Reviews for The Brief History of a Man Named Yinsen
V.Evergreen chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
Wow that was really good and incredibly sad.
Tiresius69 chapter 1 . 6/23/2008
Thank you for the insight on Yinsen. As in your wonderful ongoing work, "Session," you bring us right into the character's rich background and frame of mind. Also loved the attention to detail and the style in which it was written. Of all the characters in the film, your story reminds me that it is in fact YISEN who was probably the noblest character. How this great, gentle man in his incredible sorrow was still wise enough to see the potential in Tony and nurture it. Tony, who would become his ultimate weapon for revenge.

And yet you don't characterize Yinsen as this terrible, vengeful man set on causing destruction. He remains caring and supportive, not directly wishing harm on others. Even in his "rampage" with a rifle in the movie, Yinsen never shoots at anyone directly. He's a man of peace, and knowing that further underscores the tragedy of Yinsen's final days. Your Yinsen remains so true to the film version. Well done!

By bringing a different approach to most of the IM fic out there, you and other top-notch authors have made this my favourite fandom. As a result, I've likely become the most unproductive worker on my office floor.

Hope to catch more of your work, and soon.
Carr chapter 1 . 5/20/2008
This was incredible. I was around for the requisite Tony/Pepper fic, but clicked on this after reading the summary and was just blown away. Fantastic job-I think you really managed to get the whole emotion of the collateral damage of war in here.