strike me as a little weird, mostly the ones describing going through this place. Your parenthesis' just seem a little inconsistent, being used a little haphazardly and for different things. But that might just be me. I'll be more attentive on the next chapter, so I can better explain what I mean.

I hope you'll find the energy to get out the next chapter a little quicker, but I'll be here regardless. Happy writing.
White Morticia chapter 40 . 6/25
Just wanted to express my undying love for you and this fic and tell you that I'm still reading this.
Thanks for writing! 3
echo009 chapter 40 . 6/24
Awesome an update! I like link and Tatl's changing relationship. I do think I need to go back and reread this story cause I feel like I've forgotten quite a bit of it. Hopefully you don't make us wait so long this time!
Starburstia chapter 40 . 6/24

Yay! Great chapter, glad to have development, I really want to see where this goes. Character expansion fights are great to read :D
Guest chapter 1 . 6/23
I imagine the people of Termina to have American accents and Link to have a Canadian one. The thought of Link having an accent in the first place makes me fangirl. :3 I hope you continue soon!
Guest chapter 40 . 6/23
I needs moar chappies! DX
Hymn of Ragnarok chapter 40 . 6/23
Ho hum, time to check e-mail. I guess. Fanfiction updates have been pretty mediocre lately, not sure why I bother...

Wait. Is that...?

It is! Insomnia updated! That's it, drop everything and read this right now!

And oh is it worth it. I mean wow, I didn't even reread this story recently (though I certainly thought about it) and I slipped right back into the prose. With what I suspect is a dopey grin on my face.

Tatl and Link are gold. I mean this chapter is pretty much entirely them shooting the breeze through a dungeon, with brief bursts of action that's sometimes just glossed over, and it works. I mean as I read I'm seeing how the two of them are becoming a better and better team in things they do say, and the things they don't. They are a lot less hesitant about sharing their past with each other, or at least Link is warming up to Tatl.

Which is good, because he sure ain't warming up any other way this chapter.

Plus, Tatl was a lot more willing to play distraction for the Wizrobe than she was against the Forest boss. I guess this was a lot weaker, but I'll choose to read that as her being more willing to risk herself for Link. Because I really like this two, in case you couldn't tell.

I was genuinely distressed when she got hit. I mean of course she's not dying, we already met her future self, but still. She had just talked about being able to siphon off some energy, so I thought Link might have to donate some to heal her or something. Do hope this siphon bit gets used later, if only for Tatl to tease Link about how his aura tastes or something.

If I have one complaint about this chapter, it's that from my memory Tatl and Link weren't quite this comfortable with each other. I'm worried this was meant to be where they end up, but not where they're supposed to be right now. It's more likely I just forgot the exact progression of their friendship though. I'll definitely be rereading at some point to refresh my memory, this story deserves it.

The giant invisible Goron had me scratching my head. Was this an actual thing in the games? Well, I would think Link encountered Biggoron so a giant goron probably isn't too far outside of things. The invisible bit, and intangible bits, less so. I guess this was a guardian spirit for the gorons or something that got twisted by Majora? Was interesting to think about.

I assume the burning arrow is showing up next chapter, and I look forward to seeing how you handle this.

One thing that stood out to me about this chapter was that it felt less like a dungeon, and more like a place to live that just happened to be filled with monsters. Like the comments about the small rooms or ring of keys hanging off a peg. So out of place in a Zelda game, yet makes much more sense. I liked the touch.

It ended on quite the morose note. Link's got pretty good reason to angst. It never feels like that though, because he keeps pushing on. I like that quiet endurance to him. Some characters when they're hiding a past like this, it's pretty obvious it's meant to come out and be talked about. Link though? More and more I can see him potentially taking his story to his grave. Sure, he'll probably tell Tatl at least some in the story. But he still comes across as the type of person who could never speak of a secret, or who is sitting on this ball of pain but will never offer a word of complaint unless it's pried out of him.

And he doesn't even seem like he wants to talk, he just feels like he's getting more comfortable with Tatl, enough that more and more slips out. It's a really good want to give Tatl a puzzle to work out and it just feels so gosh darn authentic. I am and have always been really impressed with this side plot and dynamic between Link and Tatl. It's an excellent long game, when most authors would just dump it all out at some point.

I am so pumped for the next update. I hope it'll be soon, but I'm happy knowing this story isn't dead yet. It literally made my week because I think Insomnia may be the best Zelda story I've ever read. You are an awesome person for writing this, and I hope the feedback makes this as fun a ride for you as it is for us.

Thank you.
Kiomori chapter 40 . 6/23
Awesome chapter, again. I enjoyed how you had both Link and Tatl talking about their backstories as they went through the dungeon. It definitely added something new as they went through the areas familiar to readers!

The Freezard bit? Great job. Those things freaked me out and gave me trouble when I first played the game. And the Wizzrobe? Sounded terrifying! At least Link was able to take it out. It's a good thing Tatl was there to distract it.

I always wondered about the giant Goron. I mean...why would it be invisible? I just figured it was hidden in the snowstorm or something. Having Tatl spot it and tell about her aurareading was a good touch though.

Link's accent! I can totally see him having one since he's from so far away. I wonder just how different he talks compared to Tatl...

I'm looking forward to the next chapter! I'm curious how the next boss will go. It's a fun one in the game but I have a feeling Link won't be thinking the same way!
Gundam Kaiser chapter 40 . 6/23
Always, ALWAYS a pleasant surprise to see a new chapter of Insomnia is up!
Guest chapter 36 . 6/23
Omg, Link and Tatl are gonna do something?! Hidhsidjsdnscdidbousdjisdnidnjioefnuifnivnvmcdvnbnkdopwkqiojkfeovndsqaqsafeyofx,zmcmv!1!1!1!1!1!1!
4SwordsLink chapter 40 . 6/23
Hot damn, it's great to see you still writing this story! I was more than a bit curious, and slightly worried, as to how you would tackle Snowhead temple. I like the decision to go with having Tatl narrate over the more mundane sections, especially given how long and boring it could get actually navigating the temple in the game itself. Though, I can't tell yet if you're gonna throw in a "Goron punch to the central pillow" mechanic. I've also been enjoying the character studies of both Tatl and Link throughout the chapter, and seeing them bond throughout the story so far and learning how to work as a team has been a highlight and hallmark of this story. Which is saying something, considering all the fantastic world-building you've been able to do throughout the story as well.

Tl;dr: Very happy. :D
sakurablossoms17 chapter 40 . 6/23
I am so happy you updated. So so happy. I had to read the entire fanfic all over again... oh the horror of having to read quality work. So happy. :)
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