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Temporal Knight chapter 21 . 9/17/2015
On the one hand I am extremely satisfied with the way that played out as well as Voldemort's final fate. On the other hand I feel a little cheated missing out on the rest of the battle there. Wager was shown to be super badass and he took down a dragon at a fraction of his strength yet we don't see anything. I'm just a bit sad on that front.

I can't say I'm fully surprised about Harry disappearing. I don't believe he's dead but I don't trust his tag-along at all so I kinda guessed something like this would happen. There are so few chapters left here that I find it hard to see how we are going to get that resolved without it being offscreen which would kinda suck but I suppose I can see that since there is supposed to be a second sorta ending flashback book thing. Either way, I do like Draco's blow-up. At least someone told off Dumbledore. He REALLY deserves it here.
Temporal Knight chapter 20 . 9/17/2015
Bastard. Both the manipulative, crazy ghost and Voldemort. I suppose out of the remaining options to die in this fight that was one of the ones I sorta expected and honestly it's a hell of a lot easier to swallow than losing Tonks. RIP girl, you will be missed as much as the twins. Tis high praise indeed.

And Harry seemed rather incredibly more composed and sane throughout that section of the fighting to be honest. I feel like Felix was doing a hell of a lot more to help than anyone expected.
Temporal Knight chapter 19 . 9/17/2015
Hah! I freaking knew it! Never trusted that damn ghost one bit. Everything was far too convenient and then the shackles were far too arbitrary considering what was supposed to happen. At least everyone else realized before the end about him getting played like a fiddle. Bastard ghost needs to be sent to the afterlife pronto. He's basically manipulated events so that more and more of Harry's friends either die or desert him. Asshole.

Funnily enough, this was more of what I had been expected from Harry power level wise for a while. It's what he keeps getting billed at yet never shown as. Which was really my main reason for distrusting the ghost and the Gauntlet itself. For something that was supposed to amplify things all it was doing was holding them back.
Temporal Knight chapter 16 . 9/17/2015 I'm happy that I was right in saying that Harry is a hell of a lot further gone than has been admitted prior but...this does not bode well.
Temporal Knight chapter 15 . 9/16/2015
See it's chapters like these that I've been talking about! The ones that show our heroes are still human and can still find a bit of light in the darkness. Very happy for this chapter!

Though on the flip is rather incredibly depressing that there would've likely been far fewer eventual deaths had they attacked immediately. It seems the rather massive window to take him out without too much fuss has just been lost...dammit Dumbledore. Dammit notquitepowermadenough!Harry.
Temporal Knight chapter 14 . 9/16/2015
Yeah I really should've expected that when Voldemort playing with the dead/undead was such a large part of the setup...
Temporal Knight chapter 13 . 9/16/2015
Few things in the queue. First off, I feel like Harry is underestimating how much the Gauntlet (or Balthazar) is driving him crazy. I know he mentions it a few times but it's always in an "well it's something to worry about later since it's not currently a huge issue" way. Whereas there are some glaring times, mostly while he's fighting or shortly after, that he goes powermad and seemingly fits in quite well as a Voldemort understudy. Even near the beginning of the story he had been thinking about how he was going to run things after Voldy was gone. Now he's not only yelling at the few remaining people who believe in him but he's also calling them trash and ignoring valid criticisms. It's worrying for the future. (I also don't really believe for a second that he couldn't have done all this without the gauntlet. If anything it seems like it's holding him back. Balthazar appears to being a fat load of nothing while if Harry had taken a little while to learn to control his magic by himself then he wouldn't need to worry about time limits. But that's neither here nor there and I expect that will be brought up at some point in the future.)

Also as a quick note, one of your notes had mentioned strong hints that at least Harry and Tonks had been intimate. Just saying, those weren't super strong hints. One or two throw away lines here and there do not equate to strong hints. Yes this entire set has been about something much more involved than interpersonnel relations but it really doesn't take much to say a quick sentence and fade to black every once in a while. It's not so much satisfying hormone driven teenagers (of which I haven't been one for nearly a decade now), it's more about showing a bit of light in an otherwise very dark world. You've thrown your characters into hell and the spots where they relax are so few and far between it would simply be a little refreshing to show for sure that they can gain a bit of happiness with each other. Even just the last scene in this chapter was good for something like that. Sex doesn't have to be chapters long PWP, it can just be tasteful fades to black after a kiss.

Wager is cool. I wonder if he's just putting on his best behavior here but he honestly comes across as an amazingly chill guy who just seriously likes his privacy and is a bit overprotective of his people. I like his character a lot.

Dumbledore has turned from a dick to an asshole idiot. What the hell happened between six and seven when there was still a modicum of understanding between the two? Damn. Though the fight was good. I wonder how the school hasn't either mutinied or had a mass departure by now though with all of Harry's interruptions...

It's nice that Lupin and the twins are along for the ride! That said, I fear for their safety. Poor Lupin never, ever seems to survive HP stories...

Draco has seriously become the If you had told me that that would happen in the beginning of this or that it would be believable and somewhat natural when it happened I would've laughed in your face. That is really a great job right there.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/13/2015
Wow well I can see this climatic book is going to go dark very quickly apparently. I mean yeah I expected it but honestly Harry is coming off a bit psychotic again. Worse than his more ruthless personality from Citadel. It's either a jarring bit of seeming derailment or an indication that something rather decidedly not good is going on. I am tempted to believe the latter. Call me crazy but I don't trust the soul ghost who remade Harry's magic core and neglected to tell him that they would be merging...that seems like a rather incredibly important bit of detail there.

I'm not sad to see Vernon go but the sadistic manner it was done in does again leave me worried (despite the valid arguments that he brings up). I'm also not particularly happy that Andromeda wasn't on Harry's side after the interview. He's completely right when he says she should know better than anyone barring Tonks just why he dislikes Dumbledore.

I get the feeling Harry is only going to have his core group and the twins when he leaves to head to Germany and seek out Wagner...
Temporal Knight chapter 4 . 9/14/2015
Hmm so I think my last review was made without being signed in which sucks. So let's see if I can remember some of the stuff I had brought up.

So Harry's attitude is seriously worrying me since the beginning of this story. The climatic chapter is definitely starting off dark and quickly descending into even darker territory than even Citadel had trod. While this may not be a bad thing Harry's entire tone seems to have changed to something much more cold, hatefilled and straight up borderline evil. To an extent that even his ruthless personality from Citadel hadn't approached. It almost reads like a bit of a derailment of your own version of the character but instead of thinking of it like that I am going to blame an external influence. I'm blaming Balthazar. Call me crazy but I find it rather hard to trust someone who both rewrote Harry's magical core and neglected to mention the fact that he would be merging with Harry. That...seems like a rather important detail to forget to mention as 'unimportant'. Yeah, he's not nefarious at all. Nope.

It's nice to see that Harry actually isn't managing to alienate any of his friends with his darkness this time though!

I know you've mentioned here that Snape is still working as a spy. Only problem is in Citadel during the battle at London you had a throw away line about Voldemort having discovered Snape as a traitor spy. So seeing as how it's much more important thematically that Snape be a spy still now you should probably fix that line in Citadel so it's a bit more ambiguous.

I am a little annoyed that Andromeda didn't have Harry's back after the interview. He was perfectly right when he said that she shouldn't be defending Dumbledore to him since she's seen the consequences of his actions more than anyone except Tonks. That was a frustrating scene.

I found the duck taping Molly moment to be beyond hilarious! Serious is keeling over laughing indeed!
Digitize27 chapter 23 . 9/7/2014
Yeaaaah... nope; just gonna ignore that last paragraph and pretend those two guys in hoods never existed.
Good story! Nice ending _ I hope Harry gets a cool prosthethic but I guess I'll never know because THAT was the end of the story.
Digitize27 chapter 18 . 9/7/2014
Damn, why is it always Fred and George?
At last they went out together; I always thought it was tragic only on died in the books; that must have been seriously rough on George.
Digitize27 chapter 17 . 9/7/2014
Huh? So this isn't the last book?
Digitize27 chapter 15 . 9/7/2014
Sooo... Voldemort has become Orochimaru?
Digitize27 chapter 14 . 9/6/2014
Wow... totally did NOT see that coming... wow.
Digitize27 chapter 12 . 9/6/2014
Dumbledore: "How dare you even say her name"
Harry didn't say her name; he only called her "your sister"
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