Reviews for Landings
Ucchan1 chapter 1 . 6/2/2008
That's a pretty cool feeling you've detailed in this story. A kind of morbid glee that I haven't seen many people try to communicate in their stories before. You don't often see revenge and schaudenfreude romanticized in fanfiction, normally the main characters would abhor such feelings. But real people have these feelings at times, it's something about human nature that we just can't idealize out of systems and I'm impressed you managed to write such an intriguing short piece about them. It doesn't really follow what the game says happens to the Soren - the game was much kinder and allowed the Soren a chance for redemption, but I see this version of events as a much more realistic view of how humans would respond in that sort of situation, sad as it may seem. Good job, keep writing!