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pikachucat chapter 20 . 6/30
GenX chapter 20 . 11/22/2009
I came across the first Hero High years ago, when it had just a few chapters. So I saved it to my favorites, but later my favorites ended up being deleted, but your story stuck out so much that two days ago I was thinking about it and started searching for it again. To get to the point, this is one of the best stories I have read and that is not something I say lightly because I have easily read over a hundred stories, which I don't if that is something to be proud of... anyway your an awesome writer keep on doing what you do and I wish you the best

P.s. I loved Lord :D
Omnitrix1 chapter 20 . 9/1/2009
Me: And that's the official end of the Hero High series.

(Tonto walks into room carrying mail)

Tonto: Hey Omni, there's a letter in the mail addressed to me and you. (I take the letter from Tonto and read it)

Me: "Dear Omnitrix1 and Tonto

It has come to our attention that you both are wearing Omnitrixs. We now realize that those are our Omnitrixs, so here are your options. If you do not return those Omnitrixs to use in one earth day, we will come to your house and forcefully remove them, either that or you can enroll in our school.

Sincerely, Chancelor Ultomos." (I start to think between the options) Tonto, pack your things, we're moving to New York!


I am the most powerful being in the universe

I have one million nine hundred three aliens on my Omnitrix

I have a stupid assisstant named Tonto whose Omnitrix sucks

It has one million nine hundred two aliens on it!
Omnitrix1 chapter 19 . 9/1/2009
Me: And that's the end of the Hero High series.

Tonto: Hey, I have a sudden urge to turn into Alien X.

Me: Oh no you don't, we don't want to repeat the Ben 10 AF Alien X Rewrite incident again. I had to call every hi ranking officer just to turn you back.

Tonto: Fine, but know that this story is done, can we get pizza?

Me: No Tonto, we still have to read the epilogue.

Tonto: The what?

Me(sighing:) The OAV chapter.

Tonto: Oh.

Me: Now shut up, and let's continue.


I am the most powerful being in the universe

I have one million nine hundred three aliens on my Omnitrix

I have a stupid assisstant named Tonto whose Omnitrix sucks

It has one million nine hundred two aliens on it!
anon chapter 20 . 9/1/2009
How Alex and the other houses are aristrocratic that is fine as long as they continue to be the best and brightest through hard work from one generation to the next and make available sharing their skills and scientific breakthroughs with law enforcement agencies and the scientific specifically medical community like vigilantees should do it would do far more good than beating up thugs and psychos
Omnitrix1 chapter 11 . 8/31/2009
Omnitrix1 chapter 6 . 8/15/2009
Hey, Lord was talking about Ben 10 Alien Force. Nice addition Mr. Evil.


I am the most powerful being in the universe

I have one million nine hundred three aliens on my Omnitrix

I have a stupid assisstant named Tonto whose Omnitrix sucks

It has one million nine hundred two aliens on it!
Omnitrix1 chapter 1 . 8/12/2009
Hey Mr. Evil. So this is the final story in the Hero High series, I just have 2 questions. You see like your other Hero High stories, I've read this story before I joined on , but unlike your other stories I never finished this one so here are my questions:(1) Why doesn't Ben yell out the names of his aliens once he transforms? And (2) will Ben turn into Alien X in this story?


I am the most powerful being in the universe

I have one million nine hundred three aliens on my Omnitrix

I have stupid assisstant named Tonto whose Omnitrix sucks

It has one million nine hundred two aliens on it!
Data Seeker chapter 20 . 7/26/2009
Dear Author

This is a very great wrap-up, even though various things in pervious chapters upset me, or simply made me uncomfortable.

The quality is great as usual.

The beginning of this chapter (taking five years later) featuring Ben getting ready for his wedding (and he may be right, marriage and loving your spouse unconditionally is possibly harder then saving the world).

It was amazing, seeing so many characters (though most of them didn’t appear in your AU).

It was interesting that Alex was there; though expected. Lady Karan’s appearance was sweet (being a piano player).

I so didn’t expect to see Kevin there, reformed and Ben’s best man. I thought he had dropped out of your series completely. You did great.

The ones that didn’t appear in your stories: Kai, Cooper, Alan, Pierce, Manny, Helen were interesting. But Reinrassic I/ Reiny’s appearance was amazing, namely that he weds Ben and Ren.

The following scenes are very sweet and humorous. Reinrassic I (or Reiny) performing the ritual of life with Ben and Ren and his dialog was very interesting (and the Ritual of Life was incredibly similar, but different from the way Earth does their marriages).

The thing that makes Reinrassic I/Reiny such an interesting character is that though he from a brutal race, he has demonstrated he is can have good traits; and his role in your story is unique and can possibly happen.

The following scenes are full of depth and complexity; Alex giving a toast to Ben and Ren., and the newly wedded couple dancing.

Then Myu shows up (I did wonder if she would return with the arrival of so many familair characters) and she clearly hasn’t changed much (though it’s possibly just cultural difference and not actual malice) and it was superb that Ben had the self-control and devotion to stay loyal to Ren and not consider having more then one mate.

The following scenes involving Gwen and Kevin were very funny and in character and creatively complex.

Alex’s interjection of their interaction was conversation, and Kevin’s reaction to him was amusing and fitting.

Alex then spending time with Gwen was romantic, even though he can’t feel emotion.

The wrap-up was good. Alex in his office, and we find out who Lord is, and Paradox shows up (I was a little surprised that he wasn’t at Ben’s wedding) and their conversation was full of depth and complexity; Alex considers asking Gwen to marry him, but he has doubts about himself. Its very unique becaus while most good people worry because emotions tend to cloud reason; he thinks that he can’t truly love Gwen because he doesn’t have emotions. However, love is an choice, not feeling, or lack of feeling.

The wrap-up was good. I wish you had done some of the things you wanted tpp, but understand why you didn’t.

The wholesome standards were high. Your point on the value of love and marriage were brilliantly well portrayed.

And nothing poked me this time.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless.

Data Seeker

P.S. I know that if I ask you to rewrite your Ben 10 stories, the chances of that happening are unlikely; about as unlikely as you ever believing God is real and benevolent. But unlikely isn’t the same as impossible. If by remote chance you ever do it, let me know and I’ll be there to read and review.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 20 . 7/22/2009
Excellent ending. Sorry I didn't reply the previous chapters.

Great action scenes, and again, Pharaoh is both a demon and a saint. Pretty interesting character.

Keep the good writing.
Data Seeker chapter 19 . 7/22/2009
Dear Author

A very creative update.

The quality is superb as usual. You got skill.

The beginning is very dramatic, Alex/Pharaoh is dealing with the problem and forms a truce with Ben to save what’s left of the world, and Ben sees the logic in it.

Did great; describing Alex’s thoughts and…lack of emotions, and Ben though he is emotionally drained and irrational, he complies with the best choice.

The other characters that played a small role was good too; describing them was done well.

The scene with Ben and Gwen trying to stop the missile was full of drama, emotion, suspense and a touch of humor.

The following scene is full of mixed emotions, Ben goes to check on Ren, and finds his enemy: Pharaoh…hugging his little sister, (Its full of depth the way Alex can’t feel emotion, but still love his sister) and Ben is staring at them, still having half a mind to pound Alex

The following conversation between Alex and Ben was full of depth and complexity; and I think I know what’s going to happen with Alex’s plan to save the world. Ben’s condition was interesting, but Alex accepted it, considering what Ben went through.

The scene with Alex’s master plan was very creative and complex. Alex (with Gwen’s help) links with Ben who has turned into alien X and solves the problems with remarkable ease, and undoes all the damage he has caused. Your version of Alien X and it’s origin is brilliant. Usually stories with a being that can warp time and space are boring (with a few exceptions), but you were great.

But when it comes to Ren, they won’t help. OUCH. But Alex didn’t do anything wrong. He tried a hunch and it didn’t work.

The following scenes are intense and dramatic, the Basic Programming is solved and Karen reminds them that Alex has other methods, so there is hope for Ren.

The following scenes involving Nicole, Ren’s healing and Ren and Ben’s reunion were brilliant! Masterpieces!

Nicole was one of many original characters that don’t commit to memory, but in this chapter, you dramatizes her so much, I am fascinated! As for the don’t commit memory, blame it on me, not your skills.

And I loved the the healing provided Ren with the ability to smile.

The following scene with Alex and Ben was unique, though certain details were confusing.

The following scenes are very emotional, dramatic, with a touch of humor.

The get together with Alex and Karen on the jet was great and the following scenes that tie up the loose ends are great too.

This is what I think of the wholesome standards. Nothing is essentially wrong with the standards, though one thing is muddled. Do the ends justify the means, or sometimes in war, there are causalities. It was hard to tell.

And I didn’t like reference to the Vatican because being a Catholic, it sounds like the story is saying I’m evil and I’m not the type of person that takes evil as a compliment.

I hope this review brightens your day. God bless.

Data Seeker
Warren Burgess chapter 20 . 7/11/2009
NO! I can't believe I missed it!

Ah well. I'll just keep reading and try to catch up. I love the parts that I have read. May I ask what is your next Fanfic?
Terranova210486 chapter 20 . 7/10/2009
Nice job! I was wondering if Ben and Ren were gonna get married.

Brilliant trilogy!
chaostheory1989 chapter 20 . 7/10/2009
I must say that I thought this little chapter was brilliant, A nice slow chapter after all the madness has died down.

Ben finally marries Ren, that's good to now, and Alex and Gwen marry too.

It's a shame this is done now, I've loved reading this.
anon chapter 20 . 7/10/2009

YAY Gwen says yes YAHOO!
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