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Anita37 chapter 74 . 40m
It's the best sonadow fanfiction of all time !
RandallWorks chapter 74 . 3h
I know I commented beforehand but I love rereading your novel and can't wait to see the Princes kick the Lord Scourge's butt! XD Also, is Manic and Silver gonna become a thing too because I noticed Silver had become the protective fallback during and after the war.
Actually, to see Silver kick Scourge's backside too, possibly with added loop-de-loops in the air~ XD Then Prince Shadow sticks that pointy Sabre sword somewhere where the sun.. *ahem* you get the point~ (Or, even better adding in a little 'up yours' to Scourge by having his pleasure slave slap across his shark smirk! Mhahahah!) (Funny thing, I'm a Manourge fan though X3)
Also, because Shadow and Sonic had a 'war marriage' in the alternative world, does that mean they'll consider getting properly married in their own dimension?
I can't wait for more of the story~ Keep up the awesome work! X3 Your fan!
youdontwannaknow5656 chapter 69 . 7/18
69... wow
Neku chapter 74 . 7/16
I started reading this fic on its early days. Five years ago and I had caught up on the chapter where the war was over and Sonic and Shadow were back at their dimension. Time had passed and I almost forgot about this due to seldom time of updates and all that I thought it was done there and switching fandoms. I'm so glad I stumbled onto this fic again. And to see it had gone so far and getting even better for 10 whole years, I'll give you many kudos to that, dear author! I can't wait to see the ending of this.

The way you wrote the two main hedgehogs are so spot-on. The fluff you give them is very tooth-rotting, even I get butterflies.
Nada chapter 30 . 7/8
Fish meme chapter 1 . 6/5
Why is this even a thing. Just why. I'd rather eat a cyanide pill then read this. It's so disgustingly detailed it makes me want to retch. Please make better content, and the world will thank you.
Commander chapter 74 . 6/2
I love this novel so much that I can't stop reading it XD.
So, since its so good and popular, can you grant me permition to make a serie? A CG one?
magicstorm101 chapter 74 . 5/26
I I had off-handedly saw a recommendation in a sonadow fic comment section on ArchiveofOurOwn to read this and i decided to take the plunge. Its not what i expected-you exceeded my expectations.

I seriously dont think any sonadow fic has been as good as this. Ive stayed up late finishing this, and i was obsessed the entire time! Youve made Sonic and Shadow's relationship so believeable and built on the foundation of what's already canon in their history. Most of all, i applaud you for not using the Slave/Master setting to simply make them fuck. Their situation didn't MAKE them fall in love, but it gave them a reason to depend on each other. It slowly let them discover how good they are for one another and everything else fell into place.

Your world building is insanely good; i love how there is little to NO OCs. everyone is from a Sonic universe somewhere, and how you play up their personalities. Especially Scourge. Hes an asswipe, but that's his best quality and the lustful/brutal way he acts towards everyone is just magnificent.

Finally...i just frigging adore alternate Sonic and Shadow and how they clash with original Sonic and Shadow. I wasn't initally sold on their alt's behavior until alt Sonic's backstory came. It makes sense without the experience and freedom original Sonic had that he wasn't anything like the heggie we know. Shadow's alt was more or less the same, but with alt Sonic sort of being his version of Maria so it makes sense how he ended up failing him and they had to make the best of a worst situation.

Anyway i know this review is long but you are the BEST Sonadow writer ive seen in years if not ever. I didnt want to comment until i finished everything so far. Keep it up! (Also lovin' those sex scenes 3)
RandallWorks chapter 74 . 5/26
OMG! Thank you for bringing this back again! I love the new chapter! There's so much emotion and adorableness happening, especially fixing the relationship with Sonic and Amy, yet building the bond with Shadow and Sonic- which by the way, Shadow's reactions are so a-dork-able to next level!
And that finale with Scourge! Oh my Gawd! Cannot wait for next chapter- keep up the good work, you beautiful writer! X3
Codelulu-chan chapter 74 . 5/23
And CAUGHT UP, just in time to anticipate the last chapter, my timing is just AMAZING! Jesus i love everything about this story, it's got all the good shit, romance drama comedy REFERENCES, there were a few times I though "Nah it's not gonna go there" and the BAM it did! Also your April Fools game is off the chain, you got me face palming a few times haha.
So while I'm sad to not have been there from the beginning or even middle, i'm still glad to be here when it ends. I can't even imaging what it must be like to finish your story after 10 years, you did an amazing job.
Codelulu-chan chapter 40 . 5/23
So just started reading this today and I CANNOT contain myself until the end because holy shizballs is this the most amazing thing in the entire world of Sonadow/Shadonic fanfiction. I wanted post this when i reached halfway but I got too into the story to stop there. ANYWAYs there is just a list of reasons why this story needs an award.
1.) I always been into master/slave stuff, the fact that you were able to provide that while still keeping from making Sonic completely useless is just amazing.
2.)On that note, Sonic's reasoning to wanting to be submissive is totally plausible, and not going completely off the deepend since he does still value his freedom.
3.)You have done AMAZING work keeping them from being total Mary Sues, admittedly I don't always mind them but the fact that they still have some crucial character flaws and aren't perfect is fantastic writing.
4.)I'm glad you slowly incorporated Prince/Slave Sonadow's story, most would do a few whole chapters on it but I definitely love the way you're handling it.
and 5.) Protective Big Brother Sonic ready to inflict murder for tails of any world is to die for.
The only real criticism I could give is for one there has been a few times it feels like Sonic's willingness to act his role teeters, but not too much to become obnoxious. And the other...I just can't believe you Rick Rolled me lol, had the exact same thought process as Sonic.

Anyway, sorry for the longwinded review, I am no where NEAR done with this story and am on the edge of my seat with what happens next. I promise the next review will not nearly be this long or filled with stuff you probably already know haha.
sonadow x chapter 74 . 5/16
I have no words to say, I love it! And I can't help but feel there's gonna be an epic cool fight coming~
Ellen chapter 74 . 5/6
Hey nice chapter! There are some gold lines in this, keep up the good work
T420000 chapter 6 . 5/1
Again a great chapter. I love the instance where Sonic was remembering fondly about physical attention. I would KILL for a cute fluffy fic where he and Cream play together! Omg so cute.
T420000 chapter 4 . 5/1
Man I really really liked the line about how the people who treat their slaves only differ slightly from the scientists who treated their projects. that is such a powerful line. I loved it. Man I almost wish there was like a second part where shadow reveals some of the not so pleasant stuff that happened to him to sonic, that could be a whole story in itself ! Again love your stories and chapters, and yes I'm re-reading it a second time because its that good so shuuuuuush.
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