Reviews for California Dreaming
webaholic chapter 1 . 5/27/2008
IMO, one of your best. The initial hook is great, then the spiraling of the story pulls the agony and horror out bit by bit. The heart of it: "Kurt only saw his mistakes and that was how he knew he wasn't going to die. It also told him how he was going to live." Beautifully put Moment Of Clarity. *sigh*

This line tells it all (not just about alcoholics but about anything we do to hide from ourselves): "He liked carrying the briefcase; he thought it made him look like he had a lot going on in his life, so much that he needed a whole briefcase to carry it around in. The truth was Kurt had never put anything in it other than a bottle of vodka."

And I had to smile (with a wince) at: "He could hear the cloth top of his convertible tearing and it suddenly occurred to him that what he had done, driving off the road, had been a very very bad idea."

A real rip-roaring finale. Good thing, too, b/c after Chapter 10 of "Kurt Wagner Is Forever" I would have loved to have SI'ed and wrung his little Deutsch neck.