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EdeatheDemonFox chapter 2 . 10/25/2015
Although, I'm disappointed about not getting to read Cloud's first time with Zack, his first time with Sephiroth was so beautiful and gentle and just all together sexy, too! I also loved all the lightheartedness and joking in between the sexy scenes. Thank you, Zack!
x0Francisco0x chapter 2 . 9/1/2013
Beautiful. :)
Mirage chapter 2 . 4/13/2013
I love your storys please more of them!
Bubblegumhairedmonster chapter 2 . 3/28/2013
FINALLY! The full sex. I loved it. It's really impressive how you put all that consideration into their love-making scene Thanks

"Music is like water. It is something that must flow."
1sunfun chapter 2 . 7/30/2012
NIce story, all of them.
PetrraPan chapter 2 . 8/29/2011
Beautifully written. Now I feel shitty for reading all these out of order. Shame on me. I'll do it right from now on, I promise! *sob* :D

They're so wonderful together; they just... fit.
silverkitsunepup chapter 2 . 8/2/2011
O/O wow, this is amazing, i think you should try a chapter with cloud on top, it would be really interesting to how he reacts, if you would. Also can you please update soon.
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 2 . 6/5/2011
The beginning lines of this chapter had me laughing so hard. Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth at a beach’re a freaking genius. I haven’t read much fanfiction, so that might be a bit..forward in calling you that title, but still.

I loved the thought of Sephiroth building the Fortress by memory, that’s extremely realistic to me. The man always struck me as a perfectionist, as well as a quick learner.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Zack sighed. "You know what all this blue reminds me of?"

Cloud smiled shyly. "My eyes?"

"Yep. But then, dryer lint and grape jelly remind me of your eyes too."

Cloud laughed. "Now grape jelly will always remind me of you."

"Because it's purple or 'cause it tastes good?"

"Because it wiggles a lot," Cloud teased, and ran back toward Sephiroth with the pail of mud.


That made me laugh until I about cried. Love your comedy in here, it’s such a delight after all of the dramatic themed stories I’ve been into recently. _ Also, the part where Sephiroth couldn’t distinguish tears of joy...that broke my heart. I read on one of your LJ posts that you have been commended on your interpretation of Sephiroth. I agree with that wholeheartedly, on your take on the General.

I loved the part where they all played in the water, that warmed my heart so much. You have such a way with this pairing, with these characters, and it takes my breath away each and everytime.

As for my inner Clephiroth fan: "I never...I mean, I used to dream about you, and this, but that was before I knew who you really are." Cloud winced; this was not coming out the way he'd hoped it would. "I want you to know that you're still my hero, but you're...more. I'm not's not just...I'm not making sense, am I?"

"You are. I never counted you as just another member of my fan club, Cloud. You, too, have always been more."

I loved that. So very, very much. I’m getting so inspired to finish my story on them, and the drabble, all from this. You’re good at inspiring people. *winks*

The birthday cake made me smile like a crazy person. You included the color scheme in the color of the frosting, which I adored. Silver, purple and blue...*gushes* My goodness this is such a happy story, something I’ll send to friends who are ever in need of a smile and many, many bouts of joyful laughter.

Also, the part where you have Sephiroth think it was all a dream made it seem like such an important moment to me. I personally love it when characters go through a struggle, through doubts. It makes them more real to me. “Don't think, feel. It felt real. They felt real in his arms. And this feeling of belonging with them, to them, was much too strong to be an illusion.” That made me smile so wide, my face hurts now.

This made me smile, made me cry, and it definitely made me laugh. Thank you for creating this. _
Ephemeral Everlast chapter 1 . 6/5/2011
After who knows HOW LONG of not reviewing your stories, I am back to your amazing Decorum arc. Still, you continue to be one of, if not my most favorite author for FFVII fandom. I love how well you write, with precision and poetry at your fingertips, as well as how YOU take the characters and make them your own. I’ve always thought that fanfiction should be a type of experimental ground, with which we can forge what we want out of these characters, making them or breaking them, and writing about what they experience. You’re unafraid to do that, and for that, you have my applause.

I loved your humor here. Your joke about a “Grand Opening” and Cloudie-puff, the carnival ride made me die laughing. You make Zack so funny, so likeable, that it makes me appreciate his character more. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of Clack at all. I’m more of a Clephiroth fangirl, as well as a Gengeal OTP shipper along with Stella. Still, somehow, you manage to make me like the thought of a threesome with Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud. I find this extremely adorable and believable. Like I mentioned in a PM to you, you could make believe the sky was purple with your words. XD You even made me like Generoth for that brief period, with one of your LJ pieces. *chuckles*

I love how you make Zack and Sephiroth so utterly protective over Cloud. That makes me so glad to see this fandom made romantically, not super dark and over-protective. It just melts my heart to think of. _ Also, your page break...GENIUS! I didn’t catch it until I looked closely...czs...I about fell over in my chair.

This piece made me laugh so hard. Zack, the sock puppet, Sephiroth’s smile...oh, his smile. I was actually putting away some socks yesterday and thought of Zack stealing Sephiroth’s underwear, and I was laughing for about five minutes. You’re effortlessly hilarious, I just want you to know that. And as for Sephiroth’s beach house...that’s brilliant. Just brilliant. I love Cloud getting the royal treatment, after all he goes through in every single fandom, it’s worth it to have him get some TLC with a helicopter ride. *gushes*

This line made my Clephiroth inner-fangirl very pleased: The two of them could have whole conversations only with their eyes.” I loved every minute of Cloud and Seph’s intimacy, I ate it up like a glutton. XD

The beach house was gorgeous, exquisitely crafted, and genuinely for Sephiroth himself. I so see him having a beach house now. _ Zack’s lesson for Cloud in sex-ed was especially interesting as well, I laughed hysterically to it. XD

Also, I’d be lying if I said the part with Zack at the tree didn’t make me tear up. It definitely did. Irreparable, to this day, has the potential to make me extremely saddened. Angeal’s my favorite, as I’ve explained before, and it was a blow to my heart to have him die in the game, much less in the arc. However, you did it with such skill and tragedy, your ow-it-hurts angst as you put it, it made it memorable.

I’m jumping around a lot in this review, I know. This arc warms my heart too dearly however to only put a few sentences in a review. XD My next favorite part was where you had Zack and Sephiroth fill a room with the color of Cloud’s eyes. My goodness, that part made me tear up as well. You have such power over me with your words, and over my emotions. One minute, you could make me laughing so blithely over Zack, and weeping over something dramatic or tender.

“\"Thank you," Cloud whispered again, wondering how many times he would utter that phrase during the next week. Each time, the true and deepest meaning behind the phrase would be clear to Sephiroth and Zack - thank you for seeing something lovable in me that I could never see for myself.” My favorite lines, by far.

I loved this. This arc fills me with such joy, you have no idea. *toddles off to the next chapter*
Z-Nugget chapter 2 . 4/20/2011
Damn i so wanted him to be with Zack first, but still loved it
Chocobo Knights chapter 2 . 11/29/2010
Yay~ they did it~ they finally did it~ *happy dance*

and man, just how hot is that? I'll be dead right now if seeing the real thing fir losing too much blood XD *killed*

ooh~ cannot wait for reading more~

once again, love this! and you're awesome ;)
Tarn Vedra 5 chapter 2 . 10/7/2010
What a great gift they gave Cloud... :)
bobby jo chapter 2 . 6/30/2010
please rite another chap :) please :)
Barranca chapter 2 . 4/17/2010
The big bad general has a love nest by the ocean XD It's good to hear he has not spent all his life at Shinra or military campaigns and takes a week off once in a while.
SkyChasingDreamer chapter 2 . 10/28/2009
I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed this! You portrayed the characters really well and I love, love, loved it! Well done and keep up the great work!

~the dreamer
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