Reviews for A Few Angry Words
Guest chapter 61 . 7/9
Kill yourself, virgin fag.
Slimstats chapter 61 . 7/6
Um. Ok. I guess I liked the story. It was very interesting but the execution was not done properly. You really rushed the end and you didn't even acknowledge Madara/tobi. You just left it as him retreating. I also think you grossly over estimate the hiraishin. Taking out two thousand ninja isn't as impressive as you make it sound. However what I liked most about this story is the naruhina. That's the saving grace of the story albeit it started very unrealistically. Nice story I guess.
Slimstats chapter 1 . 7/6
Hold up. How did they catch two of the Sannin in a genjutsu. A genjutsu so powerful that it is perceived as time stopping but they seemed to do it so easily. And these guys aren't even from a great village. I don't understand how they have something this powerful. You can't even say they were caught off guard cause they announced their presence. I don't think you understand the implications of this jutsu.
Tired Shinobi chapter 43 . 6/22
Reading your story is like playing a visual novel. I keep getting hit with bad end omakes.

If the true ending is anything like this I don't know if I can take it.
Tired Shinobi chapter 39 . 6/22

Seriously though, I'm hoping that Sakura wises up during this time in her character arc to become more independent. So far, she's been dependent, infatuated, and more or less useless. I'm not liking where this is going, but it can only spread trouble.

And Naruto's written to be so innocent in this, he probably won't even notice her advances.
Tired Shinobi chapter 12 . 6/21
Late as usual, Kakashi.
Tare-chan chapter 61 . 6/18
oh wow... what a ride :D it was a great read... a great read... i like it how you made your own version of turning from zero to hero Naruto
Tare-chan chapter 33 . 6/16
okay... i need to stop for a while to thank you... finally i get it. the reason why i'm also not included as one of Sasuke's fangirl. of course he's handsome, cool, etc. but there's always something that make me never really like him. well look at this, you managed to state it very clearly especially from Tayuya's point of view. wow... didn't expect that hahaha...

ok, continue
Tare-chan chapter 25 . 6/16
I'm taking a little break for writting this review. first of all, amazing fic! totally love how you twist the story, and managed to still show the original story ambience. the characters also portrayed to be in character. i really like how naruto and hinata have their happiness early in the story. however, i kinda dislike how you killed off lee... and how Hinata behave towards Neji. I like how she has become strong and could stand her ground even in front of her father, but her kindness is what make me fell in love for her. i know... i know... she's still very kind here, and neji kinda push his situation on his own... but... i don't know... anyway, all in all i still love how you develop my fave kunoichi up untill this let me continue reading this amazing fic...
Guest chapter 61 . 5/18
Thank you for the amazing read!
Read it twice now, it’s so amazing!
CurraeBawse chapter 61 . 5/9
Holy Shit Author-sama! hands down the best fucking naruto fic i've ever read. finished this all in one day! THAT GOOD!
Isa Bechelli chapter 35 . 4/26
Por que você fez a Hinata se casar com o Kiba no futuro?! Perdi totalmente a vontade de ler o resto da fanfic
kirstenchery chapter 61 . 4/17
AMAZING! I love that rhis had an ending, to many fanfics out here are so good and like 3 chapters in updated 6 years ago, so it was a nice surprise to read a good one and be able to finish it
Moral Nightmare chapter 61 . 3/10
Way better than the original series why didnot you come up with this series first!
Steel723 chapter 61 . 2/24
Well this is my second read through of your take on the tale of Naruto Uzamaki. I didn't have an account last time so I couldn't thank you for your work. I also find it very interesting how Kurama didn't have a large part to play unlike many other stories, it's kinda refreshing!
Thanks again for your efforts and best of luck with your future endeavours - Steel
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