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Guest chapter 35 . 7/9
Mah mah, you know, Ranma being such a huge wimp around the girls stopped being funny a while ago, it's starting to become rather pitiful.
Farf chapter 22 . 7/7
40% of the chapter is word padding, impressive.
The date was great, especially Ranma showing some balls at the end.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/4
This chapter has a total of 4000 words, only 2700 are actual story.
tiedwithribbons chapter 64 . 6/11
Ooohh, so Mousse has got some admirers, huh? Something tells me that's gonna make the Shampoo thing more interesting!

By the way, I was wondering - is Nex gonna show up? Since he's Layla's Second Love after Niven, I have a feeling his presence might resolve one side of the harem. And what about Roy? Will HE appear, and end up with one of the girls?

phantom00 chapter 64 . 3/24
Please update soon
Dethroned King Umbros chapter 64 . 2/29
Beautiful. I had just finished binge-reading this story (three days! Three!), and you have my kudos.

You know, I just realized Ranma would be a King three-fold when he marries the Winx once Layla and Stella's parents step down.

Also, I for some reason see Nodoka shouting "My son is manly!" instead of merely saying it in her head when he punches his V-card and when he gets the news he's going to be a father. In various levels of volume, of course.

And now I just imagined a lewder version of the Spin-for-a-Date wheel the Winx had played during the Dating Arc, where the selected would either lose their V-card and/or be the next to have Ranma's child. I can just imagine the atomic blushing all around and Tune chasing Zing for making the lewd and improper game.

Now that I think about it, if Ranma goes to Nerima ever again, I think both Kuno and Principal Kuno (I hope you didn't forget this Hawaiian-themed nut job and the amounts of trouble he caused for Furikan) would be out for Ranma's blood, due to him breaking Kodachi's heart before the Winx Family left for Magix. Well, the Principal more so than Kuno.

I just thought of a way to get rid of Ryoga as a rival if you ever needed one: moxibustion. Perhaps Tofu could do it on top of utilizing the Cat's Tongue pressure point then dump him back in Nerima. Either those two techniques or memory modification. Headmistress Griffin could do it, since it's the darker option of the two. Happosai, however, doesn't deserve such mercy.

If you're still taking up suggestions on which Winx uses what emotions for emotional ki usage, may I suggest Joy for Musa, with Layla's being either Camaraderie or Rebellion/Defiance and Techna's being straight up Love? Wonder if Techna would be the last one to use emotion-based ki due to how awkward she is with matters of the heart...

You know, thanks to that splitting spell Ranma did to calm down the feralized Ukyou and Shampoo, I for some perverted reason see his female half gaining sentience again, only this time to join the harem after she loses to Ranma in a fight for "dominance". That can be a pose a problem, since Ranko is his fairy half which would be a bit of a Literal Split Personality Disorder, unless/until someone makes a clone body for Ranko's soul to inhabit, with a similar yet different genetic coding to Shampoo since she is Chinese in proxy (due to her being born in Jusenkyo when Ranma submerged in that Drowned Spring). Course, she would need a Amazon name to avoid being called Ranko (she can find the name unimaginative or too coincidental to Ranma's name) and possibly be splashed by the waters of a different Cursed Spring due to Shampoo being human.

You know, with all of these animal-based Cursed Forms, I think the Winx Family is due for a visit to Lyco so Kasumi, Sasuke, and Tofu can get were-forms, though I imagine Were-Kasumi would make Tofu relapse into a Kasumi-attack, then nosebleed rockets into the ceiling, then get back up and try to play it off that he didn't do anything. And for extra hilarity, Mousse can get one too through sheer accident, and it can be as undignified as he thought it would be, since he would be like Donald Duck or Howard the Duck in general appearance.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/10
you missed the doctor in your sneeze list but otherwise love this story
Jacob9594 chapter 64 . 2/8
The Shadow has return
Jacob9594 chapter 63 . 2/8
temir chapter 20 . 1/21
i read the chapter where the winx present themselves to the furinkan students and youre right; the producer must give surnames to the winx, if they had asked me, they had this names:

bloom darling(to link her in some form with wendy darling, another girl who travel to a magical kingdom too)
(musa)Melody Onpu (means musical note in japanese)
tecna kapek (by karel kapek, the author of R.U.R, rossum's universal robots)
(flora)Rosaura Cortez(to sound like cortex, like the cortex of a tree)
Aisha Talassos(talassos means sea in greek)
(stella)Elinor Sunrise(elinor means shining light in gaelic)
temir chapter 19 . 1/20
Rama and the winx in the tokyo tower with sakura blossoms look so CLAMP XD
temir chapter 1 . 1/18
Question: this fic isla already finished or we must wait more chapters?
Hiryo chapter 64 . 1/17
Hohohoho XD that is evil with Happosai's whimsy way and all that a 'fun' enemy group

Please update soon!
Fmwaver chapter 64 . 12/9/2015
Hi first glad your back, big fan of this story really missed the updates. Second I really would like to know what your doing for seasons 4-7 and with season 3 supposed to be there last year and season 4 there teacher.
Guest chapter 17 . 11/8/2015
The attack that ran a did to valtor was what naruto did during the chinnin exams during his first fight with kiba, using class new to kick him up and axe kicking him back down
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