Reviews for Clear Skies and Concrete
Guest chapter 105 . 5/17/2016

SimiParthenopaus chapter 105 . 2/3/2016
What is Aang's actual height? Please continue, this is a really good story...
Wait just wait chapter 24 . 12/30/2015
This throws everything you wrote about Aang pushing Toph and her leaving that same day without talking or saying goodbye to Aang. It throws his whole guilt angst out the window... :/ makes me sad.
Guest chapter 105 . 9/24/2015
Such a great story I loved reading it. You are a very talented writer.
AppaRulez chapter 105 . 8/19/2015
Sir/ma'am, this story has been amazing! I've read tons of your stories, from the Taang/Zutara 100, the Iroh Legends, and this Taang amazingness. Please do not stop posting, your stories are just too awesome for me to have to stop cold turkey. Never give up writing, because you have so many fans that are truly moved and inspired by your stories
Turtledude83 chapter 105 . 5/24/2015
I've probably read this entire thing about 3 times, and I gotta say, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT! However, one remark. In chapter six-seven, I think that their argument resolved itself too quickly. I would've like a little more of Aanger. I know...terrible pun. Sorry.
Yuyui Hime chapter 90 . 5/9/2015
I've taken the test before with my whole class! I took it more that once though. Each time I took the test, I got sometimes INFJ or ENFJ somehow. People said it's because i'm an Ambivert _
Yuyui Hime chapter 81 . 5/9/2015
Stop being so cute Toph! You made my small heart squeeze out of your cuteness!
Yuyui Hime chapter 65 . 5/9/2015
I think wise Iroh is so cool!
Yuyui Hime chapter 58 . 5/9/2015
Yuyui Hime chapter 56 . 5/9/2015
Don't worry Toph. I'll cry for youuu *gross sobbing*
Yuyui Hime chapter 48 . 5/9/2015
Yuyui Hime chapter 47 . 5/9/2015
That's a really worthy advice there. I smiled while rereading them over and over again
Yuyui Hime chapter 45 . 5/9/2015
Is it just me, or is this a really really sweet chapter that reminds me of my favourite ATLA episode :-)
sunnyvibes chapter 75 . 4/18/2015
This is the best Taang story I've ever read. And that's pretty much all I read.

I read this story up to around this point about 3 years ago (time flies) and now I'm rereading and its just as good if not better because I an appreciate it more. I haven't gotten to the end of what you've wrote but I assume you still have some writing to do. So I hope you do finish this great story, take your time though man. You are a great writer.
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