Reviews for Bleeding Clown
angel-kamui chapter 37 . 6/24
Awesome story you got here. Hope you continue updating.
pinkprincess jin chapter 32 . 6/12
ok im just so pissed at ron rn ok like u dont just abandon ur friends cuz ur pissed like tf dude like srsly I hate Ron so effing much omfg

i'm sorry, i'm not usually like this

ron just makes me so mad
pinkprincess jin chapter 29 . 6/12
it's sad how my friends really do care about me, but they never realize how i actually feel...

saem, harry, saem

i like hugs tho

it's just that my friends never notice how tired and sad i am, and they think i'm joking when talking about depression :/
TheLittleDarkFox chapter 37 . 6/11
I don't think I've reviewed this but I've been subscribed for a long time and have only recently caught up. I really love this fic and I do hope you still plan to write more for it. I especially like your Harry, I'm such a sucker for angst and this fic has everything I could ask for. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this still, just on the off chance you do add more. :)
spiffy2143 chapter 37 . 5/26
Awesome! This story was giving me chills. I feel so sorry for Harry. Poor kid just can't catch a break. I hope you are able to update soon because this is one of the better snape/harry stories I have read.
Carlyn858 chapter 37 . 5/13
First of all: please continue this Fic.

Second of all: Thank you for this amazing piece of beautiful writing. Most of the characters are done so perfectly, and I love even the little touches like the 3 questions that make this so unique and such and enjoyable read, you understand Harry's emotions completely, and I love it. One of the best fanfitions I have ever read, and I have read a lot. I commend you on such a fantastic piece of fiction, and I can't wait to read more.
Thank you, Carlyn
faramiriel chapter 37 . 4/14
Are you continuing this story? It's amazing!
RooftopTenshi chapter 37 . 4/6
this is a great story. it puts snape in a whole perspective which is in a good way. I hope you're continuing the story:)
Jess chapter 37 . 4/1
cztelnik chapter 37 . 3/26
I like and don't like this fic. I like the questions and answers, the way Snape and Harry maintain their personalities because deep issues can take years to process and sort. I like that Draco and Harry are friends, the dungeon room with parselnotes and the description of Black Lake in the moonlight when Harry threw the rock to make ripples- very descriptive.

I don't like the dwelling, focus and depression Harry is in. I get it but don't like it. That and his refusal to deal with Dumbledore but it looks as if the next couple of chapters may address the diary, possibly Harry's living conditions and reveal why Voldemort is causing Harry so much pain.

It's addictive tho, keep returning to find out why, how, what, when and where. The pain and stopping it, Harry's future home, the Parseltongue notes, Harry's memories, Dumbledore's real all must come out sometime! ") and I'll be waiting here to find out.
tabala chapter 37 . 3/13
I am very much loving this, can't wait to see more!
kamui5 chapter 37 . 2/28
I hope you will continue :)
Hkcutiepie1352 chapter 37 . 2/27
I enjoy reading this story. please update
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 9 . 2/19
blood-doll-aishiteru chapter 8 . 2/19
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