Reviews for Heroes of Arcadia: A Hero's Virtue
ArthurEKing chapter 2 . 10/6/2002
still keeping with real emotion? well it's nice to know you're growing as a writer :)

keep it up... only three more chapters to go, hehehe. can't have emotion in all of them can you? well, lets see...

Arthur E. King
ArthurEKing chapter 1 . 10/6/2002
This is perhaps one of the greatest stories I have read here that deals with truly mature subjects, in a truly mature manner.

It shows that you do actually understand the true nature of grief, and loss, rather than all the hacks who just write crap about it.

Anyways... as for the other chapters, we'll catch them as they go. At the moment however. This particular piece alone is quite well done, with a few exceptions to things like spelling, grammer, use of words, etc. same problems I had with your very first fic, but in much less quantity, which is really just another way of saying that you've improved :)

So you've managed to add real emotion to your story, and improving the technicalities, while maintaining your grasp of story-telling, flow, and dialogue. You're still having a slight lack in the description department, but it's clear that you're learning... hehehe.

So keep up the good work man! *keeps reading this fic, just for fun, having already reviewed the first chapter, and awaiting more*

Arthur E. King
toon master chapter 5 . 8/2/2002
hey anthony, youe second story is just as good as the first. one thing though, how do you know which of your stories go in which order?

please try to reveiw some of my other stories.

p.s. thanks for telling me what i forgot in my story, i would never have thought of it.
Izumi Ryu chapter 5 . 4/23/2002
A post-HOA, fic. You're definitely good at this.
AnT chapter 5 . 2/22/2002
Not bad. And thanks for backing me up against that SegaSonic Master, Gamemaster. SegaSonic Master my ASS!
DragonsamaX chapter 5 . 1/24/2002
Oooo... I likes very very much. Ebert and Whats-his-face were about to give it somethin bad, but then I kidnapped them and replaced them with andriods! O.o I'm scaring myself. Oh yeah, I wanna see a picture too. I wanna see Accountant-Professor-X-Anthony. o.o;;; Once agian, scaring myself. Donthatemebye! *runs off*
Washu's Progidy chapter 5 . 1/21/2002
Two enthusiastic thumbs up!Fine holiday fun! I'd love another sequel!
Devilish Kurumi chapter 1 . 12/4/2001
*grin* I needa picture of you Bault. Need to see for myself if your an accountant or what...
Dr. Thinker chapter 5 . 10/8/2001
Very good. Can't wait for the next big adventure for the GameMaster.


Dr. Thinker
Echoes of the Mind chapter 5 . 10/8/2001
You are so wrong. This is very good. I hope you do do more of these because you have am obvious talent. These stories actually touch me, and i concider myself rather closed off. Keep the good stuff coming!
Anthony Bault chapter 5 . 10/7/2001
*facefaults* I'm not an accountant! I just look like one!
Devilish Kurumi chapter 5 . 10/7/2001
Another hit, Bault! And one more story to my faves... Best story written by an accountant I've ever read!
Ashura Hedgehog chapter 5 . 10/5/2001
Hey, that was a pretty neat story! I wouldn't mind seeing some of more characters from those universes.
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