Reviews for What I Don't Like About You
Samantha Beatrice chapter 55 . 7/30
I love this story. I've been reading it no stop for the past three days, and I finally just finished it. The ending made me cry, which is a feat in itself, because I don't cry often when I read.

This story is really a blessing. You can write, and I'm so happy I found this story. It's amazing, sad, agonizing, heartfelt, and beautiful.

Thank you for writing this, and making me smile and cry and laugh and scream and feel all the emotions I want to when I read. This will forever be a story that I come back to. Always.
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 55 . 7/21
Okay this really crushed my poor zutara heart but there's a sequel so I'll forgive you.
Also the last line was heart melting!
What an amazing ride from start to finish! Now onto the sequel...
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 42 . 7/20
Holy chap, I didn't even realise I stopped breathing until the end of the chapter. This chapter was so tense I could practically feel it choking me. Aang's frustration and jealousy was understandable, Zuko's screaming confession about his childhood trauma was devastating and then Toph not taking it anymore was a heartbreaking reminder that she is still just a little girl, acting like a split child between separating parents. I applaud you, this was filled with glorious angst.
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 40 . 7/20
When Zuko let her feel his heart beat and he felt hers, and then said: "When our own hearts are this honest... can you tell me then... How is this wrong, Katara?"
I fucking melted. This is one of the most romantic things I've ever had the pleasure of reading!
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 26 . 7/19
Ahhh he kissed her! I didn't see that coming!
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 23 . 7/19
I should've mentioned this before but I just want to praise you for keeping up with writing the animal-combo weirdness from the show. Even as you write it as an expression/metaphor within the dialogue it takes constant thinking to keep it consistent. So well-done for that.
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 22 . 7/19
The part where Katara explained to Toph about Zuko's scar and then Toph's reaction about it being cool and wanting to touch it is EXACTLY the headcanon I've had since I first watched this show! I think this is the first time I read it in a fanfiction.
Also Zuko...abs...sweaty work...*drifts of into dream land*
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 21 . 7/19
omfg I laughed so hard at the part where everyone hurdled up next to Zuko no sound was coming out! How they fell on his lap I can just picture Zuko's expression! This whole image is sooo funny I had to pause to collect myself. And then Zuko going "besides you in my lap" and Toph blushing. Also the snoring jokes were very entertaining.
This was so much fun to read! And it's so cute how they latched onto Zuko when they got scared (Toph on his lap, Katara on his arm, Aang waiting for him to sleep nearby). It's a nice reminder that Zuko is the oldest of the group.
Mrs-N-Uzumaki chapter 11 . 7/19
I must apologise that it took me this long into the story for me to review. I was waiting for the shoe to drop and expect the story to become ooc but holy cow...this story is fucking in amazing. I am blown away because even with the canon divergence and the higher rated themes you still manage to keep the characters believeable. I can hear every voice you write! And the speech in this chapter had me immersed! Katara is the apple of her father's eye.
OuterspaceMermaid chapter 14 . 7/15
I am in love with this story so far! I'm getting so many feels! You're both so gifted in your writing skills and truly embody the characters. Throughout this story, I can't help but read the dialogue in my mind the way the cartoon voices do. Especially Uncle Iroh and The Boulder. I can't wait to read more!
Kakashi-is-my-daddy chapter 55 . 7/13
do you hear that! Those are my cries of agony cause of the Kataang ending! yucky yucky yucky! Hhaahahahahha kill me

(I did fav tho, for the one me night)
Kataang4eve chapter 55 . 7/12
Just beautiful... I have had an amazing four days reading that whole story!' And I can honestly say this had touched me in so many ways. I loved all the aspect put in this story and the author notes were always funny...
And the weird this is when you guys had went through a period of time for not updating although it did not effect me because you guys were already finished and when you guys had just said you were dating and then I went to the next chapter you guys were engaged! I loved this story and enjoyed the last 4 days catching up... Good work and thanks for all the hard work and dedication!
So much love building up from the last four days but I have to end this comment.
So amazing work and I am SO excited for the sequel... chapter 1 . 7/11
Also, fun fact: you published this story on my 9th birthday. I'm now a senior in high school. Feel old yet? I KNOW I DO chapter 55 . 7/11
SO. MANY. YEARS. OH MY GLOB. I legit started reading when I was 12, and ya'll sent me on a freakin roller coaster of emotions for the characters and you, the authors. I'm pretty sure ya'll are my real life OTP. I even cried a little when I checked up on this story a few weeks ago, now the at the age of 17, and saw that it had recently been updated. I immediately began to reread it, and YA'LL HAVE A SEQUEL OUT TOO AND I AM JUST SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS. So yeah, CONGRATS ON YOUR FANFREAKINGTASTIC LIFE AND STORY AND WRITING KAY BYE.
misadani1 chapter 55 . 7/10
Okay: that. Is. It.

I know everyone's entitled to their own opinions and that's a true and basic thing, especially in this world and in the world of story telling.

But I mean, cmoooon! If you'd read the author's notes you should've SOO seen the ending to this coming. Okay, granted, people see what they want to see and we hoped it might end differently from how the show did.

But that's what's awesome about this fic!
Trombe and artsy stuck to the main plot line and at the same time made it unique and showed us the closest way Zuko and Katara could have happened. The closest way they would have slowly fallen for each other.

And dammit, go read a zutara-happy ending fic or one where they fall for each other in one chapter and do stuff if you're not content with this one.

(Woooah, I'm not usually like this. But this strong need to defend the awesomeness that is WIDLAY is way too strong. XD)

Any who, to trombe and artsy, thank you guys for this fic. (I sent a PM. You'll see exactly what I mean ha) Its so awesome that you guys are still active on ff
And maaaan, reading your authors notes were just as fun and interesting as the story. And do you know how much I got excited over your engagement news? xD it was ridiculous. "(Yiiis! OTP inside another OTP fic.)
I mean: Me: Hahaha! (Reading on phone) They're getting married!
Friend: Oh, who?
Friend:... That's not their real names, is it?


Well anyway. Reading the sequel in a bit. More awesomeness will surely come my way.
Wishing you guys the best :)
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