Reviews for What I Don't Like About You
LuvAllPokemon chapter 3 . 8/12
ah yes. Reliving that awkward chat. Loved the added details!
LuvAllPokemon chapter 2 . 8/12
Damn, that was an intense 180 switch from humor to seriousness and I love it! I'm loving this so far!
Guest chapter 55 . 7/3
So disappointed with this ending. A great way of ruining what was an awesome story in my opinion.
Fear chapter 55 . 5/6
What kinda cuck shit is this?
Frozen862 chapter 55 . 5/6
Zuko should tell them to go fuck themself
Cinderelly-1999 chapter 55 . 4/26
I enjoyed the darker themes that you added to certain parts like death, killing etc and I liked the build up. And mad respect for you as a writer sticking to your story for so many years and not abandoning it.

But I am disappointed with the ending how they went through all that build up and didn't end up staying together. It kind of ruined it for me but oh well what...
Step Of Death chapter 55 . 3/23
I have no words to describe just how deeply disappointed I am with this story, and I honestly can't stress this enough.

I loved the way you turned Boiling Rock into something a bit darker, yet managed to keep the plot so closely tied to canon. The grammar was outstanding, everyone was in-character and the scenes taken directly from the show were so perfectly described that it honestly felt like you came up with them yourselves. The story had a perfect mix of action, drama, comedy and heartwarming moments. The effort you put into making the story realistic with Zuko being a bad hunter made me feel a lot of respect for you. I genuinely cried when Zuko's secret was revealed in Chapter 13, and I'm not lying when I say that I'll probably never forget this specific moment. This is what makes a good story: memorable scenes that trigger the most complex emotions. At that point I was absolutely sure that this was going to be the best Zutara fanfic I'd ever read.

Sadly, this ending ruined everything for me. I simply can't believe that after 300k words and 55 chapters you would split them up for seemingly no reason. What is even the point of putting so much effort into a story about two characters and then pairing them with different afterwards? Because "it made sense"? Sorry, but it simply doesn't. It's a fanfic, for god's sake. You could have found another way - altered some facts, maybe. Perhaps even rewritten certain events, as you did with Hama's episode. But no. Two authors, and none of you actually stopped to think before uploading this chapter, which has to be the most irrational and heartbreaking ending I ever had the displeasure of reading. Everything you built, everything you worked hard for, crumbled to pieces with one chapter. I feel betrayed, like how Katara felt in Ba Sing Se. I have the habit of re-reading memorable stories, but I honestly can't bring myself to ever read this again, knowing what awaits me in the end.
SeaZZor chapter 55 . 1/14
Good written story till the end. I mean why even bother writing Zutara? Such a good story ruined.
Hiniwalay chapter 55 . 1/9
Nice ending...
I love that you had Aang and Zuko converse like that. Man to man. Understanding each other on a level no one else does. Really wraps things up. And the Zuko and Katara after... whew.
Mai laughed? I’m kind of skeptic, honestly. Wow, did you make her grow a lot. It’s so different from how they conversed in canon. Canonically their relationship was more of hormones and ways to distract and enjoy, but here you show a deep emotional connection.
I’m starting on the prologue of What I Always Loved About You...
gtg read it bye
Hiniwalay chapter 54 . 1/9
Damn, I cannot stress enough how much I love what you did with Azula and Zuko’s conversation. “I’M BETTER! ALWAYS!” Cuts right to the heart of the matter. I feel for her. On some level, being my formerly pridefully overachieving self, I relate to that cry.
I’m not sure how to feel about the white fire; it’s always felt rather deus-ex-machina-y for me, and kind of a huge leap. I’m sure that would have made an awesome visual, though. Azula’s eyes widening in horror as she sees undeniable evidence that he has surpassed her.
Interesting what you did with Phoenix King, how it has its origin. This if nothing else would convince the Fire Sages and gain Zuko the support of the nation.
I like what you did with Mai’s involvement. Both the nobles issue (woah! Color me impressed) and her fighting to resuscitate Zuko throug the lighting. Dammit, Mai’s great and so loving of Zuko, too. Mai could be a great partner to Zuko if she’d continue to be selfless and lessen the negativity. Katara, of course, would be better for Zuko, but as a whole, like considering the political side... they’re evenly matched. Dang. I can’t hate Maiko, or even dislike it all that much. If Mai brings out her best, Maiko’d be alright.
Gotta say, I like how the nobles have their unique stories behind their support of Zuko.
I glory in the move you did with Azula sweeping Zuko with a kick to the back of the knees, but he handstands. I’m trying to visualize it and it looks awesome.
Interesting how you have Iroh’s wisdom come through.
Off to read the last chapter! It’s been a wild ride.
Hiniwalay chapter 53 . 1/9
Fascinating! The strategies and how each of the characters play their role is intriguing. I never thought Mai would have a family history like that, but it makes sense. Hakoda is an excellent speechmaker. Love that Chen’s getting into the action. You flesh out even inconsequential extras well, huh? I enjoyed reading about the guards. You always have this thought-provoking insight into the many different people in the story, even the ones most wouldn’t give more than a passing thought too, and I love it.
Admittedly, I kind of decided to stop reading when I learned how this was likely going to end based on the excerpt of the sequel you added at the end of a previous chapter. Plus the fact that this is my, I dunno, 80th ATLA fan fiction read? And I thought maybe it’s time that I let go. But I came back to read and was sucked in again by the way you write and the insights you have, and I remembered why I initially binge-read this in utter fascination even if the events closely resemble canon.
Hiniwalay chapter 51 . 1/9
Beautiful. I love it.

Aang was the one who taught Katara that bending could be a dance, right? But with Zuko’s fire and her water, this would be far more gorgeous.
Hiniwalay chapter 46 . 12/28/2018
The way you write is amazing and it’s keeping me on my toes even though half of the events are already canon. That’s a testament to the awesomeness of your writing.
Ohh, you’re male? I feel like that explains some things about the way the romance and the perspectives of the characters are written.
Tsaka, napakaproud ako sayo kababayan!
Hiniwalay chapter 42 . 12/28/2018
That was the very definition of intense
Hiniwalay chapter 21 . 12/27/2018
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