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BornWithTheSupercell chapter 9 . 5/20/2011
this is cool, but when are you going to update? you haven't updated since 2008
TheDeltaAI chapter 9 . 7/29/2010
Yo, u still working on this? I want to read more, but I can't exactly do that with nothing to read, kapeesh?
Moonshae chapter 9 . 8/18/2009
Oh, what a shame there isn't anymore chapters. This was getting quite interesting! Especially given Ratchet's obviously hard decision about talking to Nightshade about his much too evil punishment.

His own interesting spark developement are also amazingly cute to read. Poor chief medical officer curious and even a bit frightened about this weird spark activity, a must read for Ratchet lovers! He's just too cute not to molest.

Hope you might decide to upload another chapter :)
xxbrokenxxbitsxx chapter 9 . 7/22/2009
hi, i like this story, i would like it if you would continue it please
Litahatchee chapter 9 . 11/14/2008
Sideswipe nearly drowned Sam and Mikaela! And it was a prank intended for Ironhide! LAWL!

Prime also skipping out on his physical made me snicker;)

I like the way you show Ratchet's reactions to the comment from a subadult. Very good! And the strange fluttering in his spark...ironic that it is because of the so called 'subadult,' who, of course, isn't a subadult at all! I can't wait to see what kind of moment Ratchet has when he figures out that Nightshade is a femme and that his spark is reacting to HER! That would be really funny after all this that he is putting Nightshade through...He'd probably have a good laugh, though I doubt she'd think it was so funny. LOL! He might even be relieved...I'm not completely convinced that he still doesn't have feelings for Nightshade, even at this point...perhaps that is all the more reason he feels so sick to his tanks (being attracted to a subadult and all). Hell, it could even be the reason why the punishment is so large! I'm not about child/adult attraction, as you well know, but this is a good story, especially since we know she is really an adult;) Ratchet's reactions are fun!

Mirage is so perfectly snooty with his disdain of Ratchet seeking lower classed femmes...And he's extremely overprotective of Nightshade. He'd have to be...I bet he's been dreading the moment that Nightshade became more curious ever since he was given charge over her! Of course, he may not have too much to worry about there, since 'Shade is so afraid of mechs taking advantage of her. But, Mirage never knows...Her curiosity just might get the better of her, so he's definitely keeping an optic out!

Oops, Mirage stuck his foot in his mouth with Ratchet...Totally going in there all accusatory and then remembering that Ratchet doesn't know 'Shade is a femme...

Ratchet's only had 8 femme interns in over six hundred vorns? LOL! That's not many at all, especially over such a huge span of time. I bet everyone else gets laid more than Ratchet does! But Ratchet seems to be the one with the reputation;) That's funny:)

Oh yea! I remember the story of the femme that betrayed Ratchet...I like the way you tied that in here.

LOL at Mirage's reaction upon finding out that Nightshade had viewed certain private video footage:)

Dude, that sucks that Mirage is treating her like a child. I feel bad for Nightshade. She's all grown up, but she can't do grown-up things. That's got to be hard. Then she has to be treated like a child by everyone that thinks she is a child! Mirage knows she's not, but he treats her that way too...It's got to be getting frustrating for this femme...Man, I bet she had to use every bit of self control she had not to reveal what she truly is! Of course, being a femme has been frustrating to her...but now with all this too...She's probably ready to explode!
flamingmarsh chapter 9 . 11/10/2008
wow. poor Nightshade.

like always, this was a great chapter!
Elita One chapter 9 . 11/8/2008
oh shap indeed

ouch Ratch be a little nicer you old spark
Litahatchee chapter 8 . 11/4/2008
Whoah, poor Nightshade having those awful dreams of mechs taking advantage of her...shiver.

Big smile at the moldy energon she finds under her berth:)

Nightshade failed a quiz...because Ratchet gave him/her the wrong one...and STILL failed him/her! LOL!

The direct link of the med bay to Ratchet's CPU...The 'dream' he was having and the subsequent buzzing noise during a 'bad time' was a fun way to show this link:)

Nightshade's secret stash of high grade;) Heh heh:) I like that he/she doesn't drink, but can barter with it:)

And she's out of there at the mention of a physical! LOL!

All of Nightshade's thoughts on who will have her first are scary. Man, that would suck! Kinda reminds me of the femme BB in PAW07's 'Promise Not To Tell.' These poor femmes don't have anything to worry about with the Autobots, I'd hope, but they don't know that...The Decepticons would be another story entirely...shiver again...

I like the dialogue between Nightshade and Optimus and all of Optimus's concerned thoughts. And yay for 'Shade that Optimus just 'saved' her from a physical from Ratchet;)

"Nightshade squealed like the little femme she was." LAWL!

Optimus and Jazz wondering how Nightshade knew how to use the astronomical console...She better be careful or that excuse that she is a subadult isn't going to hold...She might have slipped up here, demonstrating that she knows more than she should:) If they don't have the subadult excuse any longer, the next guess may be 'femme!'

Nice way to get Sunny and Sides to leave, Nightshade! And, OMG, the suggestive stuff between Ratchet and Nightshade makes me smile. Hmm, are they feeling a little connection already? At the same time, it's kinda creepy...especially if Ratchet thinks Nightshade is a subadult at this point. Of course, it does look as if all the attraction and thoughts of this being 'suggestive' is on the part of Nightshade. Ratchet may not be thinking along these lines...and judging by his eye-widening reaction to her statement about what he reserves for femmes...he's quite surprised:) Perhaps his spark is also telling him that this is no subadult at all, but a femme...Ratchet just hasn't quite realized it yet;)

And Primus MUST have been in a good mood...Jazz thankfully showing up at that moment...LOL!

I'm not quite sure how I feel about all of Ratchet's femme interns having ended up in bed with him at some point during their training, but you DID warn that Ratchet is a perv here...but still. That just adds a creepy old man element that I am not prepared to think of Ratchet as. Hm, well, your AN at the end suggests it was during his academy days. Does Ratchet know so much because of his own curious 'exploration studies?' LOL!

Nightshade has a crush on Ratchet! More than a crush! She wants to open her chestplates for him! Heh heh;) I like that part where she's thinking about why she feels this way:)

Elita and crew are on their way! YES!
Elita One chapter 8 . 10/15/2008
lol late night studying glad I dont have to do that no more

Ratch you sneaky mech you
flamingmarsh chapter 8 . 10/15/2008
this was awesome. really awesome. i'm glad you updated )
bbratteberget chapter 8 . 10/15/2008
Great work on this chapter,as usual.

Just have to ask;

Ratchet made a note to destroy all other evidence of how he did his ‘private study sessions’. There wasn’t a femme that went through an internship with him that didn’t end up in his recharge berth at some point during their training. Some of the mechs too, but not as often.

Do you know if some fanfics excist

based on this idea,or is it something you wrote for the first time here?
Litahatchee chapter 7 . 9/13/2008
Nightshade's little dance turns Ratchet on! "...absently rubbed his tingling chest plates..." LOL!

Interesting that Nightshade may know more medical procedures than (s)he is letting on. I like how Ratchet and Red Alert are trying to get it all to add up.

Ratchet is stuck on Nightshade hiding his age, thinking his spark readings are too low for an adult male...but an adult femme, however...He hasn't thought of that one yet;) Seems like he's getting close, though, especially by the end there.

Ugh oh, Ratchet's mentor never telling him Day Lily had another sparkling sure has him wondering about Nightshade. It's probably so unheard of for a femme to be hiding that that is definitely not crossing his mind...yet.

Poor Sunstreaker...Wary of The Hatchet;)

"Why would a healthy couple hide the delivery of a second sparkling? A second child would be worth celebrating."

I like how they are thinking this, never thinking that Nightshade IS the firstborn femme. LOL!

I like the detail of Nightshade's mass and size not being compatable and all the stuff about the mass being too high for a subadult frame. Of course, this is part of what alerted Ratchet to this investigation in the first place, but I don't think I've complimented you on your careful planning before. Nightshade's spark indicates to Ratchet that he is a subadult, yet his mass is indicating that he isn't, but his size is off as well and the purpose he was built for is unknown. Ratchet is one very confused medic. Very good.

I like the memory Nightshade and Mirage share. Her sneaking out with the living room just below her room, surely to be seen by anyone standing in the living room, is too funny:) Oh man, Ratchet approaching them as they are speaking of this...Good thing he didn't hear them. Whew!

The Nightshade/Mirage escape plan is pretty good. I don't think Ratchet would just throw himself on her if he knew she was a femme, though. He probably would even help Mirage to keep her safely hidden, though I don't think anyone around the base would do anything to harm a femme, but it never hurts to be cautious, and Nightshade and her guardian are doing a good job of that. Of course, Mirage was assigned to guard Nightshade until she could return safely to her family, so keeping her hidden is what he means to do.

Ratchet now knows that Mirage knows what the secret is! I like how Ratchet jumps to conclusions about how this has to be an age thing...and both Nightshade and Mirage jump on that...Nightshade saying she a subadult, which she isn't...Mirage saying he is his guardian, which he is, but for a different reason. Ratchet seems to them to be satisfied with their answers, but he knows they are lying...Mirage better watch out. He might find himself being interrogated by Ratchet when he is alone.

And Ratchet had said to Red Alert that he had a theory about why his spark was 'acting up.' Did going to talk to Nightshade, just being in his presence, tell him anything, like that his spark is compatable with this Nightshade's? If that is the case, perhaps that can only be known if Nightshade is, in fact, an adult.

And the thought of Ratchet forcibly downloading information from Nightshade is pretty scary. Oh man...he isn't sure if Nightshade can be trusted. It must be bad if he is thinking of doing such a thing.

Great stuff! More please!
I play wid fir3 chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
I know a dentist, she's a relative of mine, and my mother told me that she'd rather operate on someone that would trust her skills than someone that is doubtful and raises a fuss...I guess it's the whole 'doctoral' trust issue. XD

And she refuses to give my sister her braces because she knows that my sister will be crying after. XD
Elita One chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
uhh ohs Nightshade is in trouble

flamingmarsh chapter 7 . 9/7/2008
uh oh. Nightshade is way over her head.

this was awesome.
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