Reviews for No Chance for Fate
Guest chapter 3 . 6/11
great idea nd a creative way of going about it but... well its hard to read! Everyone talks so weird! It's choppy and has no flow.
Major Simi chapter 34 . 6/9
Great chapter
Van the Rogue Soul Drinker chapter 34 . 6/6
I'm kind of sad you gave Herb's defeat, one of canon Ranma's great wins, to pluto, but then i remember that our current Ranma is not a strong, as the previous incarnation. But he still a lot happier and anytime Ranma defends his woman is a treat. Also happy 9th anniversary lol,
tacaloking chapter 34 . 6/4
i dont think herb would lose against the any of the sailor senshi given that he was one ranmas strongest enemies and one of the few characters to truly come close to defeating ranma with skill which even if he was not being serious i think he would easily over power pluto with that in mind maybe it could help you try and make a reason he did not win and while herbs tribe treatment of women are pretty bad i dont think the amazons are much better in the series while ranma was treated with more respect then most people the other men were commonly insulted by the amazons and treated poorly and they used many methods to force ranma to go to the village and the only reason was because cologne held a bit of respect for him based on what their laws say the amazons might have no problem taking men against their will and using stuff to force them to be breeding stock even if they dont want to those laws are just as bad as the musk laws while but dont take what said to seriously for the most part i like what you have written but if what i gives you a good idea good if you read this and feel that what i said really does nothing but state my thoughts im fine with that as well
Celestial Indigo chapter 34 . 6/1
Great chapter. Maybe a new member to the crew has shown up too.

On the small scene with Konatsu, a full jar of tips in Japan is considered a great insult to the level of service one provides in restaurants. They feel that a tip is an insult to their service because their pay is good enough to not need one. There have been stories of waiters running down the street trying to return tips. I understand your wanting to show Konatsu's outstanding service, but tips are not the way to go...unless this is your Japan and I can fuck off. Your call.

Lookin' forward to your next chapter.
Quelqu'un dans la nuit chapter 34 . 5/31
Well... that just happened. Good deed done, even if it's little sad, that there are no new ally at the end. It's just that I always did consider Musk and Amazons at same level of absurdiness and arogance: mirroir images, so having latest shown as resonable people, I kinka expected same thing for the formers.

Either way; it is done, and it was done beautifully.
Next chapter... are we expecting new General to get his head straight?
myafroatemydog chapter 1 . 5/30
Interesting first chap
cko2 chapter 34 . 5/30
I must say, very intresting chapter to say the least...the outers into bondage...kinky. tying up mina and kidnapping her to remove the curse was funny as heck. Cool to see herb and the gang show up and piss off the senshi which did not go well. Good for pluto taking on herb, that is something I never have seen before or even thought about. That is cool for being very different. The locking of herb for a year is going to interesting though and look forward to it along with mina finding a playtoy of some type along with rei. Meybe mina and rei hookup? Or share a boytoy? Nice to see standing to the bully in the bathroom, cool setup and action on her part. Thanks for sharing.
Diablo4005 chapter 34 . 5/29
I was hoping to hear that. Consequences downt he road, i love to read what happens.
DreadedCandiru2 chapter 34 . 5/29
Oh, goody. More idiots accepting 'help' from Kunzite and Zoisite.
xbox432 chapter 34 . 5/28
Yeah, thought it was quite disgusting when the anime & manga explained the Musk's... traditions. It's even more messed up considering I can actually see something like that happening in a world with magic.
reydrago chapter 34 . 5/28
ah, an update, lets see...
bullies are pathetic, get rid of t heir defenses and they are running to the hills
lol on minako's being overidden
OUCH musk you sexist idiot
Quathis chapter 34 . 5/28
Given the tidbits of the situation back home for Herb mentioned here, yeah, civil war or open rebellion from the masses could draw enough of the government's attention back to the valley to cause problems for more than just the other two residents. Removing the pail would also remove their current fall back for breeding women. Cultural evolution would be pushed hard if that information got out. Not sure how well the Musk practice information security, but that may be something they need to learn. Until next time.
jgkitarel chapter 34 . 5/28
Nice chapter. They're not all right due to their experiences, but they're recovering and trying to get back into routine habits. Considering how traumatic Nehellenia's personalized Nightmares were, it's going to take time, but getting back into routines and habits helps at least center them.

Taking Musk society to its logical conclusion makes sense. Their and culture society would not have been all that out of place during China's classical period, but would have been considered very extreme by their standards. In the modern day? The CCP would not see it as a good thing. Corrupt and patriarchal it may be, but the Musk would get worse than the Amazons did, if due to their habits, not to mention a general populace that would happily support them.

Despite China's deeply patriarchal culture, they weren't so thoroughly misogynistic, though they would seem that way to modern audiences. Like anything, reality was a bit more complicated, and there are female heroes, legendary and historic, which went against gender norms. In many respects, what we see and perceive is very much due to European influences and perceptions, which, like anything, did both harm and good.
Greatazuredragon chapter 34 . 5/28
Nice chapter, good work.
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