Reviews for What I Don't Like About You
Melting Angels chapter 51 . 4/13
I was enjoying this story so, so much. I've loved it. It has been a pleasure to read. And has suddenly ended. Why would you leave such a fantastic story for 4 years?! You have so many reviews and there is so much love for your story here, so why have you left?
RAHELA chapter 51 . 3/20
This story was totaly amazing,breathtaking I would say. I loved every chapter of it but I don't understand why would you stop writing. I see it's ben a long time since you lastly touched this story but I can't help to hope that you'll still continue it. Please work on with these one a lot of readers are waiting.
Ruby Pen chapter 51 . 3/15
Please tell me you haven't discontinued this story. Its one of my favorites and is actually the reason I became a Zutara shipper. The same goes for my sister. It would break my heart if this story gets taken down
nightdrive23 chapter 51 . 3/11
I remember when you first began this story, I believe I left a review within the first couple of chapters, when you didn't have that many reviews yet, saying this had amazing potential to be one of the best avatar/zutara stories on this site, and I was right, but you stopped. It's been over 3 years and my heart is breaking, what happened? Perhaps you lost interest, I know the feeling, but a story with this many reviews? I feel something must have happened. Please come back.
Mari83 chapter 5 . 3/5
Zuko butchering uncle proverbs:D Only Sokka would react to that...
Mari83 chapter 4 . 3/5
This is great! Love the Zuko-Sokka cameraderie!
erisol chapter 49 . 2/23
this can funny too.
erisol chapter 36 . 2/17
This story is more likable than the actual show.
erisol chapter 34 . 2/16
Their conversations are good and well thought out.
erisol chapter 31 . 2/16
such a good story.
erisol chapter 28 . 2/16
erisol chapter 17 . 2/14
Maybe Toph will have more parts later on. Anyways great chapter.
erisol chapter 16 . 2/14
Can't get over how well writing this is.
erisol chapter 11 . 2/14
I like this a lot.
erisol chapter 8 . 2/13
Really great fan fiction. One of my favorite.
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