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gcgonc chapter 10 . 7/8/2009
ok.. i'll have a break... haven't slept all nite xD

wow! okk glad to know that Bella and Edward had a nice time and spent and shared even more about themselves with each other, like Edward said, understanding a little more of where they've been and how they've become what they are...

ooh yay! the Cullens are here hehe xD wow, ok unexpected... i mean the scene, being so awkward and unhappy and feisty, and many may disagree but i like the fact that Edward was just so full that he just about told everyone what was wrong, i mean it was eating him alive and it was something that had to happen, too long he's been keeping that inside... i AM sorry that all the Cullens felt like crap after that, not expecting that from Edward, but that just gives us a reason to see how even though u may think u know someone, u really have no idea what happens in the mind of another person, their own personal hell, especially when everything is woking out good for u...

wow! bout the kiss, never thought that it could remind Bella of something awful... but that proves Edward right, that she's not ready for sex or anything to intense, thank god he thinks right... but then again, hopefully this won't make Bella have second thoughts or anything, 'cause i mean it's not his fault (or i don't think so, dunno)... oh well i guess i'll have to see...

and apparently we'll get to see get togethers with the Cullens, meeting Bella and all, so i guess summer isn¡t a total screw up... m, wonder what will happen... and if other characters will be involved...

well can't wait to read more... but later... gotta sleep... hehehe xD

gcgonc chapter 9 . 7/8/2009

omg! i almost died right here and now... c'mon! thank god Edward was paranoid, enough so to come back and catch Bella redhanded... because i think if she left it would have been even worst than any other thing both of them could have been through, because now Edward's healing and to take a step back knowing what he's missing and not knowing if he'll ever find it again would most likely kill him, inside, not sure if he would make any other rash decision, but still...

SO no valid the reasons for Bella to want to leave, i mean it's not like staying with him would kill him (yeah i'm talking bout New Moon **sticks out tongue** LOL -and by now means this could ever mean that i agree with Edward leaving there, no way, just saying-)..again thank god she saw how hurt Edward could be when or if she decides to leave again, and now i agree, she was SELFISH thinking that leaving would be for his own good, not realizing that the healing (though not as clear as hers) was and has been both ways, she's healed him and doesn't even know (of course now that she knows she, hopefully, will do better and reallydecide to help him).. like Edward said, her pain his, his pain her, ultimately their pain...

ok u already know! more reading xD so glad 2 see the Cullens appear xD

gcgonc chapter 8 . 7/8/2009

WHAT? r u guys trying to kill me? now SHE decides it's for the best to leave HIM! wtf? hahaha omg! that i did NOT expect really, i mean c'mon... ok i understand she's the one with the troubled past and all, but still LEAVE... oh i have a bad feeling about this... and NO it's NOT the same thing as in New Moon... is not... is NOT.. IS NOT! **covers her hears** lalalalala i can't hear u **acting like a 5 year old** lalalalala (LOL)

and it is all HER fault, i mean just 2 weeks and she thought that Jake was just gonna give up on her? i mean is she wanted to be relaxed and alone why didn't she stay home? PLZ! and YAY for Edward punching Jake, bastard had it coming... and like Bella said, Jake should be a man and tell Billy what a bastard he is, raping Bella!

now plans for dinner will be ruin and i'm sure the summer's fucked... i dunno... bad feeling i tell u!

oh, and i wasn't all THAT wrong, Bella doesn't completely trust Edward, ok understandable, not that i agree but still... but she now knows what she feels, hate that it has to be true, still feel something for Jake, but i don't know what that's getting in her way.. i mean hasn't Edward showed how COMPLETELY opposite he is... m dunno... stupid Bella! hahahaha ok ok, i'm sorry **coughs** NOT**coughs** LOL

gotta go... reading time xD

gcgonc chapter 7 . 7/8/2009
woot woot!

so, i think this was one of the longest chapters, well at least for now... and i loved it... hahah i was beginning to wonder when we were going to hear Bella sleep talking, and what i got was even more awesome because not only did she talked, and moan, but she actualy MOVED and went for Edward's lips hahaha! that was priceless xD... no wait, priceless would be the face Bella had when Edward told her what she had done hahahah now that would have been a total Kodak moment LOL!

ooh, cool 2 see they've made like a rutine, but also this made Edward feel like the need to get himself away from everything BUT Bella in order to have some peace and happiness... i wonder if that'll bite him in the ass afterwards... m also, i wonder if the other characters will appear in more than just mentioning... like seeing Alice come, know Bella, and take her on one of her "shopping trips" LOL! or will we see them in the Cullen's house in the summer... m interesting too, what will happen in the summer...

but! most importantly, what will happen this so called special nite Edward is preparing for Bella! wow! gotta read bye... for now xD

gcgonc chapter 6 . 7/8/2009
m... **sighs** yeah me again...

if i keep this up, i'm not gonna finish quick enough! LOL!

well fist of, i think somehow this story hits close to home, not precisely the whole suicidal thing, but i undestand what Edward went through at least.. and yet just by having Bella with him, all of that just seemed to go to another level, not nearly as important as she is... thank god he saw everything clear, the repercutions of his actions...

ok, so Bella feels at home in Edward's arms alone and not his house! hehehe u gotta admit that's kind of funny... and she feels like an intruder when he has showed nothing but true interest in her, wanting nothing in return, just to have some kind of place in her life, like he said, in any shape, form or whatever... and again we go with the feelings the rescuer feels for whom he/she rescue, like i said in my other review, Edward and Bella are both, recuer n the one that needs to be rescue... undeniable bondage here...

thank god Edward got to Bella, that woudl've been a really nasty pizza for them to eat LOL! he's gonna push her into being comfortable... how cute!

And people have the audacity to ask me why i love Edward so much, HERE'S WHY PEOPLE! hahaha!

n i'll continue xD

gcgonc chapter 5 . 7/8/2009
m no need for introduction.. LOL

ok, so i got some things wrong... she does trust him, m, i knew she felt something strong, 'cause well he gave her waht she needed WHEN she needed it, like perfect timing worst circumstances... of course it's totally understandable to develop a strong bond with the person that saves u, and that's exactly what they did for each other... but i think u're also trying to prove that the connection this 2 (and all the Cullens, Hales) have are undeniable and beyond any physical... spiritual? maybe, probably... m.. would u even say they'r MEANT to be together? maybe, again probably... which is where "FATE" would be involved... were they not in a bad place, they would've never met, yeah, crappy life, but leading them to a place of healing, to a place where thhey could finally find themselves, and ultimately save each other, giving into the ultimate happiness... no longer would they feel left out, no longer betrayed by others (or that's what i think 'cause people that go through that i don't think would ever hurt another someone, especially when that someone has gone to the same or worst pain, like Bella said, pain is pain, no matter what proportion or how bad they are, they still consume the person)...

ok... i'm gonna read some more xD

gcgonc chapter 4 . 7/8/2009

ok i feel awful... i normally make like REALLY long reviews (ask any other author i've read)... but since this is a story that i have something to keep reading i just get myself excited and impatient to go to the next chapter and see what happens (which is a good thing for u 'cause i'm hooked xD)...

anyway, ok i see how Edward feels like an idiot having stupid reasons for what he had, but like i've heard somewhere (probably a song) we see the faces but we don't know what their hearts have hidden.. it's like so different from each other, what for u may seem stupid for me it could be the end of the world, MY world, and it's difficult to see this, unless presented with an opportunity like Edward, seeing how fucked up Bella is, and that compared to her he has everything and can just stop and start over...

cool to see Bella open up, though i don't see like she "completely" trusts Edward, but she just needed someone so she could scream all of her problems at, and seeing that he was her knight in shinning armor, well he has to take what she's giving... which of course i hope lead to her into giving him everything bout her, trust, love,etc...

sometimes i wonder which is worst, depression about something stupid or about situation in the real life... like at what Edward gets depressed about, and what get Bella... both psycological, but which one could be worst... m.. dunno...

ok, bout to read the next xD

gcgonc chapter 3 . 7/8/2009
ok... me again...

well Edward is kind of sad, i mean like nothing is worth a single thing, and how trapped he feels in himself... even though no one seems to see any problem, he just feels off, and to make matters worst he feels like he doesn't really know love, that love has evaded him like a plague, and that must be lonely... but i guess it made sense that his instincs went into overdrive when he saw someone has to be going to the same thing as he is 'cause well she's doing what he went to do in the first place, so it's, like he said, a last chance to see if it really is the only option...

m curious 2 see how this turns out... well gotta keep reading xD

gcgonc chapter 2 . 7/8/2009
hey there! ok so me again!

hehehe wow! great chapter... i mean Bella has a crappy life and to top that her only reason to be, her home, her safety net has totally turned, not really against her, but more like away from her... he turned into a predator, nothing more useful than an animal... for god sake, he raped her... well ok i dunno all the story.. but god! it's not that i hate Jake, it's just nice to see something else, another side to the goody goody type...

well, can't wait.. gonna keep reading.. keep it up! amazing!

gcgonc chapter 1 . 7/7/2009

wow! ok, i never usually give a review on the 1st chap or prologue, 'cause i mean it's not much to work with... but OH MY GOD! that was an awesome way to attract ur audience! just WOW! can't wait 2 keep reading xD

thegreengosgirl chapter 2 . 6/26/2009
Jacob was delusional!
thegreengosgirl chapter 1 . 6/26/2009
Good prologue
I'm-a-brunette chapter 19 . 6/23/2009
First of all, I love the story! It's great, it really is!

Secondly, I wanted to correct you about something. I have been to Dunns River Falls a total of three times, and it is a strenuous activity; you don't just climb the falls to take pictures, you go THROUGH the cascading water and climb the falls.

Keep posting, and thank you for a great story...

I want to keep reading, so I'll stop writing now!
speace2 chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
Great depressing prologue. Love it!
L'amante di Destino chapter 24 . 6/22/2009
Awesome story!
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