Reviews for Stars
TropicalRemix chapter 19 . 2/17
you should write a sequal to this about them being together after them being a band.
Llavender chapter 19 . 6/14/2015
What a lovely story! I'm happy for them :)
KageNoNeko chapter 19 . 4/4/2015
I love what you did in this epilogue. I like this AU.
tomorrow4eva chapter 19 . 3/18/2013
That was wonderful. Fascinating take on Zoe & Ami.
Angelically Scarred chapter 1 . 8/5/2011
I'm glad I found this story again. You'e done a nice job writing it~! It was a fun read.
Warrior of Ice chapter 5 . 6/8/2011
Oh, my goodness. I loved it - so much of the Shitennou picking up the girls and slinging them over their shoulders that they'll get hell for. I especially loved that Rei caught Jude with her lap, that she now thinks he's gay, and how Ami can make people feel bad without saying anything. I think it's really one of her great defining characteristics (probably not so good for getting along with peers, but a very effective mom trait given that I have Crystal Tokyo on my mind).
Warrior of Ice chapter 3 . 6/8/2011
Another great chapter - more mystery around Zoe, great interaction between Jude and Nolan, which makes sense given Zoe/Kip's relationship and M's distance. I also like Jadeite's name in this piece, which is not very commonly used for him. It has a similar feel to "Kipling", in the way that the names in this universe fit together nicely.
Warrior of Ice chapter 2 . 6/8/2011
The Shitennou scene is great here - Zoe is spot-on, and M is very interesting here. I also really liked the touches with Usagi's clumsiness and the names of the bands. From the last chapter, it was terrific that rather than being classically gorgeous beyond belief, a lot of Minako's appeal lies in charisma and self-presentation.
Warrior of Ice chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
I remember reading at least part of this story when it first came out, but as usual I was remiss in my reviewing. I really like the interactions among the senshi (very in-character), the description of Mako's voice as "whiskey and honey", and the mysterious bit with Ami towards the end :).
Elen-Di chapter 19 . 11/18/2009
I loved this story. Really, really, really well done.
Elen-Di chapter 3 . 11/18/2009
Dude, I am hooked! All these characters are so different from in "The Ties That Bind" - but still so fascinating! Must read more!
Lechu chapter 12 . 5/10/2009
Kitsune Ink chapter 10 . 11/5/2008

I don't have a lot of free time to read much fanfic but are amazing...this chapter...almost made ME cry...and thats a very difficult task to accomplish. Please...keep writing...i've been keeping up w/ your other story on here too...beautiful...both of them.
Charlie Chaplin 2 chapter 19 . 9/30/2008
Oh I'm glad you ended it the way you did, there's always something a little too anti-climatic for me about a too-perfect ending, it's like: 'that's it, there lives are done, there's nothing more'. I also loved your epilogue, i thought it was a really nice touch. Well done on completing it!

I'm looking forward to reading Ties That Bind!
Valkyrie Celes chapter 18 . 9/22/2008
I like the ending, but I was hoping there would be more. I know the feeling of wanting to just finish a story though (I have a few hanging in the balance right now) and a happy ending is always a great ending to end with. Perhaps you can write an epilouge if you feel up to it, so you can show that everything didn't end up all peachy between each couple.
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