Reviews for His Girl
Kerofan chapter 2 . 4/5/2015
Wow that was a awesome lemon great job. I'm very glad that you made Sakura and Syaoran a virgin. I'm a fan of your fanfictions I may not review like most people but I read your fanfictions. Great work on everything.
skyhopper chapter 2 . 8/11/2013
So happy she showed up. And u did good job with the lemon
CrazyCutePeanut chapter 2 . 7/7/2010
I loved how they saved theirselves for each other. I want a dude who thinks me as beautiful in every way!
mejt chapter 2 . 5/25/2009
wow! although this story was just two chaps, i found it very wonderful... job well done...
rosedreamer101 chapter 2 . 8/16/2008
oh wow...
PhantomsAngel1988 chapter 2 . 7/25/2008
good job, i loved it.
Ariene-NightShade chapter 2 . 6/28/2008
there is only one way to describe this story and it is kawaii
CJ Wanderson chapter 2 . 6/16/2008
I knew it ! xD well done :]
CJ Wanderson chapter 1 . 6/16/2008
who is it ? o.o LET'S FIND OUT ! XD
Sheethkal Shahar chapter 2 . 6/8/2008
You sure this is your first story? cuz it was really good. And for a first try, and after the hundreds of stories I've read, that's REALLY good. Can't wait to read more from you.

pinkstainedcheeks chapter 2 . 6/7/2008

I feel so turned on! DAMN!

Ok.. got to go and calm down!

No more read M rated fanfics Wakahisa Sakura!

(Jeez, I'm talking to myself)
xXxCherryBlossomxXx chapter 2 . 5/30/2008
that was so good! _
emmaleexx chapter 2 . 5/29/2008
that was nice :)
unmistakably forbidden chapter 2 . 5/26/2008

how sweet XD

great lemon .
SweetRomance123 chapter 2 . 5/23/2008
that was so sweet!
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