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cko2 chapter 33 . 1h
Nice to see an update. Talk about seeing the issues you would have putting the charaters though the wringer like the with all the mental issues that the dreams came up with to screw with the. But still very good writting and thanks for sharing.
Daniel T. Stack chapter 33 . 3/21
She broke her dream mirror you should have had Nehelnia freeze and shatter to dust. She didn't drink from the poor choice wrong cup of Christ. Did you really have to nearly completely quote The Last Crusade?

I Still keep feeling you have the right ideas in the nightmares but the wrong presentation. All of them could use a bit more horror style writing letting us experience the nightmares a bit from the victims perspectives. First person feelings and reactions to what happens can make it less straight forward.

Its good its over it was just so much repeat when it had no real twists. Tragedies in spades but surprises just didn't happen.

Looking forward to a Ladle of Herb issues.
demonic hellfire chapter 33 . 3/21
One of the Nightmares where Freddy sees his own face
Wal Otter chapter 33 . 3/21
I have to admit that I like the end you gave for Nehelenia, you could say that she faded away like a dream. Now that I think about it backwards, in manga reincarnated Beryl found some ruins in north pole (D-point), there she discovered sealed Metalia and Dark Kingdom. But what if that was originally the Castle of Earth where royal family resided, and was invaded by Beryl's forces making it their base. But weren't able to go to Elysion from there because someone sealed the entrance (or they simple were unaware of it)? but what if Elysion were to have other entrance as well, South pole for Example? In Manga they just teleport to there. Michiru's nightmare scene reminded me of Asuka from Neon genesis Evangelion, though her reason was different but also desperate. Feral Setsuna, thumbs up.
Keep up great work.
Quelqu'un dans la nuit chapter 1 . 3/20
Or, now that I think about it, Queeny's death is just a call back to Indiana Jones and the last Crusade.
Quelqu'un dans la nuit chapter 33 . 3/20
Well, it's done, and the Queen of self delusion is no more. I'm still not convinced about Metallia getting back power from his defeated minions... In fact, did get more energy from her death than he did expend on her liberation?

Either way, it is done, now a new quest await! And Herb will make his appearence! No sure, how it will play out, after all Sutsuna is around, she could steer him toward peacefull resolution, may be even alliance. And well, I'd say 9 no, 10 Magikal Girls beat Dragon Prince!

As for Nehellenia's death... I would say it has something with Dorean Gray the moment he sees his portret. So... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
reydrago chapter 33 . 3/19
ah an update, lets see...
oh really? i think Haruka's nightmares, pretty bad too... And yeah stsuna's nightmare is underwhelming...Did Metallia just turn Nehelnia into a giant youma? and her death is just anticlimatic
next stop: gender locking pot alert
OBSERVER01 chapter 33 . 3/19
damn good. they took down nehellenia but mettalia is just getting started.
Quathis chapter 33 . 3/19
It was a painful yet exhilarating trip through their minds and fears. Having support and friendship does help to face one's fears. Not to mention a good slap, physically or verbally, to get the old mental processes going. Until next time.
Celestia's Paladin chapter 33 . 3/19
Only movie that comes to mind is Tangled

I'm kind of with you about the arc, it did drag on. As for the darkest of the nightmares, hard to say.
xbox432 chapter 33 . 3/19
Hah! Glad that I guessed right, the Langoliers where the first thing that popped into my head at your description. And yeah, while seeing the different nightmares was a bit interesting, it was beginning to drag on.

Looking forward to next chapter's more relaxing feel, want to see the kids relaxing, enjoying themselves, and healing from what they've had to go through.
Apex85 chapter 33 . 3/19
Glad that was over.

Yeah you need to be more specific. Seen WAY too many shows/movies etc. where someone gets aged up into a skeleton and dust.
goddragonking chapter 33 . 3/19
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more:)
mtnetwarrior chapter 11 . 3/16
Hah! As a brony I caught it immediately!
NPP-VI chapter 29 . 3/15
I'm only mentioning this because you made such a point of it and you're usually so good with technical accuracy, but nothing Ryu Kumon did in this chapter or in canon actually falls under the legal definition of Identity Theft. As a matter of fact, canon Ryu is one of the only characters that isn't EVER shown breaking a law. (Not to say that he doesn't do anything wrong, but morality and legality are two different things.)
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