Reviews for What I Don't Like About You
Tortoise01Swe chapter 53 . 5/1
This story is one of the best I've ever read! And believe me I've read plenty :) But please don't give up on it. You're so close and just like this story never give up on you knees hehe ;) I'll wait patiently for the next chapter. Cause I know it will be worthwhile :) 3
vaquier2 chapter 53 . 4/27
Ah! I think this was my favourite Zukara fic so far! It is way above any other I have ever read.
First, you stick to the canon while changing what you must for this story to be a Zutara, but it always fits so well, it is incredible. To me your additions always seem to be exactly in tune to the show, you just take things a step further. All through this, I felt like this was a more realistic approach of the story and what the show would have been, if he had targeted only more mature audiences than kids. It was such a captivating story, I couldn't stop reading it once I began.
Also your characters were never never never OOC. From what I have seen so far on , this seem to be the greatest difficulty for the writers. How could they stick to a character whose thoughts are unknown to us, and that we only know through their words and actions? This is a cartoon, so writing the characters is a challenge, adding their thoughts, explaining their actions, is difficult, but you guys just pass this with flying colors! It was so great to see a grumpy, closed-off Zuko or a motherly yet childish Katara, with both weaknesses and strengh.
I loved the fact that although we readers tend to forget that the characters don't know the half of what we know about each other, because we have seen the show, and so we know more that the characters, you kept the fact in mind while writing the fic. Indeed, I had almost forgotten that the Gaang doesn't know anything about Zukko except that he is a Fire Nation prince, their ennemy and that he has a burn mark on the side of his face. They don't know the details of what happened to him. Idem for Zukko.
I loved also when you changed the order of the episodes, and wrote the puppet master episode as if it had taken place after the Boiling Rocks episodes in the show. Suddenly everything seemed to make so much more sense : why was Katara angry at Zuko (except fo having betrayed her trust back in Ba Sing Se), why she would want to pursue her mother murderer...
I loved how the relationship between Zuko and Katara grew, and their interactions with the others characters. My favourites were the brotherly bond Zuko and Sokka have built and Zukko and Toph. These two never fail to make me laugh, they are so great together as friends! Let's not forget Zukko and Iroh!
The whole thing with Sozai's Comet and how Aang will have to deal with the Fire Lord was so well built I could only say it makes sense, more than the show somehow. Because I believe that yes, the avatar has a duty to the world and should perform it, he can't afford to be selfish and refuse to kill (or even slice a melon!) because of some principles. The fate of the world is in balance! Yes all lives are sacred, but I believe Ozai forfeited the sacredness of his life the moment he was bound on destroying the world. All lives ceased to be sacred since then for him and if Aang doesn't kill him, he will be. Because Ozai won't be stop by pretty moral ideals.
All in all, I beg of you guys, please do not abandon this fic. This is by far the best Zukara I have ever read. You said so yourself, you have an idea for a sequel, so pleae please please post again one day.
moonsun18 chapter 53 . 4/3
This story is just so amazing! Please tell me you're going to finish it...hopefully soon? :)
Guest chapter 53 . 4/3
First off, wow you two are amazing writers. You have no idea how happy it makes me to read such beautiful writing about my favorite dynamic duo. I really really hope you are able to finish the story soon! Please? :)
Slumberdore chapter 1 . 3/29
please please update this its the best zutara ive ever read! Its almost over too so why leave us hanging like this?! Youre an amazing writer and you should keep it up!
Elen-Di chapter 42 . 3/28
I've been waiting for that big reveal. Talk about dramatic! (I wish they'd shown that revelation to the gaang in the show). I'm curious to see how you alter the last episode.
Elen-Di chapter 21 . 3/28
This is pretty entertaining! I'm enjoying the Zutara development. :) Puppetmaster is definitely the creepiest episode, and you're definitely maintaining the tone!
Slumberdore chapter 53 . 3/24
This story is amazing. Update please?!
Guest chapter 52 . 3/2
There's still hope, write the scene where Zuko takes lightning for katara then I'm sure she would want to stay with him!
johnson chapter 43 . 2/28
This is a great fanfic. Even though I hate Zutara stories with a passion and this one is clearly not finished yet. I already know how its going to end. Really how do Katara and Zuko break it off in the end, and him and Mai gets back together. What happened to a Zutara fanfic. Even I think Zuko and Mai should be together, a Zutara story like this one can get me to soften up and stop hating Zutara finfics so much.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/28
Katara seems to fit in with the bitch switch in fanfics cause it's just like the show. Curse you Mike and Bryan!
OmgThisFic chapter 53 . 2/28
THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH AND I WISH YOU WOULD CONTINUE WITH IT! I'm dying to to see how it all ends, so I hope you'll be able to finish!
hikarik0 chapter 53 . 2/19
Awesome fiction, things have began to complicated against on the story and it keeping me holding my breath, I'm thriller to know what will happen nest, ans since I don't think you want all your fans death do to affixing (For all the breath holding) you'll been updating your story soon enough. thanks for been so creative and writing this fic
Guest chapter 53 . 2/10
Trombe: can I ask you a question? If you say no I'm going to do it anyway...
So where're or is the last chapter of this amazing fan fiction, like... What happend to Zutura? Please answer me
I really really really need to know
Thank you for doing it
AntiAdverb chapter 4 . 12/22/2014
You really need to stop using adverbs after every time someone talks. It hurts flow, and is absolutely unneccessary. Orson Scott Card has a post about it on his website about writing. Writing an adverb after every verb makes your dialogue sound really bad.
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