Reviews for What I Don't Like About You
Lady Rowena2 chapter 37 . 5/11
I'm loving this story but I have to point out a glaring plot hole you have here. Zukos reaction to Katara in fire nation clothes doesn't make sense given he HAD to have seen her wearing them during the episode with Hama. I like the scene itself, but it IS a plot hole.
Akalish chapter 55 . 5/10
Waaaaahh! You cruel, cruel people! I cried, do you realise that? I CRIED! It was amazing and so, so sad! I don't like sad endings, even if it is mutual and everything, but still! And I guess that's why I love it so, so much. The very fact that this is more realistic and romantic than any of the Zutara fics I've read, and trust me, I've read A LOT. Thank you for this amazing fic, it was filled with angst, romance, friendship, drama and humour, everything you could wish bundled in one package.

Just one question, which I guess, in my opinion, is the whole reason to why this story is so fantastic, but still: why did you decide to stick to the canon couples?

eclectisms chapter 55 . 5/3
Jesus fucking Christ. I wasn't expecting to cry tonight, lmao.

Thanks so much for completing this fic. It was bittersweet and utterly heartbreaking, but absolutely worth the years following it. I don't know if y'all will remember me, considering you guys broke 2k reviews (congrats!), but I used to go by ZutaraFan4, and I called this story better than Stormbenders once (or a few times). I stand by that today. I don't remember how I first found this fic, or how far into the story you guys were by the time I clicked the follow button, but it's been a long time, and this story has helped to get me through a lot of hard times (highschool was a bitch is all I'll say). Your characterizations for Zuko and Katara have always been the most true to form I've ever read, and the reality and life you've managed to add to the ATLA universe is incredible, especially considering how much there was to start. There's been multiple rewatches where I kept wondering if I missed where Zuko shouted "he burned my face" on Ember Island with the Gaang, haha. I can't say I knew it would end with the breakup, but I avoided reading the new updates for a while, probably wanting to keep WIDLAY in my head as the gritty Zutara rewrite. Even though my chest physically hurts right now, and I've been leaking tears steadily for the past hour, I love the ending you've gone with, and I can't wait to read the sequel. Any chance to hear the characters' voices as if their actors were reading it to me there is, I'll take it! Voices are one of the first things I lose when I'm reading, and I've been able to hear Mae Whitman and Dante Basco since I first clicked on this story all those years ago.

I'm losing my attention span (probably because it's almost 1:30am, lol), so I'll stop myself here. I'm pretty sure it devolved into no clear cohesion as it is fjsjfk
Thanks, guys. You're incredible. This story was incredible.
-Danae, ZutaraFan4
Anon chapter 55 . 5/2
I hate this ending so much it hurts.
Guest chapter 55 . 4/21
shayerahall chapter 55 . 4/17
Aaand I cry again. Honestly, I just wanted to slap Katara right in the face. But I am too much like her to relate and understand why she did what she did.
I hate you guys. And I adore you at the same time. Your story tore fans' hearts in peaces (mine included).
The Lady Destiny can be a cruel fucking bitch. At the same time she can be generous beyond the limit. The story within your fiction and the story within your life illustrate it perfectly.
I wouldn't have guts to stick to this ending. I admire your dedication to the story you always meant to tell. It was beautiful. Thank you.
Shayera chapter 52 . 4/16
Congrats guys. I'm crying over a fanfiction. Well done. Well fucking done.

P.S. I ALWAYS knew from the beginning that you'll end up as a couple. There was something... something subtle in your notes which immediately sold it away to me. I can only wish the story of you two to be happy ever after unlike the story in your fic.
Guest chapter 55 . 4/7
I just want to tell you. You're a fuck. A Fucking Fuckity Fuxk. Fuck! Omg! Fuck! You toy with my heart! You you despicable fundamentally warpped bloody JELLY! YOU DICK YOU RICHARD YOU LIL PIECE OF MY BREAKFAST IN MY FUCKING TOILET YOU FUCKING FUCK!


Nice story btw. I hate the ending. But the rest is really well done.
heavydestro chapter 55 . 4/5
That ending breaks my heart like fuckin ruined my day.
Great story. Was epic realistic as can be.
Fucking sucks though. Like huge balls. Kinda salty I read this.
But it was awesome.
Kyu-Momo chapter 55 . 3/21
Eh, I'm okay with this. She doesn't deserve him anyway. :3
Kyu-Momo chapter 54 . 3/21
Ah, Zuko is such a badass. Love it!

Meanwhile, Katara is still an idiot.

The way you write Zuko MORE than makes up for it though. He's so frikkin awesome. Also: HOT DAMN! *fans self*
Kyu-Momo chapter 36 . 3/20
Ah, good. Katara is finally starting to redeem herself. :3
Kyu-Momo chapter 28 . 3/20
Katara is annoying. The guy too 20 lashes for you and saved your ass so many times and for what. All he did was tell her the truth. I'm starting to think Zuko deserves someone better than her. She's an ungrateful little brat. sheesh!
thespeedforce4 chapter 43 . 2/16
thespeedforce4 chapter 42 . 2/15
Oh boy. Tensions are high.
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