Reviews for Elfling Interludes
CAH chapter 30 . 6/2
Wow! What a lovely chapter - truly one of your best. I love that you incorporate Master Cook into the stories - he's definitely one of the best characters you invented. Keep up the Anomen stories - you know how much I love them.
ziggy3 chapter 30 . 6/2
It is so good to see that you are still posting your delightful tales. As always, deftly and lightly written -lovely characterisation and the relationships are warm and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed the old english and references to the development of feudalism as if coming frmo Sauron /Saruman. Keep posting!
Dola chapter 30 . 6/1
Thank you. I really like you LOTR stories. I was really glad to see your update. Take care.
AndurilofTolkien chapter 30 . 5/31
great job
AndurilofTolkien chapter 1 . 5/31
like this
bella13446 chapter 30 . 5/31
This is a beautiful update. Thank you so much for writing this update. I feel so touch when I read about how the villagers were affecting by the greed of others. I'm looking forward to new updates.
Messenger777 chapter 1 . 5/31
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Lotrfn chapter 17 . 6/8/2016
I love these stories. The elflings are adorable and the lessons they learn are so apt.
Lotrfn chapter 4 . 6/7/2016
Love your young Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir stories! It's fun to see them at these ages and to see what events and experiences shaped them into the Elves they become by LOTR years.
UnnamedElement chapter 2 . 6/6/2016
I read these stories ages ago and never reviewed-shame on me! I am rereading and enjoying them now. Your writing is excellent, as always, and I continue to delight in your universe. Thank you for sharing these stories.
leggyrespect123 chapter 29 . 6/6/2016
Oh wow I'm so glad that you're still writing new stories for this series! Love your Anomen universe & especially love all your stories of him as a precocious elfling. Had bookmarked your series so I could return to them anytime to read them & was so delighted to find new stories ) You have a wonderfully engaging writing style that make all your stories on Anomen delightful to read. Cheers!
CAH chapter 29 . 6/6/2016
What a great chapter! So many facets of Anomen that we learn throughout his young life and how those events shaped his adult view of things. I loved the history lesson of the dwarves. Erestor certainly has done a wonderful job teaching him. Looking forward to the next Anomen story!
Dola chapter 1 . 6/5/2016
HA...HA...HA...I really like the cook! The master of excuses..
bella13446 chapter 29 . 6/5/2016
Oh, this is so wonderful, and what a wonderful treat. I love this series, and I would gladly re-read this over and over again.
Children are always curious aren't they, they are the one that rarely have prejudice if they weren't taught by their parents about it/ experience hurtful events. So even if legolas had a bad encounter with the dwarves when he was young, he could always have many more nice encounter to change his perception.
Estel's speech is just too cute.
Karri chapter 29 . 6/5/2016
Lovely and sweet. I very much enjoyed seeing a return of the birthmarks.
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