Reviews for Lambada Night
Rei Nokato chapter 1 . 5/28/2008
I don't know where to start. This is the best thing I've read in a while.

You've added dimension to the Lambada voyage. It's an accurate take on what their time aboard must have been like, sprinkled with references to later conversations with Manny and indicators of why and how Meche was able to tolerate Domino's presence for so long without going mad. Your characterisation is brilliant. The way you have Meche's thoughts begin to wander into pessimism, how the steady transition from her saint-like qualities disgusts her, makes the setting in time believable. Great idea to have it a month into the trip, because this shows us how she was beginning to toughen up, how she felt conflicted on the subject of Domino. I also like how assertive you've made her. I remember we discussed Meche's strength of character, so I enjoyed how you portrayed her mixed feelings on the situation.

It was especially interesting to see her saint-like qualities playing an important role in her attitude towards Domino, but how her instincts conversely kept telling her not to trust him, to never let his charm fool her. You could notice how she was starting to feel a little confident in her hopes that she could risk relying on him before the final vignette, where Domino flipsided to his natural insincerity and gave her that jarring reminder she truly was alone.

All in all, this is really, really good. I'm hindered by ecstasy here. XD