Reviews for Three's Company, Five's a Crowd
JC chapter 26 . 11/26/2018
Sigh, beautiful...
Angela molina chapter 26 . 4/19/2018
That ending was kind of anticlimactic, felt a bit unresolved.
mvk12 chapter 12 . 1/17/2018
I love the fluff
Fred's fanatic chapter 26 . 12/9/2017
You really can be put right among the greatest writers
The world ever had I mean Austen Rowling dickens
Shakespeare Harper lee Anne frank plus so many more
This was the most memorably beautiful captivating utterly romantic heartfelt finale ever though I've got
To say that the fluffy mushy romantic moments are
Entrancing as after fighting Voldemort they've earned
These special moments they almost died and I'm a
Romantic at I agree they shouldn't get married
Straight away there's plenty of time right now they're
Young in love ambitious fun loving protective geniuses
Whom no one could tear apart they've known each
Other since they were eleven but Fred's going to marry
Her sometime in the future thank you for bringing me
This magical couple together they shine like the
Purest solid Kalgoorlie gold from Western Australia
In glorious Color actually not putting them together
Was jk rowlings only mistake even the greats make
Them as there's something very unique yet unforgettable about Fred and hermione which is why
So many brilliant fremione stories are devoured but
Yours has definitely over taken any other writers with
It's captivating warm hearted contagious high jinks
Great family love pouring through amid some tense
Dramatic scenes that eventually delighted your readers
Along genuine friendship, kindness,hilarious laughter
A truly perfect love story though I do like some others
Yours is number one so thank you very
Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 25 . 12/9/2017
I've always loved and admired Molly weasley she's a great mother whom knows what it's like to lose loved
Ones though it's pleasant to see the men cooking the
Dinner Fred could be better at it as petunia didn't let
Harry cook at privet drive and fay sounds really lovely
And has similar interests to Ron something everyone
Should have plus everyone's tastes would change since
Hog warts was twenty years ago except for the survivors
They're still loyal through and through although Ron was
Better at wizard chess than quidditchthis family will
Forever be the most loved wizarding one with the
Craziest sense of humour but the greatest most powerful
Love plus being wonderful brilliant redheads by potter
Fanatics although the twins particularly Fred was my
Favourite they were very sad that there's only
One more chapter to go but I'm sure I'll read the follow
On as soon as I know it's name as you one of the greatest fremione writers I've ever read and you
Keep on improving every chapter is totally outstanding
With tremendous descriptions and great family love
Coming through even Ron came good which was simply
Amazing but it's absolutely delightfully wicked yet with
A touch of class also plus being utterly captivatingly
Romantic tender bewitching unforgettable love story
That's enchanted your loyal dedicated reviewers thank you so very Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 24 . 12/8/2017
What absolutely excellent news Ron has found true love
With someone else that's magnificent. To know as I
Never thought he and hermione would've made a truly
Romantic couple just because they were best friends
Without the zing factor needed it was missing though
A silencing charm would be polite plus it's wonderful to
Hear Harry laugh in happiness he didn't have that much
Growing up his parents would be very glad to hear him
only things I couldn't understand about some
Things in the books and movies is why didn't they use
Other people more often such as Fred ,George,Luna,
Katie ,Oliver wood,ginny could've been the new lily
Evans though you've given them a voice loud and proud
It's absolutely very exciting to lovingly read this beautiful
Well written with only one spelling mistake congratulations yet it has kept its unique magical power
That thrills your loyal readers whom love giving glorious
Positive reviews as this is an incredibly entrancing moving tender fun filled highly entertaining complex
Love story of two favourites from the potter franchise
Everyone fell in love with redheads unite in love trust
And friendship so thank you so very much for writing
An unforgettable love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 23 . 12/8/2017
It's absolutely wonderful to have ginny working with her
Adored twin brothers whom will always look out for her
Even when she marries Harry down the road it's their
Protective I agree with having lots of fun
While getting along with other wizarding people it's
A job ideally suited for redheads we are a crazy bunch
Of people .i don't think she interrupted anything much
As nothing's going to occur straight away apart from
Some cosy make out sessions although I've just pictured
A creation of Fred and ginnys in my minds eye watch
Out George it was spectacular yet these entrepreneurs
Wil keep their feet out of the clouds and be very happy
As original pranksters know the true value of love .and
He loves her so much that it's now going to be five in
The spacious flat newly renovated by the way I love
The name for this outstandingly brilliant love story
It's completely the greatest title though nothing you
Have written with so much love for these wickedly
Delightful characters surprises me everything is utterly
Thoroughly captivating tender truly magically perfect
Yet keeping the lovely craziness crafted so majestically
Through out every enchanting complex unique moving
Sizzling amusing chapter has made it truly unforgettable
By a great Renaissance writer I'd read over and over
Again I'm completely hooked on your brilliant story
Telling bravo encore encore thank you so very much.
Love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 22 . 12/8/2017
I'd love to say for someone writing about Fred for the
First time and your right he wasn't in any relationships
In either the books or movies which was tragic plus I'm
His number one fan you have brought him to life with
His wicked lovely sense of the ridiculousness chivalry
And much more you are an amazing success congratulations. This chapter was absolutely perfect
From the first sentence I'm positive it will have
Pole axed your readers in a very happy wayplus you
Are now right next to jk Rowling as a writer hands down
It's been a thoroughly highly enjoyable hilarious lovely
Truly magnificent captivating hauntingly beautiful
Well written entertaining love story which has Fred
Exactly like he was so surely you must've been a fan
Of his honestly his character has been perfectly written
By a truly remarkable unforgettably writer with a great
Future so thank you very Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 21 . 12/8/2017
Oh I loved this so much I'm crying happy tears right now
Imagine he's caught by his father and has to have the
Sex talk tomorrow except as its hermione he's not furious though she was a bit shy but that's natural when
Hermione was never an exhibitionist though Arthur probably had a twinkle in his eyes as he left chuckling
Aw young love it's so sweet .finally she told him and
It was excellent to see and why would they marry yet
Their futures are just beginning to take off they're in
Love there's plenty of time though neither will cheat on
The other as they're committed to each other plus the
Worlds out the for both twins to discover and conquer
With their wonderful master pranks stores everywhere
Honestly this is the first love story I've read where they
Go for a moonlight swim in the lake close to the burrow
And it's been written with such moving compassion amid
Great laughter plus a wicked sense of humour thoroughly delightful in every way yet I'm impressed
With everything you've done it's an creatively wonderful
Exotic gorgeous truly magical enchanting beautiful love
Story that can tear at your heartstrings then your
Laughing very hard plus it's highly enjoyable and utterly
Bewitching with amazing true to life weasley twins
Crazy sense of humours so thank you very
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 20 . 12/8/2017
This is not something I was looking forward to coming
Out as in year four krum did something that gave her
A fear of the word love and when Fred from finds out
He won't be happy with him ,I didn't like krum though
I never thought he was such an egotistical idiot but he
Is very stupid yet bills right ,but thank you for throwing
Down this curveball into this enthralling love story yet
Another challenge for Fred to conquer before he wins
His lady's heart he can aChieve is acting like a
Proper brother finally but as its not Hannah I'm wondering whom else it could be except Fred's worried
So that comes first although hermione will be fine as
The other girls are there to help her realise the truth
Very soon .what an adventurous exciting tense fun loving
Beautiful romance this is its just becoming totally more
Fascinating every time which is utterly sensational and
Warm hearted plus it's far to intoxicating to ever let one
Put it down though I'm very happily addicted to such a
Totally bewitching powerfully tremendous romantically
Inclined magnificently well written enchanting love
Story so remarkably unforgettable its sizzling hot in
Some parts yet it's tastefully done every time so
Thank you very much for this exquisite
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 19 . 12/8/2017
I'm absolutely loving the beautifully well written fluffy
Cheesy rather adorably corny chapters which I think
Are very necessary in an outstanding fremione love
Story as their old enough plus they're in love and
He's a fiery redhead though it's not short it totally
Delightful in every way after a bit of tension in previous
Chapters its gorgeously exciting for some great news
As everyone loves this couple almost as much as Fred
And hermione and thank you for bringing bill,fleur ,and
Charlie into this utterly perfect unforgettable laughter
Packed love story which is highly entertaining unique
In every respect its a beautiful feel good romance
Which lights up potter fans hearts as we really wanted
This pair to become a couple of lovebirds in the movies
Yet thanks to you it has come true and it is glorious to
Read though please don't worry all of your readers will
Wait for any updates particularly me I'm loving this
Enchanting love story thank you very
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 18 . 12/8/2017
I'd back the fun loving loyal twins against anyone except
For these two witches they're diabolically very clever and
Will torment their victims until they beg for mercy although Fred and George are quite strong and I cannot
See them begging this is going to be a very amusing
Highly creative war though the girls are great the twins
Have been master pranksters for twenty years so I'm
Going to back the twins but I'm not going to write off
Two of the most intelligent strong. Ruthless witches even
Death eaters were afraid of them the only smart thing they did actually three witches Katie can also hold her
Own against the guys this beautiful story just gets more
Fascinatingly wicked among great exciting twists and
Turns taking everyone on a tremendous roller coaster
Of one very amusing ride I'm positive I never want to
Stop just when I think I've got it worked out thankfully
You pleasantly surprise me and it's truly a wonderful
Bewitching sensational feeling that keeps one on
Their toes trying to outthink you yet loving it when
It doesn't happen it's a captivating joyride into
Harry's world actually Fred's which has been delightful
So thank you very much I'm Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 17 . 12/7/2017
All right there's just one thing that is honestly bothering
Me she sleeps in Fred's bed and nothing has happened
Really what on earth is she waiting for what she needs
Is a really major passionate make out session that begins in the lounge room then finishing in his bedroom
Until daylight .and Ron seems to be okay right now but
I'll reserve judgement I'm hard to convince as I don't like him but he could be a lot worse its grand that Harry
Will propose to ginny how sensational he deserves to
Be finally happy plus the old saying must be truelike
Father like son both married gorgeous brainy dangerous
Redheads which is truly wonderful plus she's gloriously
Happy thanks to Fred he understands her and he's
Very proud of her .another truly remarkably charming
Thoroughly delightful inventive beautiful enigmatic
Curious love story that's completely unforgettable
Due to your exceptionally brilliant creative fascinating
Story telling that's totally wicked plus it's deliciously
Well written with great descriptions throughout the
Entire glorious love story everyone's bewitched by so
Thank you very Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 16 . 12/7/2017
So he finally gave an insincere apology to hermione what
Does he want a medal it's never going to. Happen he's
Such an egotistical nobody but there's still going to be
A massive fallout he cannot escape from as the twins
Won't forgive him easily nor will Harry as far as I'm
Concerned he's dead and ginny was right but then she
Always is but I don't trust Ron he reminds me of a slimy
Death eater called dolohov whom killed some of his mothers family ages as long as she smiles and
Laughs he should be okay though if he makes her cry one more time he's totally captivated
Every one of your readers with this beautiful glorious
Up lifting remarkably tender thrilling high octane loving
Colourful brilliant utterly bewitching love story which I
Never want to stop reading its thoroughly delightful
Plus excitingly well written so compassionately I've
Cried once or twice though they have been happy tears
Throughout this gorgeous sizzling love story so thank
You very much it's Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 12/7/2017
I'm very pleased to withdraw every nice thing I've ever
Said about Ron he's nothing more than a lowdown nasty
Immature spiteful slithery gruesome vicious snake in
The grass plus Fred's going to kill him though I'm not
Certain how extremely cruel he will be but trust me he
Will leave bellatrix in the shade for ruthlessness the
Idiot dared to hurt hermione in the most vindictive way
Plus George and Harry will savage him as well and
Maybe one day he will realise what a petty minded
Gutless weak wretch he is and that Fred won her
Heart because he's a real man whom is mature and
Very handsome chivalrous protective caring ect please
Could you write some chapters where Ron is being
Taught a vicious lesson by everyone for treating
Hermione like he just did I'd kill him but that's me
I never liked hi yet Fred every female fan fell in love
With hi plus his middle name belongs to his uncle
Gideon prewett whom was also a twin and he can
Take away her troubles by making her laugh and
Smile while she's crying inside the twins will make
Him bleed and I hope it's excruciatingly painful as
This captivatingly beautiful intense warm hearted
Fun loving exquisite enchanting hilarious crazy
Delightful sizzling crafty ingenious love story but
It's exceptionally well written thoughtful compassionate
Thoroughly enjoyable and I'm loving it every wonderful
Chapters utterly delicious so thank you very much.
Love Elizabeth skinner.
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