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demonic hellfire chapter 18 . 9/5/2013
Street Cross in the future?
goddragonking chapter 1 . 8/23/2013
great ch and hope for more updates
timunderwood9 chapter 8 . 8/19/2013
"Ok, first off is of course that some people will complain that Sailor Ceres is unlikely as the asteroid senshi are a seperate group in canon. Guess what, I hate them and therefore made it that they never existed, thus a new story for Ceres."

Hell yeah- make canon into what you want. Its fan fiction, not fan rewriting of canon in bad prose. If someone wants everything to follow canon they should just watch the show again.

Though I think it is best if somehow an author makes it clear that they are intentionally making a divergence from canon, and that it isn't poor research or the like- the way you had Sailor Pluto's surprise at seeing Ceres did that very well. Though the entire story fits that pattern of messing with canon in intelligent ways.

Though honestly I love Tuxedo Mask's speeches, but then I watched the series mainly for the adorable antics of Usagi, and the raw corniness of the DiC dub. I mean I spent the first three episodes constantly cracking up at things which weren't supposed to be funny (and I prefer the dub of the first seasons because I'm confident I would not have watched more than two or three episodes if I'd seen the first episode in the subbed version- Usagi is still adorable, but while corny it isn't anywhere near as corny).

This story though is fun, and the way you develop the characters and give the people interior lives which were sort of absent in the anime is fun to watch. Also the blending of Ranma and SM plots- having Akane come to the school for example. Though this is to a large extent a story of Ranma in the SM world, while something like the Dark Lords of Nerima is more the SM characters visiting the Ranma world.

I actually really like Ranma as a crossover character tossed into other worlds though.

What happened to Pluto as the premise to the story, and how it apparently turned her from a monarchist into a democrat is also quite interesting- I wonder if part of that beyond simply seeing everything go horribly wrong would be some sort of familiarity affect, now a vastly larger chunk of her memories come from a time living in a functional democracy.

Ami was my favorite non Usagi character from the first two seasons (I switched to subbed when I started season 3, due to the cast changes- and losing the wonderful voice actress for Ami was a significant consideration) and I've loved how you are using her as a character in this story. Making the parents a major part of the story is also good, as is the way you changed the personality of Ranma's mom. Though the Ranma series with the characters as given simply can't be taken seriously.
Kurama's Foxy Rose chapter 2 . 8/1/2013
"I fear what will happen once there isn't anything to learn anymore"

Impossible. Not even in ten millenniums could someone run out of more things to learn.
Redripper666 chapter 6 . 7/31/2013
just once i would like to read a cross over where they dont put Ryoga in it just one damn time
ArialChaos chapter 18 . 7/22/2013
I'm sorry but you absolutely butchered the character of Ryoga Hibiki. There is far more to Ryoga being a jerk and blaming Ranma for most of his problems. Plus to be honest Ranma did act like a jerk to Ryoga and took advantage of Ryoga's naivety at times. Remember when Ranma kept following Ryoga's date with Akane and Ranma would constantly interrupt by falsely claiming to be Ryoga's fiance?

If Ryoga was simply a jerk why did he save the helpless Ranma when Ranma's enemies teamed up on him in the Moxibustion Arc? Or why did he dive into a deep fault line so that Ranma could turn back into a male again with the Kettle of Opening? If he was truly a jerk and wanted Ranma to suffer why intervene instead of gleefully watching from the sidelines?

Contrary to what you think Ryoga does possess a sense of honor. Ryoga does not want to beat up on people he views as weak without reason: i.e. someone attacking a girl. For example Ryoga admonishes Happosai, Mousse, and the male Kunos for attacking a weakling (Ranma whom was weak as a baby at the time). He, in his own awkward fashion, does consider the feelings of others. When Ranma acted as Ryoga's sister he was considerate and kind to the person he thought was his sister; he did try to be nice to his supposed fiance (Ranma in disguise) even when she kept getting in the way of his date.

But that is not to say Ryoga is perfect by any means. Much like Ranma he is not above manipulating others to reach his goal. He does not always take responsibility for his actions. His logic system is rather... jumbled and no doubt due to his misfortunes and lack of relationships. Ryoga doesn’t stop to think before acting and wears his heart openly on his sleeve.

If anything Ryoga Hibiki is the one character in Ranma that exhibits the most character growth and variation. So I don't get how he is a two-dimensional character when compared to other characters?

Plus I do not see how his background is less tragic than Ranma's? His parents were mostly likely absent from his life as shown when he didn't even know if he had a sister (if he met them then you'd think they'd tell him if he had a sibling or not). The only family Ryoga has been shown to recall is one pair of elderly grandparents.

He mostly likely persisted in a state of virtual homelessness since he is unlikely to find his way home and probably spent more time in Siberia than at home. Ryoga's schooling was probably poor since he was unlikely to find the school unless someone dragged him on a leash. Even when he made it to school he probably didn't have any friends since he was always lost at lunchtime. You'd think a friend would save him some bread to eat no? Ryoga probably had less contact with the opposite sex than the Ranma of your story did given his perpetual shyness around girls he likes.

I just think your portrayal of Ryoga does your fanfic a disservice...
Exiled Soul Nomad chapter 6 . 7/6/2013
-"Life doesn't get boring with him. Good thing that I'm a boring, normal person who won't gravitate trouble... she thought."-

I wonder if Ami realized this could be taken as considering herself the constant he could return to in order to escape from the craziness in his life.
Eisenstein chapter 18 . 6/30/2013
Nice chapter. I always enjoy entertaining background material, as long as the story doesn't suffer. And it doesn't. Well done.
Also, nice job on the philosophical stuff. Yes, the Ultima reference/inspiration works, too.
Sithking Zero chapter 18 . 6/25/2013
I don't know who represents what, but the 8 virtues and three principles are CLEARLY taken directly from the Ultima Series of Games, designed by Richard Garriot!

... I approve completely.
Aiyoku Saotome chapter 18 . 6/25/2013
This is so exciting! And so detailed. You did a great job in making the story detailed but not boring.
gaiawolf chapter 17 . 6/25/2013
No...bad writer, you should not add in the next big bad until the first one is defeated...unles you plan to have the 2 evil ones Metalllica and Pharaoh 90 duke it out and have the Senshi Party Crashers clean up the remnants.
Grizzmon chapter 18 . 6/25/2013
Well, Ranma and Ami got kind of engaged... who knew it would be so early?
meeresstern1983 chapter 18 . 6/25/2013
Interesting story so far. I like it. But I doubt I could find all things that are foreshadowed here. Okay, Hotaru showed up. Meaning, the Death Busters will probably follow soon. Nehelenia was foreshadowed, or better said the search for the golden crystal. And of course what really happened when the Earth and Moon kingdoms fell. So I got a few foreshadowed events. But I doubt I got all.

Regarding the valors/principles, my list is as follow:

Truth - Either Ami or Michiru. I'm leaning towards Michiru because of how the outers behaved during Sailor Moon S. Michiru had no illusions that some people might have to be sacrificed to save the worlds. The inners, Ami included, were against sacrificing anyone.
Love - Minako
Courage - Haruka. Same as with Michiru.
Honesty - Either Ami or Michiru. Here, I'm leaning towards Ami. Reason: Once again, Sailor Moon S. The inners showed more concern towards others than the outers did.
Compassion - This one is difficult. I'd guess either Makoto, Usagi or Mamoru. All are compassionate. But this one was more or less decided by exclusion. Another alternative is Naru. I mainly tend towards Naru or Makoto.
Valor - Naru. In your story, Naru awakened as Sailor Ceres despite the odds against her. And she faced Jadeite even though she was terrified by him. Alternative: Makoto
Justice - Usagi or Mamoru. My first thought was Usagi, but there is still the thing called infinity... A possible third choice would be Makoto, even though she does not fit as well as Mamoru or Usagi here.
Sacrifice - Hotaru. Because of her ultimate attack.
Honor - Ranma. Courage or Valor would also fit him, but among the given choices, he is the one who's the best fit for this virtue.
Spirituality - Rei. No questions asked.
Humility - Setsuna. She definitly learned her lesson at the beginning of your story. So who is a better symbol for humility than her?
Infinity - I have no idea. However, as the Sailor Moon universe plays a BIG role in this fic, I'd guess either Usagi or Mamoru. And regarding the Sailor Moon canon, I have to say Usagi. Perhaps not at this moment in time, but perhaps later on when she has more experience. Like when she becomes Eternal Sailor Moon or even Sailor Cosmos, as somebody else also mentioned.

Well, that's my two cents. You can tell me how many representatives I got right if you want to. Either way, I hope you update soon.

OBSERVER01 chapter 18 . 6/25/2013
good chapter
Quelqu'un dans la nuit chapter 18 . 6/25/2013
No bad, no bad at all.
While reading I was about to put into review a comment about Ultima, but you have spoken about it youself.

Well, let's think about virtues and rest...

Infinity - no idea, even Usagi didn't appear SO good. So may be COSMOS?

Truth - Ami I would say with her scientific mind, ability to scan and detect, and lets not forget about the fight in D-point in Anime
Love - who else if not Venus?
Courage - Uranus or Jupiter

Honesty - Neptune
Compassion - Hotaru who loves to heal a little too much
Valor - also Uranus or Jupiter
Justice - Usagi?
Sacrifice - either Mamoru, who in Anime died twice or even three times for his love, either Saturn/Hotaru with her final attack
Honor - Ranma, no comment (but it would funny, if I'm wrong)
Spirituality - there is no doubt for me: Rei/Mars
Humility - I would say Setsuna/Pluto: the lonely Guardian of Time
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