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cancercute chapter 34 . 4/3/2015
You know, this is the second time I've read this, after almost 7 years... and it still gets to me! This is one of the best, if not the best, story I've ever read in fanfiction and I think you deserve to know how trully amazing you are in writing and creating this wonderful piece of beauty. You don't know how much this story affects me, and I applaud your talent for that. You bring in so much raw emotions in character portrayal, plot making and in every line they say. I felt so many kind of things reading this story, and my feelings were all over the place I thought I might explode. I literally had to take a break everytime I'm in the middle of reading it - take a deep breath, or walk around my room, look at the mirror and tell myself, "fuck this story is shitting me." But seriously, I'm not sure if you're given enough credit for sharing your talent, but i just want you to know that what you've created here is remarkably beautiful. I hope you never stop writing, and maybe you might start another Mimato fanfiction again (because there's not much of it anymore lately).

Anyway, it's been a great read (again!) because honestly, i don't think this story has ever left me. Sometimes, i think i damned myself for reading too much, but it just can't be helped. So, good job again! I'm hoping you remain active in fanfiction since not a lot can do so these days. Good luck! :)

P.S. I miss One Tree Hil, and it's the same kind of drama. It's always beautiful when something takes you back to a time of drama and heartbreak. It was one of my favorite tv shows too, tho i never got to finish it.
Cathie-Silva chapter 34 . 2/24/2015
Hi there! I've just finished your FIC (i've finish in one day i was so obsessed michael's level) and i'm totatty in love with her! But i have one big question WHERE THE HELL ALL PARENTS WHERE? they ALL seemed to mistery dissapear from them houses the whole history !

One more time I LOVE YOUR FIC! I'm a sasusaku fan and i've been searching for some other couple to ship since my angels are finally canon (sorry for the spoiler) and i've thought of mimato (i've love them from my childhood ) and this fic is something ! I wish this too get canon too in the new series ! And that's ALL.

Kisses and rainbows and unicorns
laneyh chapter 34 . 8/16/2013
This is one of the best stories, I've ever read on FF!
feedthegrimmjows chapter 34 . 4/16/2013
Amazing fic! Loved it!
T D'Amaze chapter 6 . 4/14/2013
I just noticed something funny. Matt should have got fouled for traveling. Haha he stops dribbling at the free throw line the runs in for the dunk. Ive read the story before but i didnt notice that last time. Ijustthought it was funnyp
YoungTitansEvolution chapter 34 . 11/24/2012
I loved this mimato and taiora story it was so adorable especially the mimato I'm a big fan this fix had everything horror, romance, action, drama, angst, and friendship I also loved the takari moments this story was so suspenseful it had me on the edge of my seat especially the Michael moments and how Mimi saved herself amazing I was kinda hoping for a sequel but your right on not doing one and great job I love your dedication
Mrs Mimi Ishida chapter 34 . 5/23/2012
I LOVE THIS STORY! It's my second time reading this and it's really amazing. Mimi and Matt were freaking HOT and this story is really amazing. Thanks for writing it.
Ilovemattishida chapter 34 . 4/22/2012
SUPER COOL STORY! Awesome! I love it...

Actually i've read it before i made an account here. But didn't review then. So i thought it's only fair to review if i really loved this story so much. Matt is damn hot and so is Mimi. Loved their attitude. I was kinda upset they weren't able to make love till the end. Whenever they made plans, something came in the way. Lol But it's okay. They'd do it in future :p thanks for writing this story.
Mimi Tachikawa chapter 34 . 4/8/2012
loved it! Loved it! Loved it: It was enthralling. Enjoyed it soooooooo much.

Finally a wonderful ending between me (mimi) and matt :p I already love matt so much but his drag racer attitude made me crazy and fall head over heals in love with him. He's so HOT! *Please someone gives me ice berges. Cold drink would be even better* i loved this story.

Me and Matt make a hot couple. Right? No doubt in that. We are perfect *grins*

Mimato love 4ever chapter 34 . 12/18/2011
I know it's too late to review but honestly i loved your story. I really liked how you potrayed each character. Mimi as usual was pretty hot. Sora was different in this. I liked how you potrayed her as hot chick. In most of the fics she's a tomboy. And Tai and Matt were damn hot! Tai was so adorable in this. I guess you had a soft spot for michi. I'm not a michi fan but i really liked some michi moments in this one (friendly one though):)

so thanks for writing this fic. You are such a great Mimato writer. I like how you write them. So plz keep writing more Mimato fics and keep updatind your other fics too:)
mrboogie94 chapter 33 . 12/15/2011
I came back to re-read the entire story, but I remembered this beautiful chapter and tackled it first. I absolutely love how you wrote Tai and Sora's bits. So so so beautiful.
Raina chapter 34 . 9/1/2011
I just finished reading your story, and I feel compelled to review. This'll probably be crazy long.

Can I first just say that I completely fell in love with Tai in this story? I know this is mainly a Mimato, and I'm not a Michi supporter by any means (at all), but throughout the entire thing, I just wanted Tai to be happy. This is definitely one of the best portrayals of our beloved gogglehead on this site, and I'm really jealous of Sora. I also like that he wasn't second best to Matt. I find that with a lot of Mimato fics, Tai always loses out. I really liked that he lost the race against Matt by default and not because Matt was better, and that he won prom king. (Oh, and even though they both "lost," he totally won that fight against Matt. :P) Sora was really out of character, but I liked your version of her all the same. She was, despite everything, pretty levelheaded. If I had to go through some of the bs she went through, I'd be PISSED. Like no-way-in-hell-are-you-getting-a-second-chance kind of pissed lol. Personally, I felt sorrier for her than I did for Mimi. Mimi's problems were avoidable; she was just dumb and didn't alert the authorities. Sora, on the other hand, got fucked over pretty badly. Poor girl. I also thought you did a good job of characterizing Michael. He was convincingly deranged.

That being said, I didn't like Matt and I despised Mimi. Ha, isn't that weird for a Mimato fic? Matt was too much of a little bitch (and athletic? so weird lol), while Mimi was just plain annoying. I liked how she fended Michael off by herself, but for the first 30-something chapters, I just thought she was a nuisance. I also kind of don't get what Mimi saw in Matt? I thought his wrongs WAY outnumbered his rights, and he didn't really have one moment once the drama started that he did something that was just really sweet. For example, I feel like Tai really redeemed himself in the end with Sora, but Matt was just forgiven for being hot.

Moreover, I liked the development of the story (even though I didn't realize so many months had gone by!) and thought you had a nice plot planned out with good twists and turns. However, there were times that it got too "let me just tell you over and over again how serious I am about how much I love/care/will never leave you." The dialogue got really repetitive, and perhaps it's because I'm out of high school that I thought their I-can't-live-without-you confessions were premature. Come on, you guys. You're just babies in high school. :P

Also, did I just accidentally just miss it, or was Tai's stabbing incident never explained? I thought that was strange considering it was a major twist in the plot. It was weird that her parents just came by at the end as well. You'd think that with Mimi being a minor, her parents would be notified of her double assault...

Anyway, it was a decent read, so thank you for putting your work out here for us. I know your username is MimixIshidax, but I really think you should write a Taiora! I'm not even a huge fan of Sora in the first place, but I just really liked this couple in this story. In my opinion, your portrayal of Tai was the strongest point of your writing. I went in wanting a Mimato and came out wanting a Taiora!
TJ King17 chapter 9 . 8/25/2011
JOE IS SUCH A CREEP! I hate him.

Normally, I think Tai is okay as a character, he's goofy and funny and its fine. but i'm starting to like him more adn more in this story. hes there for mimi, its so cute, and i love how he seems to really care about her. Matt and mimi seems to fight alot but i guess thats what we love most about them how passionate their relationship is. its so firery.

why is matt being so secretive about his parents, what could be so bad he has to hid it for mimi?

Mimi's stalker is starting to give Me the creeps. and i already think its joe.

The song you used was very good with the chapter.

Good job as usual!
TJ King17 chapter 8 . 8/25/2011
Okay so as happy as I am that matt and mimi are official why do i feel like things are just going to get a little worse for them from here? because if they're together then there would be no point in continuing the i just wont get my hopes up too high.

So i was a little unsure of matt ans soras relationship before because of how close they were and how much they seemed to be dependent on each other and thier history, but now im just worried about tai and mimi. i deal with sorato just fine, they have a certain appeal, but im not too big of a fan of michi so i hope this doesnt go that way.

Matt and tai are such good friends, i hope this doesnt come between them.

great chapter as always!
TJ King17 chapter 7 . 8/25/2011
Okay, Matt is the sweetest boy/guy ever. I only WISH a guy would do that for me, that date was so thoughtful and planned out and omg I just want him to be mine. It's official, I'm in love with this version of Matt Ishida. Just the fact that hes a rebel but has this soft spot just for mimi is so cute, i love it.


I loved the ending, it was a great way to end the chapter and for once not a cliffhanger!
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