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Guest chapter 52 . 3h ago
First, a super congratulations to your engagement! Second, thank you for coming back to this story. I remember reading this uears ago hoping that you guys would continue it. You two have made one of the best fanfictions ever!
Celis chapter 52 . 3h ago
Thank the old Gods AND the new! 4 FUCKING YEARS! And now i want MORE! :D
Kimberly T chapter 52 . 7h ago
Thoughts as I was reading:
Yayyyy, an update at long last! And it's not one of those "sorry, this is all you get" author notes; they really are continuing this! Double Yayyyy! ...But that talk about not wanting to write the ending they had planned from the beginning, is rather ominous...

So Mai is on Hakoda's ship, hm? And very welcome there, if she's up on deck talking to him and no one else even bats an eye. So now she's completely switches sides? Hmm, her speech about Zuko sounds very objective, focusing more on the good of the country and who's best to rule it, but Hakoda apparently has no problem seeing through the words to her heart. Ah, poor Mai... Huh. Am I detecting a hint of could-be-more-than-friends between them? Hmmm...

And our favorite couple is off on bison-back, to defeat Azula and reclaim the crown!

...Oh. So that's what the ominous-seeming part of the author's notes was about... Oh, Katara. Your words do make sense, and if you're so determined that your destiny lies elsewhere, then I suppose it's better to end the dream quickly, before Zuko thoughtlessly makes an announcement in front of Fire Nation officials or whatever. Still, that was painful to read.
(I choose to believe that they spend the next hour or more making out in the saddle, doing all the things they know they won't be able to do once the war is over and they have to go their separate ways.)

So Hakoda's master plan involves Ty Lee, huh? Looking forward to finding out more about that!
cyathula chapter 52 . 8h ago
This story always occupied the top spot on my list of best Zutara stories, and when I saw the email prompt of your update I had to triple check it to make sure my eyes weren't fooling me! Congrats to both of you, I'm so glad for your guys! I wonder if there will be some ode to this Zutara story at the wedding? ;)

Won't lie, my heart was really breaking when Katara rejected Zuko, no matter what she says. I'm sad that the ending of this story will be depressing as Katara leaves him and knowing a forced Maiko will happen. I sure hope you will fix this issue promptly in the sequel (and please don't leave us hanging on some chapter before you do), since a Zutara story it doesn't make if the two of them don't get together! :P
erisol chapter 52 . 11h ago
Wow so it all started with a fan fiction? Well congratulations, so sweet and nerdy. You two are great writers I want to write my own fan fiction now.
Melting Angels chapter 52 . 12h ago
. .

Dude. DUDE.

Sorry, getting enthusiastic here. An amazing chapter, perfectly written! I am actually crying because I just feel so sad for Zuko. I hope his sacrifice for Katara (the lightning... Azula and Zuko's agni kai) will somewhat change her mind.

Whichever way you go, I'll be reading. I eagerly await future updates. Thank you for returning to this story.
mystery writer5775 chapter 52 . 13h ago
Congratulations to both of you. I wish you both only the best of luck in life and I am really glad you decided to finish this regardless of everything. You both are amazing and awe inspiring writers.
SailorKMoonie chapter 52 . 14h ago
Yay! Yay, for wedding bells! Yay for updates! Just yay for this posting. I'm glad you're easing us into the big battle, I don't think my brain could have processed a big battle scene so long after your last update. Can't wait for the next chapter. Love you guys!
krystalMage chapter 52 . 15h ago
Before I even read the chapter, please let me congratulate you both! This is such amazing news and I am so happy for you. This story has been my favourite for so many years and hearing the story behind it is just...inspiring. I wish you both all the best for your future.

And now, I'm going to read. Thank you sooooo much for finishing this. Thank you thank you!
xxZutaraFanxx chapter 52 . 15h ago
That was wonderful... Poor Katara, Poor Zuko. It was funny how Katara spoke of needing to be free yet the future she described seemed as if she wasn't free to do anything but that. Bittersweet... Yet the perfect prelude to what I know will be a wonderful ending (and beginning) to a fantastic tale. It has truly been a pleasure reading your story and I cannot wait for your next chapter and the sequel to begin!

xxZutaraFanxx chapter 52 . 15h ago
OMG! I haven't read it yet but it's going to be amazing I can feel it. I am so happy for the two of you and congratulations on you engagement. I hope the two of you have a wonderful life together (and make loads of Zutarian babies!) How weird is it that you guys updated right on my Birthday! What a great unintentional gift!

Well I'm off to read it!

Again congrats and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us! You both are fantastic authors and I am so thankful that you did because it has been one hell of a ride!
ZukoFan chapter 42 . 18h ago
This is one of the few well written fanfictions. Actually it is so good that I started falling in love with Zuko's personality and hating Katara's anger towards him. I think that it is a well thought through plot with a good build-up of suspense. I especially like the ending; it doesn't say everything but it is interesting. Katara's and Zuko's relashionship development was also very nicely presented. Overall, this is the best fanfiction where Zuko is a part of the Gaang.
Melting Angels chapter 51 . 4/13
I was enjoying this story so, so much. I've loved it. It has been a pleasure to read. And has suddenly ended. Why would you leave such a fantastic story for 4 years?! You have so many reviews and there is so much love for your story here, so why have you left?
RAHELA chapter 51 . 3/20
This story was totaly amazing,breathtaking I would say. I loved every chapter of it but I don't understand why would you stop writing. I see it's ben a long time since you lastly touched this story but I can't help to hope that you'll still continue it. Please work on with these one a lot of readers are waiting.
Ruby Pen chapter 51 . 3/15
Please tell me you haven't discontinued this story. Its one of my favorites and is actually the reason I became a Zutara shipper. The same goes for my sister. It would break my heart if this story gets taken down
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