Reviews for Never Tear Us Apart
heyalove chapter 6 . 9/16/2008
This was such a cute story...good job on it! Loved how they got together!
HJS-NS-23 chapter 6 . 8/3/2008
haha this line cracked me up!

Peyton rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. “Come on little horny boy, let’s get you into my bed so you can pop my cherry.”

Great chapter i'm sad to see this story ending...cant wait to reat the epilogue!
MaryBBlove23 chapter 6 . 8/2/2008
great chapter!
lukenpeyton-puckleberry-4ever chapter 6 . 8/2/2008
i loved it, i loved how not only did you show pathan friendship you showed brucas friendship. i loved that peyt and luke knew exactly where to find the other,the bridge. i loved how he finally admitted that it was peyt, i am glad that haley wasn't against them getting back together, i loved leyton love. update soon
Looney4MyTunes3 chapter 6 . 8/2/2008
thanks for the UD cant wait for the epilogue
Looney4MyTunes3 chapter 5 . 7/7/2008
Love the chapter. by far the best! Especially the ending :) please update soon!
Leyton-equals-TrueLoveAlways chapter 5 . 7/7/2008
that was really sweet.
luke-n-peyton chapter 5 . 7/6/2008
Love, love, love this story. And the last chapter was amazing. Can't wait to read more of their love story, so please update soon!
heysonya chapter 5 . 7/6/2008
Yes, it was amazing. The fact that the button hit Lucas in the forehead made me crack up.

Good story!

MaryBBlove23 chapter 5 . 7/6/2008
I loved it! I cant wait for more!
x-Leyton4Life-x chapter 4 . 6/18/2008
Great update!

I'm so glad Lucas grew some balls and stopped the wedding. I also loved how he kept the vows he wrote for Peyton all those years ago, so cute!

Anway I'm looking forward to more so please update soon!
Leyton-equals-TrueLoveAlways chapter 4 . 6/16/2008
yay lucas finally came to his sense! i just wish it had went that way in season 5. i REALLY liked the part where peyton found his vows for her :D
HJS-NS-23 chapter 4 . 6/15/2008
YES! I am so glad he didnt marry her and aww about the vows! update soon!
lovely35 chapter 4 . 6/15/2008
That was great.

Way to go Brooke: She said what Lucas need to hear because he wouldn't admit to himself. I think she was great on telling the truth even though she knew it was going to hurt him. But she did it for her BBF Peyton.

Yay, Lucas finally realize it and told Lindsey: Bye Bye

I love reading the chapter it wasn't at all what I was expecting

Great job and good writing

I guess I will have to wait and see what Lucas does...
Looney4MyTunes3 chapter 4 . 6/15/2008
aww... This is so cute! I really cant wait to find out what happens next! Please update soon!
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