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CeCe Away chapter 6 . 7/2/2010
I adored this. You're an excellent writer. You captured the angst and the moments perfectly. Thanks.
Maddiecake chapter 6 . 4/27/2010
I've just read through all of this after going through the older stories, and I have to say that this is one of the best so far for this section. I really feel like you got the characters down, while also giving them your own unique spin.

Your original characters were great as well, although I did think the two name thing was pretty ridiculous at first, it works after you get used to it.

The mood from chapter to chapter (this could be, in part, due to the characterization) was just... ;-; I can't think of a complimentary word that's not like the other ones. Just... the mood was put across so well, it's unbelievable. I don't think I've ever cried over a fanfic before, but you made me come very very close, especially toward the end with the whole Dean thing. It was amazing.

Your story is fantastic, well worth staying up until the wee hours of the morning to read.

Also, nice choice in music, I actually listened to some of those I didn't know and really liked them!

~ Madeleine
fred21 chapter 6 . 4/7/2010
Excellent story, loved the brothers interaction.
Amy Renee chapter 6 . 2/1/2010
Love this story; Unique, fun, touching, exciting, and you wrote it well. "You’re a fucking awesome brother, Sammy.” - Aw! “And you were really ugly.” They both chuckled. “I mean it. You were bald and your head was ginormous. But you looked at me and I didn’t care. You were my little brother. And I just felt, even then, like I was made to be your big brother.” - Funny and so touching, so Dean, and I love the meaning behind the lyrics at the end.
Holly Lukeman chapter 6 . 10/25/2009
Wow, great ending! I'm a sucker for a happy ending most times, and this one was great!

"It’s my fault. He hung his head down, the cold blooded sucker flinging the wooden stake again and again into his brother replayed in his mind. He’d almost gotten Sam killed, almost lost him. It was a never-ending battle. Protect Sam. Save Sam. His job was hard, eating at him every day." Aw, don't be upset, Dean! He's not much happier in his head, is he? Nevertheless, it's a sweetly morbid paragraph, and I love it.

“We, Dean. We killed it.” I like it when it's pretty much what one does the other does. It's a nice, occasionally chaotic rhythm of life they used to have; that was something I enjoyed. One of the reasons I'm enjoying this story so much is that you've integrated that.

“Ib, sheut, ka, and now I know you know your name so you have ren.” Brings back some classes I took like two years ago. Fun! Well, not for Dean, but that's normal.

“She took that?” AND she sucked blood out of like your neck, man. Nasty.

If I didn't mention it before (I don't remember), I liked how you did their auras. I think they matched them perfectly. Sam's was shiny and strong and "delicious" and special, and Dean's was earthy and brown and strong and loyal and isolated. They were both special, really, but Dean's was extraordinarily awesome human special, and Sam's was sparkly supernatural power etc. special. I like the distinction, and I think it's accurate. Pretty cool.

“Don’t make this about me. You need to find you, Dean.” I like how you wrote Dean so close to as he is in the show - our lovely, self-loathing eldest brother who is more than he thinks he is. Also, this reminds me of S5 and Sam telling Dean he has to let him grow up. I think that's code for, "I'm not an idiot, let me do things; and you have to let me take care of you, too." Mainly the second part. But that's just me.

“I’m calling him Sam Dean.” Yeah, odd name, but so not as odd as Topaz. The kid lucked out!

“What’s wrong with Dean Sam?” I dunno, maybe the same thing that's wrong with saying 'Dean and Sam,' which I never do for some reason. It's a mystery.

“Yeah, well, chances are, that was my first and last time." That's sad - neither of them are likely to have lives or kids with how deep into the world of the supernatural they are now. Makes their earlier life look like a cakewalk. They barely TALK to humans anymore. So sad...

-“Just you.” Just my big brother.- That just about did me in. I got all weepy and crap.

One of the things I really like about the stories of yours that I've read is that you don't leave either brother out. It drives me insane when people leave one (usually Sam) on the sidelines for a story, or make them kind of a "token" character, if you understand what I mean; not really important, just there because they're usually together.

I had a great time reading this! Great story!

Holly Lukeman chapter 5 . 10/8/2009
"Happy Supernatural Day"? That's awesome! I'm using that from now on! With that said, Happy Supernatural Day to you, too! Man, I really like this show.

First, I loved the scene where Sam woke up to find Dean lying in the bed next to him, singing to musing and bopping his head to the rhythm. Real or not, I liked it - it was just so NORMAL for them that it felt almost safe. Which happens about never, now. Ah, well.

“You’ve come… to take Dean away. From me.” Aw, why you gotta say it like that, Sammy? It kills me whenever anyone/anything takes either brother away from the other (because really, they so belong together). These dreams with John aren't happy (but they ARE entertaining, so...).

“I’ll fight you, Dad.” Hmm. Makes me kinda wonder if John had lived and tried to kill Sam (when things went inevitably downhill), what would Dean have done? Or Sam?

"Dean’s eyes opened. Save him? What about Dean saving Sam? Saving him from the inevitable. He had to save, he couldn’t kill him. He wouldn’t kill him. How could you kill the only person in the world that mattered to you? How could you save him?" Love this paragraph - for me, it just hits at the heart of who Dean is...or was, I dunno. Either way.

"He stretched out and let Sam’s fingers touch his and then felt a pull inside when his brother fiercely laced his fingers within his." You write their connection really well - I can practically feel it all the time, which is just awesome.

Ha, ha! Sam's insistence that he felt good when Fish Sticks questioned him about his side and back was so funny! Oh, Sammy. Such a Winchester. So stubborn, but I like it. :)

“What did you do last night?” Fish asked from behind them. “Will yourself to get better?” Yep! :D

"They needed the break from one another and they both knew it, felt it." I'm glad that alongside the closeness, you show that they are separate people who need time apart once in a while. It's this kind of thing that makes them more real.

“I get it. You go, I go.” You jump, I jump, Jack. I've thought of this before (comparing them to Rose and Jack), and I came up with a very logical reason Dean had to be Rose. I forgot why, now, but it was funny...

"But Sam was prepared, too. He had plans of his own, too. Crucify." Scary Sammy. But I like protective Sam. Although angry Sam is scarier than angry Dean, to me. But way more fun. ;)

Whoa, intense scene with Dean being eaten (ew) and SAm rescuing him. And CARRYING Dean like that? Sam's no midget, but Dean's not exactly small, either.

“You okay, Dean?” He called out, reaching his left arm out and slightly shaking him. “We got her, okay? You’re gonna be all right now.” Geez, I'm gonna cry or something. For some reason that made me think of post-season 3, pre-season 4 and how bad Sam had to be, then. I really like this paragraph, though - totally vivid.

"He had Dean and Dean had him. And without that, neither had anything." Precisely. Now if only we could get the boys on the show to really realize this...

Lovely sentences, by the way. And so very true.

Your monster thingy in this story is still very creepy to me. That's pretty cool. :)

So, now they're both beat to pulps and we only have one chapter left. Sounds about right. I'm going to try getting to the next chapter as soon as I can, but midterms are coming up. Yippy skippy.

Great chapter!
Holly Lukeman chapter 4 . 10/3/2009
Have I mentioned before that I'm glad you don't do really short chapters? That drives me up the wall, most times. They're a good length in this story (that's something that's important to me). Yay for you!

Okay, this Kitsune is just creepy. And AT THE WINDOW? No, nuh uh, I'm going to have nightmares or something. Pretty awesome creature! :D

I still crack up at at stuff like, "Cheese and rice, it's here!" Pretty darn funny.

"Dean knew “you” meant “us” and his eyes flew to Sam..." Aw. I just love both boys! Your stories remind me of that, and that's just about as great as it gets.

Dean using his "John voice" was cute. Sam didn't think so (and I love how you included that he ignores John's commands), though.

“What, Dean, you gonna kill me?” Whoa, I'm surprised Dean DIDN'T sock him one. Nice line, by the way - it was surprising and grabbed my interest (more).

“You can’t do it all.”

Sam glared back. “And neither can you.”

EXACTLY, boys!

"Don’t get mad at me. I had to look out for you. That’s my job!" Hopefully we get some of that back this season. I miss that. :( I love how you work the deal and the boys' emotions in this story.

“What does Sam have that is his own?” Interesting...and a good point. For both of them, I think. More Sam, though. Now you've got me thinking.

“You people are the most Goddamn stubborn boys I have ever met.” Welcome to our show, Fish Sticks.

Wonderful chapter! You keep up the tensions nicely, and I love that in a story. This is so much fun!
Holly Lukeman chapter 3 . 9/8/2009
Ha! I like your extra characters. They have cool names and exclamation phrases.

“You look like shit.” Dean growled.

“So do you, scarface.”

Loved that part. It's definitely something I can see them doing, especially when arguing about who's too injured to go fight the evil creature. I have a feeling this particular argument isn't over yet.

Sam's triumphant attitude when the doctor said *shouldn't* was too funny! And did I mention that the heartbeat thing was pretty much awesome? That's part of why I read fanfiction at all - things can be put into it that would be cool on the show but that for one reason or another won't happen. Creative addition - I like it.

Creepy things at windows freak me out, especially when they can talk and say creepy things.

Great chapter! It was a lot of fun to read. I like that even though it's dramatic, you keep the guys lighter at moments (Springsteen or not Springsteen?).

Linnie McCary chapter 6 . 8/29/2009
There's lots of beauty in the fic, Blair, and lots of innovation. What DOES Sam have, I wondered after you posed the question, and then nodded when you answered it so wisely.

The soul-auras were really unusual, and well-written. The picture you painted of the family together in the first moments after the baby was born was warm and compelling. Sam finding Dean in the darkness was amazing, as was his determination that Dean WOULD come back, although the others tried to convince him otherwise.

You use words in an interesting way, and make unique comparisons-"his voice was ginger and cinnamon" just one example; Sam sitting down on his back legs another, and Dave holding his head in helplessness described as 'covering his bald spot' an amusing other. I loved the fact that for the longest time, the stocky kid didn't have a name.

"The things you boys know-" The things that SN fanfic writers know! Great research with the kitsune and the Arikara and the five parts of the soul...all good stuff.

I hadn't thought before about the boys being the end of the Winchester line (and don't believe that will be the case once Show is over, but that's a whole 'nother topic)-your brotherly denouement was extremely soft and bittersweet and fulfilling.

Very nice work indeed!
Linnie McCary chapter 3 . 8/27/2009
About Chapters 2 and 3:

-the 'couldn't' and 'wouldn't' about holding Sam's body was shocking (in a fabulous way). Poor, poor Dean.

-(Damn straight you'll sit with your brother, Dean!)

-"stuck in the inbetween" - terrific language

-Ahh, great: "life's been good to me so far..." I want to know this backstory, why this song has meaning for them. I'm certain it's sentimental, and as I reflected on what it might be, I actually got a little misty.

-Such a telling sentence, so cleverly underplayed: "It had been a long time since he had slept four hours in a row."

-Loved your insight on John's instructions on questions and complications.

-The voice? Breathtaking sentiment in that beautiful sentence.

-"Just go with it." LOL. I have twin nieces. Guess what I'll be calling them?

-Funny coincidence, about the Heinz 57.

-Sam's understated observation about the kitsune was unexpected and delightfully described.

-Jewel's dialogue is so completely real!

-Lovely, lovely-the tension draping and ridiculing, greedily consuming "words they wouldn't say to one another" *sigh*
Linnie McCary chapter 1 . 8/27/2009
Great place to start a fic, Blair, and the first breathing lesson was so tense and heart-wrenching that I'm not sure with whom I sympathized most.

Just WONDERFULLY gross, the decapitated head "almost teasing (Dean) to come out and stroke it." Pardon me while I delightedly lose my dinner...

"Cheese and rice"? I LOVE IT! I'm totally using that in RL. And Dean's arms above his head were hysterical.

Really intriguing OCs, and I could really feel the climb up the hill.

Possibly my favorite, so far: the concept of Whipper and Snapper. *chortles helplessly*
Holly Lukeman chapter 2 . 8/14/2009
Jeez, this one yanked just about every heart string I've got. It was awesome!

First, I have to mention this: "Think we only get two stations up here. One is country…”

“Don’t bother then,” Dean retorted.

I'm right there with him on that (mostly). It made me laugh - so very Dean.

Dean blaming himself for Sam's injury is classic Winchester. "Forget" isn't a frequently employed concept in their lives. I realized when I read this that they do try to keep their cool even when things are going up in smoke - you don't really notice until you've watched the show for a while.

Oh, my God, warm. Dean needed that warmth. His eyes shot to Dave’s profile, shooting rays of anger, gut wrenching fear and truth and kindred need. His body traveled to the larger man in two quick strokes and he met him with a tackle at the chair. “Get up, get up!” - This part surprised me, but I really liked it. It kind of showed Dean's exact state at the moment, which wasn't good.

"Dean couldn’t remember a time that Sam ever called out for their father. It had always been Dean." Interesting speculation. Accurate, I'd bet. Sad, though.

Great chapter! I really like this story so far. :D
Holly Lukeman chapter 1 . 8/5/2009
I love how you started this story, just kind of throwing us right into the thick of things. First I have to say that it was very creepy, the whole blizzard-in-the-middle-of-the-night-with-the-scary-monster-staring-at-Sam thing. Nice.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but you seem to have really wonderful tension in your stories. That's not something that comes easily to me, so it's something I especially admire.

Huh. So the townies know about vampires and kitsunes. I'd say that should make the Winchesters' job easier, but I'm not so sure. That's kind of a cool way to do this story - with people who believe in and know about that kind of thing.

Last, I really love how you write Sam and Dean together. You keep their core attributes constant, which is awesome. Dean's concern for Sam is something I miss right now, since him watching out for his brother is one of my favorite things about him, and we haven't gotten much of that this past season. Doesn't look likely for next season either, but that's how it goes.

So. Great chapter, and I can't wait to read more.
Harrigan chapter 6 . 7/19/2009
It's a real pleasure to read a work like this all in one sitting - not interrupted by fragments of other writers' WIPs.

You really demonstrated a great grasp of pacing. You know when to give us action, when to offer hurt, where and how to apply comfort, when to slip in some exposition, where to linger in a little introspection... it all came together brilliantly. And it made my heart hurt.

I'm so glad to have discovered your fic!
Harrigan chapter 5 . 7/19/2009
I don't think I've mentioned how well you do action scenes! And how much I am enjoying the Monster-of-the-Week! Your gifted combination of research and imagination is a credit to you. But I can't linger here to give you more deserved praise - there's just one chapter to go!
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