Reviews for Cessation
darkladygirl chapter 1 . 12/10/2015
Ok, I would never be an IH shipper, I overreacted.
darkladygirl chapter 7 . 12/10/2015
Ok, I am out! I just read the first part and I am so frustrated on how much of an imbecile Rukia is...It is simply unbearable! if this was in the manga I would be an IH shipper for GOD sake! Yeah the situation is that bad!...Rukia shouldn't need advice from Ukitake to fight for the man who challenged the whole Soul Society, its rules, its conceptions just to SAVE HER, it is insane! I am so angry ...this story may improve as it advances but I am don't want to find out, not now at least.
darkladygirl chapter 5 . 12/10/2015
Ichigo is running his hand through his hair too many times... I am starting to see Shane instead of Ichigo. Heheheheheh

BTW, In order to create drama you transformed Rukia into an idiot, bad, very bad. You went for the easy way to create angst...That is the thing that bugged me the most. I hope this doesn't get worse as this story advances.
JoTerry chapter 13 . 12/2/2015
OMG... Please, please, please update this. I've been between sobbing and laughing my arse off throughout the story. Seven years! But it's never too late. Please update.
bethkunoichi chapter 13 . 2/12/2015
Ok, come on, where is the next chapter? Sure your formating could use some work but this is a really good story! Please update, there's no duch thing as too long!
Petite moon chapter 13 . 7/8/2012
Ahhh please continue with this story! :D
372259 chapter 13 . 1/2/2012
omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg :P !

such a great story but MAN my stomach is in COILS right now !

plllleeeaasseeee let ichigo and rukia make up soon, i just cant handle the tension :P !

update asap :)

p.s. wonderful job :D
xoxokiss210 chapter 13 . 9/20/2010
i loved
lilica chapter 13 . 9/17/2010
i like ur story! Very sad yet interesting i really wanna read what happens next! U shld update its been more than 2 yrs now it wld be such a shame to leave this story cz it has real potential. Oh btw i gotta say i live in new zealand too yeeya D so plz updateeeeeeee!
mitsuishi chapter 5 . 8/30/2010
I feel incredibly sorry for Ichigo. Rukia is being stupid. Really stupid xD
mitsuishi chapter 4 . 8/30/2010
i really like the story so far. the conversation between Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin was epic :D:D:D And it's so IchiRuki love
1 chapter 13 . 6/14/2010
Kuchiki rukia.. Geez.. U're in the deep ** .. Poor ichi.. Rukiaaaa! U're such a dumbass-stupid-impy-insane midget.. What th- ? Chose clan over ichi? I can't believe it.. (っ 'o')っ •̸Ϟ•̸-̶-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸-̶-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸\•̸Ϟ•̸-̶

Sorry bout it.. Nice fic~ lookin' forward to it~

MadMaz87 chapter 13 . 4/22/2010
This entire fiction is fantastic! :-D

you've done a fantastic job with keeping everyone in character and the plot is interesting.

I really hope you update soon!

madmaz -x-
ceiyn chapter 13 . 4/13/2010
great story. I wish you'd update, though. I really like the way you involve so many characters. It's not easy to portray them interacting so close to the cannon, and I think that you do a really good job with it.
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky chapter 13 . 2/16/2010
Um, hello? You gonna update this anytime soon?
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