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SilverQuill chapter 73 . 7/18
Ah fun times, noticed this little notification in my mailbox and thought I'd go back through the story-it's been awhile but enjoying every bit I can get. It saddens me to hear this is ending soon but I suppose I can't be too surprised with how little is left to be wrapped up. It'd be nice to have maybe small epilogue chapters from both realms to give a greater happy ending pie being served-but I'm sure you're busy with other ventures and probably won't want to do so compared to something new. Only hope at the moment is seeing our new royal duo hogs one up Scourge like the bad acid trip he is. Here's looking forward to your next update

On a side note my chapter title is reading still as "three is a crowd- five is an army" which isn't as pinnacle as I read it now but subconsciously took it for Amy.
Fran chapter 73 . 7/13
I still remember the first time I stumbled upon this story (I think it was two years ago)... I spent half of the night reading but it was absolutely worth it! I loved, and still love, this masterpiece! You've got me hooked and I will stay till the end! Keep up the amazing work!
RibbonRevolution chapter 50 . 7/2
Aaaaww Shadows chaos absorbing hug was so cute. I love seeing edgy characters in moments of vulnerability!
Guest chapter 73 . 7/1
Omg your back! I have seriously missed you so much! Hope you come back hiatus free with another chapter :) and speaking of chapters this one was so good! Tails being all oblivious and cute was so much like him, and Amy being herself...very dramatic, but the jewel of the crowd was protective/possesive shadow! Possessive shadow is the best shadow. "He hurt you?" *crushes metal's head out of enormous fucking rage* I can just imagine him saying, "No one better touch my Sonic!" lmao. Keep up the awesome work! :)
EgoDraws chapter 73 . 6/16
Idk what it was about this chapter but it hyped the hell out of me. The part where Amy walked in that special event between sonic and shadow & despite being an emotional wreck, Amy decided to stand up against Eggman. Sonic saving Amy (and the fact that you can nail his joking demeanor had me bouncing off the walls, woah). The part when the other sonic JUMPED off of a building to save his shadow. OH AND THE PART WHERE SHADOW DEFEATS METAL SONIC EASILY (I LOST MY MARBLES) LASTLY THE CLIFFHANGER WHERE SONIC PASSED OUT DUE TO BLOOD LOSS?! LIKE CHIISAI! What did we do to deserve a writer like you in the sonadow community? Your writing is intriguing to read I ugh absolutely love it. I can't wait to read yet another great chapter.
RibbonRevolution chapter 49 . 6/14
So that's what slave Sonic was lying about! Plot twist!
RibbonRevolution chapter 48 . 6/13
I could just imagine Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) playing in the background.
NaNaChan95 chapter 73 . 6/13
"I HOPE YOU GO DOWN IN FLAMES LIKE MY LOVE LIFE." BRUH. HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME LAUGH THAT HARD XD. Oh my lord that chapter was funny. Now to see how this gets put to rest.
lii2piing iidiiot chapter 73 . 6/13
Reading this fanfiction has been an amazing journey full of unexpected twists and situations. I adore the April Fools update! The cold feeling of realization after I noticed the lyrics to Rick Astley's hit song- just wonderful, all of it. Your humor is perfectly woven in with the characters and you know how to set a great mood of suspense and then ease it down with comedy relief. This, in my opinion, has to be the best written sonadow fic I've ever read, and I've been into this couple since 2011! Everyone's personality is well detailed and enjoyable, the development of Sonic and Shadow's relationship takes its time very nicely, and watching it unfold is awesome! It's a lengthy read, but that's exactly how I like good stories to be, so there's always more of it. It doesn't get old, I can read the same chapter for a while and still get a smile out of the content. In the meantime while you pump out the next one, I'm going to go ahead and reread this great work.
MaresaMares chapter 73 . 6/8
Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you updated! I was worried the story wouldn't continue, but you proved me wrong. Great chapter, it really helps to strengthen the bond between the two princes. Also, poor Amy.
sonadow x chapter 73 . 6/6
I loved your story and I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm new to this story but I love it! also "three is a crowd, five is an amy" is hilarious! this chapter made my day, thx!
PrinceyAtNight28 chapter 73 . 6/4
How did I not see this in my alerts?! AUGH! This was so good-it had me laughing out loud XD Such a wonderful writer! I love this story so much! Cannot wait for the next update!
Kaiko luv x3 chapter 73 . 6/4
Aw man! It was so great reading a chapter from you again. 3
I always enjoy the puns and jokes you include in your stories especially the Meteor Herd you going to do something special for the 100th chapter? (If you get there that is... ;D).
Shadart chapter 73 . 6/3
Wow I thought Amy would take things worse or well ... running after Shadow until he cant run anymore if you know what I mean. Anyway the chapter was great and I love the story! You know what would be funny, well since everyone has his other dimension doppelganger I can just guess how it would end if this dimensions Lazar would show up somewhere! (or rather how Shadow and Sonic are planning to kill him) and maybe even Draco ›:3 Will Silver from the normal dimension show up anywhere though or is he not here because of the whole future stuff? I am already ecxited for the next chapter!
Kkimforever chapter 73 . 6/3
Yay an update this chaper was so good. I like myself a nice action scene. Thank you for writing this fanfic
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