Reviews for A writing exercise
Chimerical Knave chapter 1 . 10/18/2008
WOW COOL! Using other people OC's for a OC fanfic. Lol

Well I dunno which OC you would want to use from my ONE and ONLY story...


The main character would be Khris/Chris, read my bio for more info and/or story for even more info.




Maybe even Angela...

I would prefer that you use Khris because he is the main character...and he is also me, the author.

Height: 5"10

Weight: 158ibs

Age: 23 1/2 (Not exactly buff, but proportionally TONED muscles)

Eye color: Brown(when he's normal) Red(when he is in Khaos mode)

Weapons/gear: Khris used to use rifles and such(G-36K, M16, etc...) while he was in the army, but ever since he started his own mercenary team he just stuck with his staff. His staff is color green for the hilt(the long gripping part of the staff) and at the top is two red crescent blades that look strangely like leaves, curved like this ( )

Sex: Male

Powers/Abilities: He is extremely gifted at magic, he has 3 stages in the magic (4 actually but I haven't gotten to that stage yet in the story so no 4th stage for you, well I haven't gotten to the 2nd stage or the 3rd but everyone knows Khris has it) In his second stage he is known as "Krazy" for his maniac laugh and his carefree attitude towards killing.

In his second stage he is a completely different person...Khaos.

His robe turns from gray to a tattered black robe. His staff changes from the red twin crescent blades to a black staff, a circle blade at the top with spikes sticking out; its color black also.

He is CONSIDERABLY stronger during this "Khaos" stage. Also, he responds to the name Khaos. His powers turn from light and holy to dark and demonic. He is only tamed by Krystal or more than matched in power with Krisis(Krystal's 3rd stage, also dark)

But the drawback is whatever Khris feels Khaos feels also, so for example Khaos wants to kill someone but Khris doesn't really want to, so instead of killing that person Khaos just fatally injures that person close to near death, justifying his action that HE didn't DIRECTLY kill that person and that the injuries killed the person.

Weakness: The most effective tool or, in this case, person that can calm Khaos back into Khris would be Krystal. But there are other ways that Khaos can be kept from coming out.

Khris could keep Khaos from coming out if his mind isn't mingled with any thoughts of revenge or anger at the moment Khaos tries to break free of the magical bonds that bind him in the confines of Khris's mind.

Krystal could turn into Krisis and match Khaos's power and take Khaos down(not because she cares for him but because Khaos and Krisis have a deadly fate that draws both of them to constantly attack one another)

Someone could take away Khaos's black staff, that is if he was strong enough to and fast enough to. Khaos gets his main power from his staff and without it he is less of a threat...although he could still use magic without his staff, he is at a disadvantage without it.

I will mention his 4th stage later, that is IF you choose to use my character...I have already revealed too much information here, especially the part about Krisis. No one is supposed to know about Krisis until the later chapters in my story...

Well hopefully you use my OC and if not then please delete my post and do me a favor by concealing the hints relating to future events in my story.

If you, however, choose to use Khris then PM me for more information about Khris and everything else that I can think about him so as to not give out more "valuable" information to the public.

Best Wishes,

KrzyKrn (expecting a PM from you soon that says "I'm using you OC" or "Your OC is kinda weird, I dun think it could play a part in my story".
AppleCoreCandyBox chapter 1 . 8/4/2008
Hey doll, sorry I haven't been able to talk to you for a while, as you probably know, life is a bitch and a whore times about five. Anyways, I was just going to fill this cool little writing excersie thing out and see what you can do with Miyuki!

Name: Miyuki Akuma (Akuma Miyuki if you get all japanese)

Age: Curently thirteen

Sex: Female

Powers/abilities: Is incabale of dying or being killed, pratically immortal. Only way she can die is if she kills herself. Cannot be permatly scarred or harmed by any other person then herself. She's also eventually found out to be a very good (prodiogy like) medic-nin and a in tarining weapons specialist.

Apperance: About Naruto's height before the time skip so about 4ft11inch?, about 84lbs(Note: she's pretty small), dark red eyes, pale skin, white hair, an experienced self-harmer with the scars to prove it.

Weapons/gear: not much, but she does prefer to fight with kunai over any other weapons she can get her hands on.

Pet: none

Bio: I think you know her story pretty well. EWHS covered her basics in that.

So yeah, that's meh story for you!
The Big Bad Bunny chapter 1 . 6/13/2008
Name: Kizer Zin ZigZag

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Powers/Abilities: Power over Sound

Appearence: black and gray lab coat



Eye Color: silver

Skin color: pale

Weapons/Gear: Medical Gear

Pet/Familiar: None

Bio: He keeps a wide smile which he has only been known to wipe off on rare occasions, doesn't display any emotion while speaking combined with his use of sarcasm, he is distrusted loving the ideas of war and conflict, he delights in playing mind games by engaging in distorted conversations that entwine both truth and lies.
PIIR-Pierrot chapter 1 . 5/17/2008
Interesting premise. I'll send you the info either tonight or tomorrow. (Er, today or... after I sleep today. .)

What, pray tell, do you mean by "writing exercise?" Just trying to use other people's personalities? Or are there other self-imposed rules that we don't know about? You mention "an X-ovrs fanfic," which can mean several things. Are you inserting OC's into multiple shows, or is this a cross over of several person's OC's?

Not that this will change whether or not I send in information, I'm just curious. Good luck with this.

~ PIIR-Pierrot