Reviews for Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Daisy1966 chapter 9 . 7/29/2013
Wow...just wow! I can't find proper words to express my current feelings. This is amazing, Lily! Literally I was hooked on this from the very beginning and now I'm feeling so sad to know that there is no sequel to this.

I held my breath during their fighting scene. I love Lindsay did get her shot!

There are so many favorite scenes and moments in here, one of which is definitely this: "This does not look good for my reputation, Taylor, not good at all. I'd like your assurance that this will not lead to rumours I've been unfairly trying to bring in business. I cannot afford even a whiff of scandal."

"Hammerback, you're the only undertaker in town. Not likely you're gonna be gettin' business nefariously is it?" Messer slaps him in the back with a snigger. Hammerback nefarious? Doesn't bear thinkin' about. "'Sides, now you got a whole lot more customers, includin' the one you were missin'. Ain't gonna be me accusin' you of anythin' other than bravery. Reckon the town'll be more than grateful, 'specially as we got back everything that was lost. You agree with me, Lindsay?" Wondered how long that was gonna take him.

This is very funny and hilarious! :D Sid worrying about a scandal is just too funny! :D

Another is this: Messer and Miss Monroe I can see happily engaged with each other in a dimly lit corner; Hawkes is sitting with Hammerback and his wife sharing stories; Ross is sitting next to Miss Novak and she's smiling at his animated talk; Don's finally got a plate of food in front of him, biggest plate I've ever seen, and seems to be enjoying conversation with a dark-haired lady with a heaven-sent name. Seems like a good time for me to slip out and leave them all to their enjoyment. Stella, I can see safely in her usual place, orderin' a couple of willing volunteers to help with the servin' of drinks. Don't think she sees me as I move quietly out the doors and across the street.

I'm just happy that they finally got some time to enjoy each other company. And of course, there is no need to say that I'm more than happy to see that "Mr. Messer" and "Miss Monroe" are happily engaged with each other! :D I noticed Danny finally called her "Lindsay". :D

And another is this: Stella seizes my hand, and with a graceful leap, she's sittin' up side-saddle in front of me. Suddenly her hands are wound around my own, and around the reins, "Where we headin' then?"

"Wherever we want, Stella." I smile and it feels good to smile. Maybe I don't do it often enough. Maybe I should, and maybe now I can.

She turns to face me, the sky behind her in a rapture of red, orange and gold sunset, and for a moment there is the promise of her lips against mine.

"Reckon we follow our hearts, Mac. See where the road takes us, rough or smooth, see where we end up." She grins and tugs the reins, "Best hold on tight!"

I'm keepin' tight hold of her as we break straight into a gallop. Can't stop the smile on my face. Looks like it ain't gonna be a lonely ride after all, and that suits me just fine.

I think Mac and Stella riding off into the sunset was the perfect way to end this fantastic story! It felt like I was watching one ending scene of a Western. :)

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story! I enjoyed reading this so much! :)
Daisy1966 chapter 8 . 7/29/2013
Aw! I love this chapter that is full of tension, suspense and excitement. Oh, I never forget that there is a hint of love and romance, too! :D Flack stepping back is so funny. I wonder if his behavior has something to do with appetite disorder. :D

I love Stella's thoughts on Danny and Lindsay: 'Girl could do worse for a beau, but I’m not gonna let him know I think that in a hurry. Prefer to keep him on his toes, does the man good.' - too true! :D And it shows that Stella loves to tease Danny a little bit, doesn't it? Haha!

Someone’s got their hand on my arm. Only one person it could be. Real glad about that, truth be told, if these are gonna be our last few moments, I could think of plenty worse people to have close to me.

Very, very sweet moment between Mac and Stella, and I love it so much!

My absolute favorite line is this:
Few more centimetres. Messer’s got his arm around Lindsay, and looks like he couldn’t care less who sees it.

OMG! I kinda imagined of the ending part would happen! :D
Daisy1966 chapter 7 . 7/29/2013
Wow! This is another wonderful chapter! You caught Danny's character here as perfectly as the others in the previous ones. I love his humor despite a serious situation and it is so like him. Danny's observation is excellent and love the small hint that Flack has his eyes on someone in the town by quoting "the angel in town he's got his baby blues on". I'm wondering if this means you will plan to have Angell make an appearance in the rest chapters. And...and I do love the DL! :D I did laugh hard at the part 'I have no doubt, however, what my folks'd make of her. Nothing less that astonishment that I'd found myself such a woman.' Oh! That's so Danny! I also love the line 'Now there’s a woman to draw a poor, helpless city boy like me into trouble. There’s a lot hidden away under all those petticoats. Not that she’s let me see.' I also love Danny's thoughts on Lindsay when she examined the knives, 'bitin' her lip, concentratin', 'real neat fingers' and 'bit of a blush on her cheeks'. It shows that Danny was very, very observant person and how much he cares for her.

You also captured Stella perfectly as she's going to want some of the dynamite immediately. Really another great chapter! :)
Daisy1966 chapter 6 . 7/29/2013
Aw! I love this chapter, too. You captured Adam's personality so well here, him freaking out, nervousness and all! Him using the word 'hanging' in his head repeatedly shows his anxiety and insecurity, and it also shows his disappointment at letting everyone down. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him because he thought he let Miss Kendall down and she'd no longer want to be keeping company with him. I adore him that he is observing the situation and the people around himself so well with all his nervousness. I also love how he awes and respects Mac.

I loved that small but cute DL moment! It made me smile. :) And I can see Danny getting really excited about the thought of a treasure map!
Daisy1966 chapter 5 . 7/28/2013
I adore the way you described Hawkes, how deeply he thinks things and studies people, especially about Mac. I also love the way you captured Sid 'if a little eccentric'. That's perfectly true. Great chapter! :)
Daisy1966 chapter 4 . 7/28/2013
Aww! I love to see Mac pissed off at Gerrard! No one dropping their guns shows how much Gerrard is hated by everyone. I also love how Mac stood up for Stella and she was stern and firm to take care of Lindsay.
I had to laugh hard when Flack was standing horrified at Hawkes and Sid starting to examine the dead body, and was regretting how much he had eaten Mrs. Hammerback's cake. I'm so hooked on this story! :)
Daisy1966 chapter 3 . 7/28/2013
Aw!I'm so glad that Lindsay was so herself in here and Danny was caring for her. I love the fact she is a school teacher and it perfectly matched her personality. I'm wondering if she and Danny are already so well acquainted and have feeling for each other. I have a feeling that they have a backstory seeing that they keep calling each other "Miss Monroe" and "Mr. Messer" yet constantly forget it. I hope so and want more! Haha! I couldn't help but laugh loud at Danny's comment about 'the woman underneath the dresses' and her reaction to it! :D Another great chapter and I enjoyed this so much! :)
Daisy1966 chapter 2 . 7/28/2013
Oh, this is a very interesting chapter. I love this whole chapter from Sid's POV, how you wrote him with his rambling and his observation skills. You nailed him! :) All the characters are so in character even though they're out of the CSI:NY world! Mac and his black clothes and not sleeping, Flack and his food are perfectly in character:) And ah! I'm glad Lindsay finally showed up! Well, she didn't show up to be exact, but I'm still happy that she was at least mentioned in this chapter. Besides, she landed in Danny's arms! Yay! I jumped up for joy! :D Can't wait to read more! :)
Daisy1966 chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
Wow! I really like this story even though I just finished reading the first chapter. What a talented writer you are to change the world of CSI:NY into that of a Western. Your description of Hattanville immediately drew me into the world of this story. It made it easy for me to picture what the town an the people in it are like.

The way you portrayed each character was brilliant, especially Stella; "And face her up against even our most Wanted Dead or Alive, and I swear she’d send him running for the hills cryin‘ for his ma" and "Stella smiled the most dangerous smile I’ve ever seen, sorta’ reminded me of a rattler about to strike".

Wonderful and so cool! :)

And Danny managing to pick troubles immediately was so like him. :D I can't wait to see Lindsay's appearance!:)
Myriad-13 chapter 9 . 11/29/2012
I can't believe you made this idea work and it made complete sense. And each characters roles in the Western genre just made sense. Stella as the saloon owner, tough as nails with more weaponry than her admiring sheriff Mac was so brilliantly written. I can see how much you want Mac and Stella to connect on a personal weapon. Mac was...Mac. Characterisation was superb.

Lindsay and Danny was adorable and so very them and also stayed true to the contrasts in the show (city boy, country girl).

Sid and Hawkes and Adam made me laugh so hard. Especially Sid and his dynamite.

Don...I love your Don! (actually, I like anyone's Flack who writes him really well). I like how you worked in his love of food into the fic. Very entertaining for me.

And I really enjoyed learning about the mystery and the villainry of Stan Gerrard. I thought his end was very fitting. He was so convincing as a villain.

All in all, great work! The dedication to staying within the time period and theme must have taken a lot of effort.
smuffly chapter 9 . 10/31/2012
Oh my! I can't believe how well that worked. The transition from modern to Wild West was seamless! And our favourite characters almost seemed as though they were enjoying it too. Loved what you did with young Mr Ross. Thank you for (a) putting him in peril and (b) not hanging him. Also loved all the work you put into the different voices throughout the tale. Will definitely be reading more.
BeTheDream chapter 2 . 9/27/2012
Haha! I love Sid! I love his little observations on all of the townspeople!
BeTheDream chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
Wow! This was amazing! I love the way you wrote Stella, she's so sassy.
Can't wait to read the rest :)
ellivmacstellaiwish chapter 9 . 5/25/2012
I'm actually kind of sad that this is the last chapter but the sequel makes me happy. I wonder about this too. LOL. Where she keeps them all is something I've tried to stop my mind wandering to many a time.

But I can't risk hitting Stella. She'd never forgive me if I shot her. No she wouldn't, but I also don't think Mac would be able to forgive himself.

"Your life? Yeah, I did, don't make me have to do that again, Taylor. What the hell were you thinking?" Never been more pleased to see her so angry. I'm over beside her.

"Stella, I'm sorry, I didn't…

"Think. Kinda guessed that, Mac." She shakes her head, and this time I give her a hand up. Of course Stella has to save Mac.

I like the way you ended the story. My SMACKED heart is happy :)
ellivmacstellaiwish chapter 8 . 5/25/2012
I love this chapter. Well okay so I love all of the chapters, but this one especially. I loved this part. I'm actually kind of surprised at Flack, but I guess one of them had to be rational :) He gives Mac a killer of a look as well, sweeping it past me first, "Nope. Gotta say it, Mac, I'm surprised at you. Other people, no, but you of all people." Can't think who he might mean by that.

Mac shrugs, "Sorry, Don. Had no choice in the matter." Did Mac just wink at me? Coulda' sworn he did. Oooo I know why. Stella.

More groans, and then finally my heart starts beating again when he speaks, "I think… I'm okay, Stella. Still breathin'. Something … seems to have landed on top of me though, somethin' kinda heavy…" Sitting on top of his chest is nothin' less than an iron bound casket, and if it don't contain the missing treasure, my name ain't Stella Bonasera. Of course MAc would conveniently find the treasure. Ha.

Mac's recovered his breath by now, "We'll take it over to my office, open it up safely there, I got tools we can use." Now that causes me to be raising my eyebrows. What kind of tools has Taylor got that I haven't? Haha. I laughed at this. I guess this whole chapter was comedic to me. Good job though.
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