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Silver chapter 21 . 3h
Awesome story! So excited! please please please update soon. Like you said it's okay if the chapters are not as long as we are used's enough if we get constant updates as this story is just amazing and I'm dying to know how Sesshomaru's and Takeshi's relationship with Kagome will turn out after they come back from killing the Obsidian clan head. I'm guessing that Kagome won't be in such a perfection condition when they come back because it would be highly likely that their enemies would attack while Sesshomaru, Takeshi and Inuyasha are away.
actrivi chapter 21 . 6h
Oh my god so good please please PLEASE update! Keep writing! You're amazing. Thank you for the story so far. I'm really enjoying the slow build of their relationship, it makes it much more plausible to me.
lady sesshomaru-sama chapter 21 . 13h
wow love it cant wait for more soon
kilala56 chapter 21 . 22h
Oh my, I'm so glad I found this Fic! It's been a while since I've been so emotionally involved in a read, I've cried, laughed, sobbed, got angry; the works! You're doing such an amazing job, I don't want to sleep anymore I want to find out what happens ;)

Seriously brilliant, loving the characters you've made and the thing that's sticking with me the most is the westerns saying "peace be with you should you fall"

Love your work superstar, really looking forward to becoming a hermit on your next chapter :)
doremae chapter 21 . 8/26
Ahh! First of all, I'm really late to discover Inuyasha fandom (only last year) and since then I've read many stories only to get sad that authors' updates were years ago :( so I'm really happy you're active recently! And really, I've read many SesshxKag fics but I never thought that I'd come across a scenario like the one I had in my mind in your story! But of course, your story IS waaay better than what I had in mind. Also, I really really like Takeshi, well his chemistry with Kagome here but I feel like I need to prepare my heart on how you're going to handle that, especially since this is a SesshxKagome fic. Ah, but I do love your SesshxKagome moments- I just see TakeshixKagome more now, especially since Kagome is more aware of his presence as a man than Sesshomaru bec I think she still sees him as her lord as of now. It's okay to take time for developments, seriously I agree with you. Feelings don't just pop up out of nowhere, stronger feelings need some base at least. Keep up the good work! I don't even know if you can read all the reviews since terr are so many~ And also, I love Akihiro *Q*
Guest chapter 21 . 8/25
XD ahhh, this was so great. I just couldn't get enough of the whole story till now. I tried to stop and slow down my reading to enjoy it longer but that wasn't happening. There was a couple miss spellings here and there. The ending was great because you haven't yet given us a chance of all three men interacting on their own. I can't wait for more! Keep up the good work! I'd love to see more interaction between all 3 men on their mission. I would like the western lord to investigate kagome on how she healed so fast and her unusual speed and a more understanding of their bond. Can't wait for an update!
Fancollector chapter 21 . 8/24
Absolutely love this last chapter! I'm really glad that you have found the time to update! :) Honestly I love Takeshi and Kagame more than Sesshoumaru and Kagome. There is just so much chemistry between those two. He is just perfect for her. I'm interested to know how you are going to resolve this since this is a SessKag story!(though if you changed that I would not complain lol). I hope Takeshi isn't killed though I feel as though that's becoming more and more likely!
Kaz chapter 21 . 8/24
hare, huh. she like viera from final fantasy or something?

also, that converation with kikyo and kagome was nice. just about all authors forget that even if inuyasha went with kikyo, he'd be left alone in hell.
RomanticPrincess chapter 21 . 8/24
Omg yes! You finally updated this story! I've never been happier to see a notification from in my e-mail inbox! I really enjoyed re-reading this can fiction again cause it's been such a long time since the last update so my memories regarding the storyline was somewhat shaky at best.

One of the things I love about this story is how we get to see Kagome's transition from a young innocent woman to a stronger and more mature woman befitting of the title Lady of the West!
The way you take time to develop the relationships and bonds between the characters also makes the story more realistic in a sense especially the relationship between Takeshi and Kagome and the Seeshoumaru and Kagome one. My inner fangirl really wants Kagome to end up with them both but in reality I guess Sesshoumaru is just too possessive? Not to mention the visions from Akihiro telling Takeshi that Kagome would never become his for eternity TTTT! Poor Takeshi is he doomed to watch Kagome end up with Sesshoumaru while he may harbour lingering affection for her in the background? But the tender moments between the 3 of them is currently enough to satisfy my inner fangirl for now!

I really look forward to the next update whenever that may be! I can't wait to see how the war with the Obsidian Inu clan is going to unfold and how Kagome will be able to handle the reigning over the Western Lands alone not to mention the whole rebellions against her as the Lady of the West issue!
Eurkin chapter 21 . 8/23
I had to completely reread the story and I am glad I did.. I forgot how much I love takeshi.. sigh! 3 well I hope we get an update soon! Take care
FinallyAwake chapter 21 . 8/23
I sincerely hope that you hold to your word and update soon. Aside from a few grammatical errors here and there, this is a great story. Should it end here I would relish a sequal. While I enjoy the Kagome/Takeshi dynamic, I do hope that things move along with her and Sesshoumaru. I die for Sess/Kag. This is an extremely well written fic. Please continue.
wintersalad chapter 21 . 8/22
AN UPDATE! *HUGS* I love you!3

I love how you patiently and skillfully illustrate the growing bonds and depths of your characters. The care you show in developing them as well as your amazing plot is definitely notable.

My favorite part here is the closing scene - very adorable and heartwarming.
animefollower101 chapter 21 . 8/22
I actually saw this chapter on my list the day it came out, but I was heading out to work when I checked my subscriptions. When I saw ADLC had an update, I hollered in happiness to such a degree, my roommate ran into the room. They thought I had hurt myself, I was so loud!
I read this slowly and savored this chapter for two days. This is by far the best fan-fiction on my watch list. While the updates may be few and far between, that's what makes them so special when the story does return to the top of the update list.

The ending to this chapter wasn't so much of a cliffhanger as a few previous installments. Sure, the Obsidian Clan problems are coming to a head, but the conclusion was humorous, light-hearted, and even sentimental.
I'm trying my hardest not to spoil it for those who read reviews before the published work. So I'll just say, chapter 21 wrapped up quite well. I won't be chomping at the bit quite as hard for the next chapter, because this wasn't as open-ended.

Keep up the superb work, Yuki!
J. Cascata chapter 21 . 8/22
I am so happy to see an update (this is one of my favorites). Are you going to be updating on a schedule now? Or is it still random?

PS: The pissing contest at the end was by far the best part of this chapter. haha
Smile Black chapter 21 . 8/22
Ooooh I had totally forgotten about your story! But it's still fun to read!
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