Reviews for The Purpose of Nostalgia
Houndini chapter 1 . 11/2/2014

Dear Amorous Malboro,

Hello. I would like it if you beta my story. It's a Bleach fanfiction through the point of views of Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Orihime, and Uryuu. In the story, once they have taken the place of the Soul King and Royal Guard, they go through a series of time loops. This is because the universe feeds on powerful emotions and bonds to keep itself from self-destructing. If the universe was lifeless or only inhabited by insentient organisms, then it would not b necessary. Instead of being the typical last-resort-defense against the multiverse crumbling to viruses, the loops act as a way for Japan's corner of the world to receive nourishment. Or, the time loops would allow the Anchors to see how the other jurisdictions work and allow the Anchors to try to incorporate other ways or ones they thought up with a fail-safe should they accidentally finish off the universe. Since they're figuring out how to run the spiritual side of the world, it could very well happen. Anchors for other parts of the world would know if the universe was destroyed, so they could neutralize anyone who went Dark Side when the universe resetted. Another important reason for the anchors to be connected would be the power of belief. If there were no Anchors, people could accidentally create monsters left and right and have no idea of doing so. So things like Slenderman could pop up and start killing people. The original Anchors were people/spirits/gods/ect. who established order and developed a system to curb those problems. So every story of creation is true. Just, instead of it being the whole world, it was only the area the story originated from. The world began they way science described it though- the myths described the area reforming when fully sentient beings came into being there. Religion comes into play here. The Anchors use religion as a way to give their people a mythology so they stop making monsters willy-nilly, an explanation for the beginning of the world, and a way of life that will promote the bonds that the universe feeds on. However, that doesn't mean the religion necessarily promotes all bonds- just the ones the Anchors find important for the universe to feed on. They can try to suppress the rest. For God with a capital G, he's a mix of just watching the world and performing miracles. Anchors do not have to be immortal, if they decide to pass on because they can't take it anymore, they can after they find replacements. Then, they loose their memories of ever being a Anchor and are just people part of the loop.

I read your profiles, and I like your writing style. There are plenty of opportunities for angst, even if you are not very interested in the genres of supernatural and spiritual. Culture shock and clashes, intolerance, Groundhog Day situations... I really need your skills. It's so easy to turn the best character into a Mary Sue, or focusing on a one with godlike strength and forgetting the rest- and that's the last thing I want to have happen. I saw that happen to a really good crossover once, and it was horrible. But the thing is, this is my first story, and that's the easiest route. Some things I plan are having overlooked characters given more appearances and improving efficiency with some attacks.


. .on
lapaxlove chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
Lol! Tricky little Tseng, but i love the story, esp the last part where Elena and Reno goes crazy! You write them all so well too!
Grov.Light chapter 1 . 10/12/2012
Seriously, man. This is such a good story! I love it 'til the day I die of Laughter! You should made more of the past lives of the Turks' of how each of them joined the Turks and their little episode after the story telling!
MyDreamsToYou chapter 1 . 7/3/2008
Wow I can't believe no one has reviewed for this story! I love how you portrayed Tseng's character. It was perfect! Your story was well written and it was very witty also! I know this may sound stupid but the Turk V was Vincent Valentine right? The ending of your story was very amusing also. Lol poor Reeve! I thank you for writing something very amusing and enjoyable! This story really made my day!