Reviews for War of the Shadows
Guest chapter 37 . 7/23/2015
Wow, I've read this maybe four times? And i haven't posted a review yet, shame on me. What an amazing fic, a much better take on fast forward. I thought your portrayal of the turtles and splinter dealing with the loss of leo was just so believable and real, I loved it. Good, driven plot with the perfect amount of detail and dialogue, you are an excellent author and I very much enjoy this story.
tmntlover2013 chapter 37 . 8/11/2012
Great job on the story, I liked it alot, keep up the great work and keep on writing.
syzygy101 chapter 37 . 10/27/2011
Hey...I know it's been ages since this story was written but I felt compelled to write a review because it is so freaking awesome! I sat and read the whole story in one go...damn u keeping me up til 3am...but it was totally worth it...I just kept telling myself 'just one more chapter' but then realised I was at the end!

Again this was an amazing story...well done...I am now off to add u as a fav author and read ur other TMNT fics!

:-). X
Dipsey chapter 18 . 8/4/2010
Wow. THis is pretty good. PLEASE tell me when they travel back in time to their lair that Leo will be alive! He's just gotta be..
Daggy-kun chapter 37 . 7/27/2010
I know I am two years late, but I have to tell you how much this story moved me. That sounds way too corny for a fic like this, but I really can't find the words to describe this piece.

At first, I wanted to hate you for this much angst, for making me cry freaking rivers over 37 chapters! But the raw emotion, the action, even the actual sadness behind this thing makes that impossible. I normally don't read angst, makes me cry like a little girl, but I made an exception. And I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, even with the tears.

The only problems I encountered, in all serious-ness, were times when the POV or general flow got me confused for a few lines. But that could be because I'm more used to straight forward comedies. Oh, and having to stop reading because the tears were making the screen all blurry. 3

Pure gut wrenching awesome. That's the best I can do. Thank you for taking on a genre I could never truly write, and making it something I could enjoy. And now, I'm prepared for the rest of your fics; with a huge box of tissues! XD
RenaRoo chapter 37 . 1/11/2010
After making sure that this review was long over due, I at last got around to making it. My only hopes is that I can do the story justice as I mean only compliments for your work and your effort.

There is something I find in your work that I cannot nor will not deny and that is that I can tell you are a serious writer, a writer who uses these fanfics, these exercises for your writing abilities, as a tool to better yourself, your skill and your delivery as a storyteller. For that I can only commend you as much as words will allow.

What surprises me the most about this epic-length and much enjoyed fanfiction is that it is one of the first if not the first (I was not sure) of your stories published to the site. This amazes me much more than you will probably ever know. It shows me your talent and your seriousness.

You developed this story in a way I have seldom seen attempted and even more seldom seen adequately portrayed and for that you should be particularly proud. I had never personally imagined such a deeper, meaningful, and dark tone beneath the surface of the Fast Forward arc. It astounded me and captured my attention within the first few chapters.

But, since I know that striving to better yourself is always one of your top priorities, I'll do my best to give you some constructive criticism here.

I see you are working on rewriting this story which is always a good measure that I wish I could do more often, but at the current stage it makes the clash of new and old chapters feel almost "clashing". I found pros in both styles but the change, subtle as it may be, cand be sort of daunting for an already intimidatin read.

One thing that I like about your "new" chapters (which...oddly ar concentrated in the first half of the story) is that you are much quieter about your symbolism. In the older chapters (second half?) you're a bit too obvious with pointing out the windows instead of having the ominous visual serenity that is in the newer chapters. So good change!

On the other hand, I miss the brevity of the older chapters. They are far from lacking in detail and style, but they feel more like a story is being told than a scene depiction. That's not saying your re-written chapters are simply scene depictions, but they are missing some of simplicity that made the older chapters to digest. It's like the old saying "Brevity is the soul of wit."

To be honest, I don't know if that's a saying anywhere outside of rural Appalachia but, eh, I tried, right?

This is not to say I don't like the newer...first half chapters as much as it is that I'm pointing out some things I noticed.

I enjoyed the characterization through and through and do indeed feel sorry for missing out on this "break through" entrance to the fandom.

Hope to read more

ashleyjordan chapter 1 . 11/4/2009
I haven't read the story yet but I am betting that it will be an intense, well though out and interesting plot. I just hope it's just not too dark or depressing, otherwise I'll be stepping into something I don't overly want to be dabbling with, hahah. And when I say that, I'm just talking about a lot of blood, disturbing images and graphic gorey scenes but besides that, anything else is a "go" for me :) Sounds awesome and congratulations, for completing 37 chapters! If I notice any mistakes or if I see something that is unshaky, I'll be sure to let you know, good luck and please continue this fic! It's so depressing, especially when you're reading a long one that has a stirring plot line that you have to finish before you move onto another show or fanfiction, and it just suddenly ends at the climax of the story(happened to me when I was reading this amazing, 30 chapter Static Shock fanfiction called "Through the Glass Darkly." It was really well written and is also somewhat dark and set in the future, and as this story of yours is similar to that, maybe you should check it out...I'm sure you'd like it too :) It'd help, of course, if you have actually seen the cartoon Static Shock before though hahah. Anyways, good luck and thanks for the fic, can't wait to start reading it!

PS: I totally agree with you on the FF season, I completely abhor it and that is what stopped me from continueing with the series for awhile. Now I'm going back and re-watching all of the seasons and I'm going to push through FF just to see what the plot is about and yadda yadda yadda...hopefully it'll be a bit more pleasant than when I saw it a few years ago. At least I get to look foreward to the entire Utrom, Battle Nexus and Bishop plots, those were amazing!

PPS: Sorry for the super long message!
Nineteenth Souljah chapter 18 . 10/31/2009
How heart-breaking to see Master Splinter crying “shamelessly” at the funeral; the scene where he gave his final goodbye to his dead son in Chapter 15 was the saddest. The cremation scene was just as memorable and I just loved the way you described it—especially the last sentence, which was simple yet evocative.

In a story tainted with so much blood and sorrow, I was desperate to find comfort in the flames of the funeral pyre. I thought that little scene was filled with strong symbolism. I might be wrong, but for some reason, I’d always associated fire with the act of spiritual cleansing—even in death. I’d like to think that all of them had surrendered to the fire, slowly accepting the reality that HE was already dead and gone.

I was glad to see the story progressing in the remembrance of the departed, but in Raph’s case, it was interesting to see how he was still desperately holding on to his hallucinations: he’d wanted to see his brother alive again so bad that he was willing to go to the extremes to see him! And I was like, “Gaah! Now why the hell did you do that?”

I really couldn’t blame Mike for reacting so coldly towards Raph. I could understand why he’d grown so frustrated and Don...oh poor, poor Don. He really didn’t deserve to go through so much physical pain but he’s someone to admire, alright.

I think you did a good job with your characterisations of all these characters. I’d also prefer your version of Cody over the Gary-Stuish one in the cartoon series. You did him justice.

And Don’s reference to the SAINW world was a clever twist as well! I really wasn’t expecting that but I could see it happening.

Nineteenth Souljah chapter 12 . 10/28/2009
Well, babe.

These chapters I’ve been reading since where I left off had me on the edge of my seat. I liked how uncompromising the battle scenes were—the endless bloodshed, brutality, the rage…it all seemed hauntingly vivid. I shared the sense of urgency as they fought against the army to confront the cowardly Xerxes inside his fortress. Overall, it was good and I regret to see how it all ended horribly for the Hamato Clan. The weight of their suffering was indeed, the heaviest...

For me, one of the most emotionally charged scenes was when Raph had finally woken up, only to see his father crying. Splinter’s reaction was enough to start the waterworks. And throughout the chapters, his presence seemed rather ghostly...fleeting.

It was like a part of his soul had died along with the death of his beloved son. Still he tried his best to comfort his sons. But then, the saddest thing about this was that—no one— was there to comfort him. And like you’ve told us in the previous chapters, Splinter had sensed it. He probably was already grieving even before it happened...

Despite how frail and aged he looked, he was, and would always be, an old soul with a strong heart. And his sons, the reflection of their father’s unwavering inner strength.

I liked how you kept me guessing between the two turtles before one of them gave in to deep slumber and how you showed, instead of told the Turtles’ reaction towards their loss. I could see how hard it was for them to accept the inevitable truth while their wounds were still fresh from the aftermath of war.

Overall, I think you did a great job with conveying their feelings: they’re all true to character and not overly done.

I’d like to point out that Splinter sounded repetitive at times, especially with him thinking about his sons as “too young to endure so much suffering”. Once is fine, but it becomes superfluous after it’s been stated more than twice.

Other than spotting several typos here and there, that’s the only true concrit I could offer.

I know you’re not proud of your writing in this but I have to say how much you’ve improved since the time you started this. I agree that your writing in this story wasn’t as descriptive as your other current ones, but I still enjoyed it very much.

You’re one of the best writers on here.

And this is still, in my honest opinion, an epic.
Nineteenth Souljah chapter 6 . 10/25/2009
You didn’t expect for this day to come, did you? When I’d leave a review for this massive story you created some light years ago. And as always, I’d be the one to arrive AFTER the celebration’s over.

Oh Ash, something wonderful happened today: I finally bought myself a palm reader and WotS was the first story I thought about.

The sole reason I took so long to get to this was because I didn’t have the discipline to sit at the computer to read. I just don’t like the idea of engaging in a staring contest with the computer.

So now that I’ve spent my time reading all six chapters in bed, (Yes, in bed. How lovely is that? And my eyes aren’t hurting!) I’m compelled to tell you just how impressed I am with this:

Before I proceed, I’d just like to point out a few typos that I noticed here and there; something like: “not to long ago”, “and” instead of “an”, and I could have sworn I saw “udder madness” somewhere. LOL! Mo! XD

I know this is just the beginning but it’s been an intense ride throughout the chapters—seeing that Leo was the only one who had his feet firmly to the ground in a tech-savvy universe, I could really sympathise with his efforts—despite of what the others had thought about his growing sense of authority. He always seemed to be misunderstood in that way.

I also think he’s one of your strongest in this story. I enjoyed the banter between all brothers but Leo’s dialogues were the best, in my opinion. His traditional beliefs, I sense, will be the most important foundation to the story as it progresses inexorably towards interplanetary warfare. And quite frankly, I’m scared as hell. The mere thought of going to war is undoubtedly frightening and it’s incredible how you’ve managed to convey this throughout and I did SEE that fear in their eyes.

And the weight of responsibility—good God, woman! Isn’t having Cody around bad enough, already?

I just love this: aliens, space, the Turtles going to war. This was such an incredible read; so much better than the original series. I wish YOU were the one who was writing for that season.

Now I can't wait to see what's going to happen next...
cabrera1234 chapter 1 . 10/22/2009
awesome story
Scribe of Turesa chapter 18 . 10/1/2009
Intersting twists here! Very nice...can't wait for more!

thewarpedmind1 chapter 37 . 9/27/2009
WOW! This story was amazing ! It kept me glued to the screen.
Agent66 chapter 1 . 5/13/2009
It took the rest of the day yesterday, but i did indeed finish.

Very good overall. The only thing that hindered it was you switching back and forth with Raph's hand. You stated that Shredder took his arm (though now I can't remember whether it was left or right), but in later chapters, you seem to have him with TWO arms instead of one.

Big scenes like this are when he attacked Cody, I believe you said he beat the boy with his fists. That I could gloss over, as Raph - being strong and muscular anyways - could probably lifted and beat the stuffing out of Cody with one hand.

However, in the scene where he fights the Bishop clone, he has his sai and then Leo's twin swords. he loses the sai and was fighting with one sword and then suddenly pulls out the second. Now, it could have been me (it was late when I finally got to that point and finished the whole thing), but I know I had to read it twice to make sure I read it correctly. I'd have to go back and actually quote chapter and instance, but at that point, it was like Raph grew back his arm.

Other than that, it was a great story overall and now I'm off to read the sequel!
Ozlex chapter 37 . 3/1/2009
Wow this story is amazing. It's like the MA 15 plus Ninja Turtles I always wished someone would make. One of the best written pieces I've ever read on Fanfiction. You should feel proud for completing such a great story :D :D :D :D
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