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Queen Mandrake chapter 46 . 8h
Please update if you can!
I’m rereading for the hundredth time and as usual it gives me so much happiness and hope!
This cliffhanger is killing me haha
Hope you’re alright/alive!
All the best 3
XxN00rxX chapter 1 . 7/16
Heyy! This story was really amazing! Could you maybe make an sequel? Like when Harry gets found or when Harry returns and then something big happens or so? Like maybe Harry gets bad, or maybe.. well something creative! I’m addicted to this story. I have read it over and over again. U don’t have to make an sequel, of course. I was just wondering, perhaps u wanted to! Anyway, this is no doubt the best story i’ve ever read!
Guest chapter 46 . 7/10
nah nah nah you cant do that to me dont i swear if you have just left this as a cliff hanger omg this is so sad i cant believe it i dont even know what to say you know what im just gonna imagine that like him and Snape are still in at least contact like did he find him i hope to god he did i swear
YamiNoGameYugi chapter 1 . 6/27
I love this story, its so original. its one of my favourites I like to go back and read every now and then
DerangedDolphinofMagic chapter 46 . 5/16
Damn. That ending. Wow.
This story is really good. Thank you for writing it. Wow though is this not a very happy story. It is very well written though.
cardiovascular chapter 46 . 4/22
Anonymous chapter 46 . 4/18
This has been one of the best stories I have read in my life. My only disappointment is that it is finished. Amazing.
One Autumn Leaf chapter 46 . 4/7
What an amazing story. Thank you for writing it. The end breaks my heart though; somehow, it doesn't quite feel like the happy ending Harry (and Snape) deserves. Any plans for a sequel?
someofusarereachingforstardust chapter 46 . 3/16
I enjoyed this , gutted not to see where Harry went
Tsubaki-Akai chapter 46 . 1/31
Well I gotta say I was very impressed all the way until the last chapter. Had soooooo much potential only for a decidedly rushed and disappointing ending. Though I do thank you for actually writing the story and for concluding it.
Wicked Kisses chapter 46 . 1/20
Awesome. Amazingly good read.
Guest chapter 46 . 1/13
I loved this so much I’ve haven’t seen one like this and I’m so glad that I found it my day is so much better I don’t even want there to be a sequel the ending is just so perfect couldn’t have written better (that’s so British) but it’s true.
Guest chapter 46 . 1/12
Oh my lord what oh gods wow I read the whole thing my emotions wow so exterm. I feel. That was crazy I cant even right now this was the craziest thing in the world
thatemomathkid chapter 39 . 12/2/2020
So Harry is the avatar and Jasper from Twilight
Guest chapter 1 . 11/23/2020
have to say, the journal thing is really unique. I don't think I've come across that spin-off before. I also agree that sometimes it's much easier to write things down and communicate that way. Writing is therapeutic. I read all the way to the end and was hooked. Spammed the whole thing in a day. PHEW MY EYES. Thank you for writing this- was a great read. And I liked that Harry disappeared without a trace...but would have loved him to at least leave a goodbye letter. Or contact Snape again because the man did so much for him. CRIES. Hope you're having an okay 2020 and best wishes!

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