Reviews for In Dreams
Duckie Nicks chapter 3 . 6/11/2008
This is a really compelling ending to your fic. I particularly like how you juxtaposed Sylar pretending to be more like Gabriel for Billy's mother and him seeing how evil he has become. It definitely serves to emphasize not only the journey Sylar has taken to get to Billy, but the transformation GG has undergone as a whole. And to that end, I like how you finish the piece with both Billy dying and Sylar realizing that, while he may have been wrong, there's no looking back. It's definitely a dark ending, but the one you've sort of been headed towards since the beginning. I think perhaps a less skilled writer would want to make Sylar realize how wrong he was and change. But you stay true to what you started and to who the characters are, which is why this is so great.

Your Sylar voice is always spot on, and I always enjoy how you... choose your words to reflect who you're writing. This piece is very dark and gritty in places, and I think that's totally Sylar. Even the lighter moments, for instance where he puts on his Gabriel Gray jacket to appear more innocent, feel completely real. Nothing is forced or out of character.

Really, this is just fantastic, and you should be proud of what you've done here. Though the overall fic is kind of short, at the end, I feel like you've explored a lot of ideas. You've accomplished a lot in three chapters. Great job!
Duckie Nicks chapter 2 . 6/3/2008
Why on earth, lol, hasn't anyone else reviewed? Seriously, I don't read a lot of Heroes fic, but this has to be one of the best I've come across. I think the tendency is to make Sylar nice or to have his actions seem completely at odds with the author's prose. But you do neither here.

Your tone is perfect for both Sylar AND a multi-chaptered fic. It's very dark, tense, and suspenseful. Reading this, it's impossible to not get a sense of how he's feeling about his dreams and Billy. It's all incredibly haunting and wonderful.

I can't wait to see what happens.
Duckie Nicks chapter 1 . 5/28/2008
This is great. First of all, your use of the prompt is awesome. It definitely fits. More than that though, you've managed to create a fic that's both incredibly surreal AND real. What I mean by that is this - your description of the things Sylar sees in the dream is incredible. I feel like a lot of times, people who write dreams don't do it very well. Because it's hard to capture that feeling. But you really do manage to do that. And zebra-striped geese seem to make perfect sense, lol, with your writing. Everything feels natural, in other words. Nothing feels forced, and I really get the feeling that Sylar could be dreaming those things.

Also, your word choice here is fantastic. It really helps convey the mood you're trying to set. And once again, that seems to be very realistic. Nothing seems fake here, especially with the way Sylar thinks and reacts to things. It's really amazing.