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Beatlesfan90 chapter 20 . 6/6/2011
WOW! It was... WOW! Man this story was AWESOME! I loved it! And I may be reading it again sometime soon! It only took me like 2 days to read the whole thing! I never wanted to stop. (Waking up early for work sucks when you want to keep reading things like this late at night)

Anyways. It was great and I am so glad you are sharing your talent with us on here! Thanks!

CalamityJim chapter 8 . 12/7/2010
Why didn't Dean just toss salt on Sam to get rid of the ghost and the manacles?
silverluna chapter 20 . 8/26/2010
Thanks for the update! So glad you finished this story! It was a lot of fun and seriously creepy and a great ghost story! This was so well-written and very Supernatural-esque; it felt like it could be an extended episode. I really liked how you portrayed Sam and Dean and their brother relationship—it felt genuine. Loved Dean vs. Molly and Sam vs. Molly.

I really hope Dean can do something to save Sam!

I love how Dean considers "tearing Chris apart for being useless" but then reconsiders because he doesn't want to be on the same level as Molly. Dean growth, wooo! :)

LOL, Dean thinking about what the salt might do to the Impala is so perfect! XD

Molly waiting for dead ghost Sam to join her, straining to hear his approach is so well done. I almost feel for her—she wants it so badly, she doesn't know what she's done is bad—all she wants is to not be lonely anymore.

This was awesome:

"And she waited, Molly noticed a strange stirring inside her, suggesting that someone or something that she should recognize was nearby. But the feeling didn't match what she had felt the very first time she had discovered Sam's presence and instead of a calming, welcoming sensation it made her feel edgy and uncomfortable, as if this presence denoted a horrible connotation or memory. And although she tried to ignore it, the uneasiness grew inside her, making it harder and harder to focus on the noises outside; they all seemed to be hovering right outside her door. Finally, in her heightened state of anxiety and desperation to find Sam, she was certain that he must be out there, unable to locate her"

I love getting to see Molly's thoughts—and to find her recognizing Chris though she doesn't know she is.

Also awesome:

"But the appearance of his adversary, his hunter's instincts and sense of self-preservation had both kicked into high alert and Dean was able to defeat his overwhelming fatigue while he waited for some something to reveal what had become of Molly."

This is so true to Dean—I can picture John training him, and then his body and mind just taking over when needed to overcome this horrible battering he's gone through since Molly appeared and took a disliking to him.

WOW! It was incredibly heartbreaking to have Dean run into the room and find that post-horror show, and Sam dead or near death. I'm so glad Dean was able to punch Sam back to life! And I loved Dean's plan to vanquish Molly. Very creative!

Thank you for an awesome story! :D
doyleshuny chapter 20 . 5/4/2010
That was extremely well done. I'm sorry you were having some problems with your muse dragging it's feet but at least it's done. GREAT JOB!
gr8 chapter 20 . 4/25/2010
Took you long enough! Thank you for finishing this one :), great story!
EnsignRo chapter 20 . 4/25/2010
Hi, this was one awesome read. Thanks!
silverluna chapter 19 . 11/11/2009
Yay for the update! Love the opening line: "Dean drove like a man possessed . . . to get back to Sam." You've done an excellent job of making their relationship as brothers who do give a damn about the other so believable.

I love Dean's worry and dread over how he's going to manage to get rid of Molly's spirit. Sam is definitely running out of time to be alive. I can't wait to see what mojo Dean pulls out of his bag of tricks; hope there is something in John's journal or something Bobby can tell him that will help. Otherwise, Dean and Sam may be SOL.

Yay, a Dean with morals! Love to see that: "He couldn’t just leave the hapless jerk like a bear caught in trap for Molly.

Because as much as Chris probably did deserve some of the things her spirit might do to him, the guy still didn’t deserve to die. Not at her sadistic hands anyway."

OMG! The descriptions of Sam's horrifying whump at the "hands"/ intent of Molly's spirit continue to shock me! I love how visual you've made the whole story; I can see it unfolding in my head as I read. And I'm so worried about Sam— I know he's a Winchester and thus can take a lot of whumpage but this is crazy intent to torture & kill whumpage! Gah!

NO! "Sam's last breath."! NO! SAM! Wake up! OMG! Dude, this just chilled me to the bone: "It had taken some time and drained all her energy but she had finally accomplished what she had wanted from him all along." *shivers*

Love that we get to see some from Molly's POV. "Sam resisting her at every step fueled her anger." GAH! Great and chilling! "There had been a purpose . . . she was so very lonely. . . . A desolation that picked away at her, until she was only a mass of hatred and isolation." Heartbreaking— feeling some empathy for her even though she's the very formiable foe/ Sam killer.

I love how you take us through Molly's reasons why she's "sunk" to such a level as "this"— she certainly doesn't know she's dead, and can't understand why she's been cut off from the world. And she was that way for so long she doesn't even know how long— until Sam! I love how she "tracks this presence" all over because of the connection she feels to it— like after all this time of being angry and lonely, she's finally going to be free of that so she knows she can't give up on it.

GAH! She became angry with the presence for "teasing" her! So it's Sam in the Impala with Dean, going from state to state chasing & killing demons— and she finally positions herself *in front* of the car so that it "picks her up" on its way back. Awesome— love the way you have described it all! It's ghostly and ethereal— I'm reminded a little bit of the book _A Certain Slant of Light_, from the way the ghost is described in that story. I love how the shapes and blurs come into focus slowly for Molly while she's in the Impala with Sam and Dean. That's so cool!

Well, you've certainly done awesomely making me empathisize a little with Molly. Great: "Desperate to secure his favour, her emotions pulled downwards by the same dangerous force that had engulfed her years before, she resorted to tactics that would have appalled her in her former life." She doesn't know what she is now and doesn't understand why Sam first refused to acknowledge her and then continued to refuse her his love.

*Weepy* "Her loneliness had become too much to bear and she needed someone to end her pain and suffering." Poor ghosty.

So Sam's psychic powers/ demon blood "called" out to her? Way freaky for Sam. "After all, he had made the initial contact with her. And why would he have contacted her if he didn’t mean it?" Good question!

OMG! OMG! Sam cannot be dead! Dean, get your ass back here faster and revive your brother! GAH! Looking forward to your next update! :)
babyreaper chapter 19 . 10/18/2009
OMG, Is Dean too late has that crazy ghost strangled Sam, killing him, she can't have. That would be too awful, Can't wait for the next update, to see what Dean is going to do, Please post again soon. Thnaks...
esagsdfjgkyulk chapter 19 . 10/18/2009
that was such an evil cliffy!:D
Kat chapter 19 . 10/17/2009
You better find a way to bring Sammy back! Please tell me this is not really a Death!Fic *pleading*

I just read all existing chapters in one go and would really hate it, if it turned into one of these stories that I can't handle.

So pretty please with puppy dog eyes - bring him back.
Arystina chapter 19 . 10/16/2009
I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews. It's really good. Poor Sam though...

Hope to read more soon!
doyleshuny chapter 19 . 10/16/2009
SHEESE! I'm so glad that you finally updated this! I've been totally dying to know what Molly was going to do to poor Sammy! I feel so sorry for poor Sammy. Crazy Molly sure doesn't take "no" for an answer huh? I mean I like Sammy too but I wouldn't tie him up and hurt him just to make him see it! EXCELLENT STORY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SON!
calcium77 chapter 19 . 10/16/2009
Yikes! She killed him? Well, I hope Sam's spirit kicks her a$$ and Dean can revive him? I trust you won't let him stay dead? Pretty please!

calcium77 chapter 18 . 9/19/2009
I have to say it...that Molly is really a b1tch. :-) Good idea of Deans to bring Chris to meet Molly. I look forward to the next chapter. Hope Sam can hang on!

babyreaper chapter 18 . 9/8/2009
Great chapter, at last Dean had found out what happened now all he has to do is get back to Sam into time to save him. What will Molly's ghost do to Chris if Dean hands him over? Especially after saying, " Chris. He doesn’t matter. I don’t want him anymore. I only want you.” Oh dear! Please post again soon.
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