Reviews for Fire and Ice
AlliDee chapter 32 . 2/22
"Uh okay.. I was expecting a love poem" Joe hahaha
Really love how you kept the fire and ice theme throughout the entire book, between character parallels, emotions, and situations they were in. You kept us on the edge of our seats. The mystery was great, but I think overall I liked Frank's growth in this story best. You really rounded out his character. I really enjoyed reading Joe's thoughts on how "now that Frank doesn't think I'll see him less he's opened up a lot more" I really liked it! Also cute idea with Cal winning the dream dress.
Guest chapter 31 . 2/20
OMGoodness. I love this chapter. This must have been the other twist you mentioned... Frank not actually shooting the guy even though.. but what I really love is franks: "everyone exspects me to be who they think I am" I would love to write a series of Franks secret confessions lol maybe I'll have too ;) one chapter to go!
Guest chapter 30 . 2/20
Ooo I like the struggle Frank has in leaving Callie to go help Vanessa. It almost makes me wish his indecision would have cost Van a little more so he could feel bad about it hahaha I'm horrible. I also like how in a way Joe trying to put the blame on himself is almost paralling the Daley brothers. One sacrificing one for the other. Curious to see how Frank gets out of this one. Hopefully Collig is feeling the self defense
AlliDee chapter 29 . 2/8
Can you imagine if Joe would have been able to come to the rescue instead of Frank? Then again, Frank may be more scary at the moment...

Like the background with Daley brothers.

Frank seeing Callie and is analyzing everything he should say.. poor guy. Touching.

Really like the attack on Vanessa! Nice tension and fear.
AlliDee chapter 28 . 2/5
Okay Frank. You have convinced me why you didn't break. I was on the same page as your father.

What a sweet tie to Iola. Chills!
AlliDee chapter 27 . 2/5
Joe is finding parallels between his relationship and the Daley's. Even Vanessa points it out. And Fenton be shattering that like: "Nah, I won't have that blasphemy in my house."

Joes words were a promise or a prayer. Like that too!

Wonder what Franks thoughts were to: Callie's okay.
AlliDee chapter 26 . 2/5
PHEW. OKAY. YEAH. She's alive. But Daley just shoved her off a cliff? Why? He got away with the kidnapping, why not keep her?

Vanessa: I still don't like you.
Nan: Fair enough.
AlliDee chapter 25 . 2/5
First off I like how you split the chapter up so we got a bite of everyone's perspectives here.

Frank is scaring me!

I really liked your line "although she knew the Hardy world, she wasn't apart of it." Visa versa. And this is why even though Nancy and Frank are perfect for each other it just won't happen. LOL

I wonder what Nancy will find.

Contacts. Though I was technically thinking he was wearing blue contacts.. But I guess it makes since with his brother having blue eyes..
AlliDee chapter 24 . 2/5
Oh man. I didn't expect you to kill of Callie. whoa..

Is she really dead?

Frank is going to break and I think it'll be scary!

Nice ending with Iola. As hard as this is on Frank.. It's hard to really understand the world Joe must be in right now.
AlliDee chapter 23 . 2/5
Well! I guess we were with Joe after all! We got a lot of resolving and much anticipated for answers in this chapter and a nice explosion to end it. Love how quick Fenton is to peg Daley for a master of control. Really liked that description.

He did shoot Joe! I deserve a cupcake for that one.

What I'm really curious for is why Callie was crying!
AlliDee chapter 22 . 2/5
Okay so the only thing I can do right now is smile. Daley. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now.

So we know how all 5 of them are related now..

Like How Dee is actually short for Daley.. kind of creepily ironic. Cause thats halfway how I came up with My username... My last name starts with a D and my first name ends with two e's so Dee just naturally made since.. weird.
AlliDee chapter 21 . 2/5
Aghhh what? We went through all that just to be sent off in the wrong direction? Okay. I'm going back to blaming Dailey.

Joe snorting and Fenton's fake reprimand made me laugh. Nice comic relief there
AlliDee chapter 20 . 2/5
Frick. Well at least I got the dirty cop part right?
Love that Fenton easily was able to find Dee's tale. I will say how you described the Icy Eyed guys personality at the beginning isn't matching my perception of Dee's so maybe it's not the same guy..

Callie and Joe in this chapter. Love it. You're so good at their relationship! They really are basically siblings. There seems to be a lot of being strong for someone else. Joe for Van, Cal for Joe, Frank for Cal. Fenton for all.
AlliDee chapter 19 . 2/5
Oh boy how horrible would have it been if Cal and Van had also been killed by bombs... But I have a feeling Ms. Charlotte is dead.

I wonder if Callie ended up burning her dinner!

Heck yea Fenton was right!
AlliDee chapter 18 . 2/5
Oh I kinda forgot about Nancy with the whole Van getting attacked and Joe shot thing.. whoops. Sorry Nan.
Fenton is a rock star.. high tensions between the brothers. Throwing verbal punches now... Fenton puts down the gavel.

I thought it would be fun to take a swing at the missing pieces.

1. Well it could be the fact the blue eyed guy was the one who made the threat?

2. Maybe contacts?

3. If Hughes isn't the icy eyed guy, maybe there's something motivating him to finish the job?

4. More personal because he was crazy stalking you! I would say the methods changed because even though they are premeditated they are also crimes of opportunity.

5. Dailey is a rotten cop. There's your inside job. Donuts.. really?

6. three choices, Timms was not standing when he killed him, Timms was distracted by something that made him look up and he hit him with a bat.. or Hughes killed him.

didn't have a chance to move it or Hughes framed him..


9. to confuse the readers? lol Maybe he wanted to lead us into a false since of security?

10. maybe his big boss told him too? Or he's trying to strike a deal.

11. Cause they got way in over there heads? Maybe at first it was just about getting back at the girlfriends who left them?
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