Reviews for No Chance for Fate
Just Some Guy chapter 7 . 9/1
In the words of Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." "Dare" means "challenge."
Example sentence: "I dare you to lick a frozen flagpole."
zmanjz chapter 26 . 8/30
Lol, i had a feeling when Setsuna said that Serenity would just make someone very kind. In the Ranma-verse, that is Kasumi. (If it were a wider pool, we could include Hinata Hyuga, Belldandy, Teletha Testerosa, Unohana Retsu... etc, but in this universe, it almost had to be kasumi.)
zmanjz chapter 10 . 8/26
One thing i do love about this story is how Genma is living up to his name as the "Dark Horse"

I can think of only one other story where Genma becomes a better person and surprise hero in this manner. (Though in part that may be because i cant think of any other stories where Nodoka is placed in peril in his presence.)
KiroZen chapter 40 . 7/21
Wanna know something?
I actually knew little to nothing about either fic of the crossover before reading this. I read it because I found it in the "favourites" section of one of my favourite authors and decided "If they like it, it can't be lacking in quality."
And then I ended up favouriting it.
And life continues on.
Mordamir chapter 40 . 7/18
Hi There! Beeing binge reading your story. Very cool stuff! Congrats, can't wait to read more!

Now, about your notes in the last capter, the whole point in Ranma IS stuff not making sense. EVERYTHING happening in it would be avoidable If people had a minimum os common sense! And THAT is what makes Ranma 1/2 so great!

But certainly it Will be nice to see a new interpretation of the whole event! I'm looking forward to It!
Hang Tuah chapter 24 . 7/17
Once again, excellent work with the story and character developments and relationships.

I hope you don't mind me asking this question... will there be a chapter involving personal time at the beach?

This is related to that private scene in this chapter between Ami and Ranma when they selected and bought swimsuits for themselves.
Pointer chapter 1 . 7/11
There is a # instead of an ‘ in he’d in the hikawa
shrine section
Guest chapter 40 . 7/4
I have been loving this story but some items in the chapter made it hard for me to finish. I understand how dangerous guns are but how they where treated in this chapter made them 100x more deadly then they should have been to the sailors and Ranma's crew.

Also, I do not think the Phoenix tribe would use them even if they were able to get access to them. Even then, the people who used them were better then most special forces in the world.

I understand the violence and seriousness and support it. It was how the guns where handled that reduced the storyline.

I hope you continue and make this a great story.
cko2 chapter 40 . 7/3
Talk about really changing things up with this little bit of tossing the birds into getting their hands on guns and not afraid to use them. The setup with Moose and his sisters was cool and nice to see and how everyone liked what happened to the amazons.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 40 . 7/3
I'm thinking something possessed Saffron. Maybe a certain Wiseman? Still, Phoenix tribe with guns is very scary... but on the other hand I can see Ranma and Herb taking on Saffron in an epic fight. Dual Hiryū Shōten Ha to turn the Fried Chicken into Chicken Nuggets? He'll grow back after hatching again.
DreadedCandiru2 chapter 40 . 7/2
For starters, two tribes have pretty much been destroyed...and by the time this is over, a third will fall as well.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/2
could have sworn that the phoenix were blind at night, and had to return to the mountain before dark lest they be unable to find their way back, but maybe my memory of the manga is a bit fuzzy. and you are using nightvision as an important plot element so it works out ok.
Quathis chapter 40 . 7/2
You did well in capturing how, even in the disaster when people need to band together to overcome their new situation, people can revert to their worst habits, possibly to cope with said disasters. Mu-Tsu's family reunion showcased that quite well, as well how the gang stands together, especially in the face of poisonous family. The stakes are quite high here, with even the Chinese military glad for help. This is indeed a more coherent and exciting beginning to the arc than cannon. Until next time.
OBSERVER01 chapter 40 . 7/2
The phoenix may be the bad guys here but im honestly liking how you have them start being practical by adapting to a new age through adoption of modern weapons and possibly tactics and strategies. How did they get tge weapons? Contacts in the russian black market perhaps? Also i like how youre showing the phoenix tribe isnt monolithic with members not in favor with the current actions. Why do i get the feeling the changes in behavior for saffron in fic has a more sinister origin? Subtle possesion by something malevolent from the silver millenium perhaps?

Another thing i like is how ranma and co. Are learning just how dangerous fighting someome who has desire for the glories of combat and only wants victory can be.
Pyromania101 chapter 40 . 7/2
I like where you're going with this.
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